Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Sea Emperor's Devouring Teeth

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Just like that, a Quasi God was swallowed up by a black hole. He didn’t even have time to lament. If this Quasi God had been brought to the Great Altar Cutter, it would have brought Gao Peng many benefits.

After eating the Ocean Lurker, the black hole converged to reveal the artifact. The surface washed with a weak glow of divine light. Gao Peng vaguely saw the artifact, then gave Fatty Big Sea a strange look.

“What are you looking at me for? Quickly, chase it!” Fatty Big Sea shouted.

“You piece of sh*t! Don’t you run!” Fatty Big Sea shouted as it tried to catch up. “Stop! You stop right there! You ran away then, and you still want to get away now?!”

Gao Peng hesitated slightly. He couldn’t forget how the artifact had just swallowed a Quasi God. What if it turned around and tried to take a bite of his own scrawny arms and legs?

As though he could sense Gao Peng’s concern, Fatty Big Sea said, “Don’t worry; it can’t bite you.”

“What are you thinking? I was just planning how to catch it,” Gao Peng said confidently. “I have a good idea.” Gao Peng snapped his fingers and summoned Da Zi. Da Zi’s was much faster than Fatty Big Sea, even though they were in the sea.

After being summoned, Da Zi found itself surrounded by water and babbled endlessly, causing it to choke horribly. In its state of shock, it started releasing electricity. Zap! Electric currents were shooting all over, the purple light illuminating the bottom of the sea.

Fatty Big Sea gave a swish of its tail and squeezed out a bubble from its butt, then captured Di Zi with it. There was no seawater in the bubble, and after taking in the fresh air, Da Zi went back to normal. Though there was a strange smell…

“Gao Peng, don’t be so silly next time. I can’t swim…” said Da Zi.

Gao Peng apologetically patted Da Zi’s head. “All right, I’m sorry. There won’t be a next time, but this situation is special. Let’s chase after that thing in front of us first.”

Da Zi snorted. “Sit tight.”

After Gao Peng and Fatty Big Sea were on its back, Da Zi tightened its two small claws. The thirty-six wings on its back turned into a blurred high-speed motor engine. Whoosh—

Da Zi was like a ray of light at the bottom of the sea. Fortunately, the quality of Fatty Big Sea’s bubble was guaranteed. Even though Da Zi’s speed was incredibly fast, the bubble was still intact.

When it was less than 300 feet away from the artifact, Gao Peng hesitated for a moment and lowered his voice to ask Fatty Big Sea, “You’re sure that it won’t turn around and bite us?”

“Don’t worry.” Fatty Big Sea knew how much Gao Peng valued the centipede under his butt. It stared viciously at the escaping divine artifact in front of them.

Taking a deep breath, Fatty Big Sea sucked some air into his belly, and its belly instantly bulged like a pufferfish. With each breath, Fatty Big Sea also grew in size. Like the taut string of a bow, Fatty Big Sea tightened its muscles.

“Roar!” Fatty Big Sea bellowed, its tail smacked soundly on Da Zi’s back, and Fatty Big Sea became a mass of shadows, opened its huge mouth, and swallowed the divine artifact.

Thump. Fatty Big Sea landed at the bottom of the sea. After swallowing the divine artifact, it was motionless.

Da Zi lowered its voice and whispered into Gao Peng’s ear, “Gao Peng, Fatty Big Sea can’t be dead, right?”

“Not dead. It probably fainted.” Gao Peng could tell that it was alive through the Blood Contract. After a while, Fatty Big Sea looked up and smiled at Gao Peng. Its teeth seemed to have a layer of gold, the glittering teeth blinding.

“These are your divine dentures.” Gao Peng squinted at Fatty Big Sea’s teeth.

Gao Peng had seen something that looked like a set of teeth within the divine glow just now. It looked like a pair of dentures, but in the divine glow, the dentures were exaggerated in size. Almost three-quarters of them were visible, and the average monster didn’t have such a big mouth.

But Fatty Big Sea’s mouth was indeed huge, so it was a perfect match for this pair of dentures.

“Hahaha, yes! This ran away a few years back, and now I found it.” Fatty Big Sea opened its mouth widely as it spoke, showing off the divine dentures.

[Item Name]: Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth (Artifact)

[Item Rules]: Devouring 2%

Under rules, Gao Peng noticed the two percent progress, but he didn’t know what it was about.

“A pair of huge golden teeth!” Da Zi said with a serious face. “These huge golden teeth are so uncouth.”

Fatty Big Sea grew anxious. What was it calling uncouth?! This was a divine artifact! Divine artifact! You’re a stupid centipede that may not get to see a divine artifact in your entire life!

“No doubt, it’s a real artifact, but it’s too ugly. Why is it the shape of dentures?” Gao Peng was speechless. He had initially thought it would be a sword, spear, gun, or knife of some sort, or perhaps a mirror or watch. Even if it was the shape of a bead, it would be more acceptable.

Who would have thought that it was a pair of dentures? And who else but Fatty Big Sea would actually want to use this artifact?

“I don’t have any hands. My most powerful weapon is my mouth, so obviously, I needed to make a complete set of teeth.” Fatty Big Sea was adamant. “What would I do if I made an axe, grip the handle with my teeth and chop others up?”

“You say you made this artifact? Will you be able to make other artifacts?” Gao Peng’s eyes brightened.

Fatty Big Sea shook its head, “Don’t even think about it. Every god can build only one authentic artifact. The attribute of the divine artifact is also best fitted to the god that makes it. If you want more artifacts, you have to go to other gods and snatch them.”

“Er…” Gao Peng felt that it would be a very difficult task to steal from other gods.

“But there are still some opportunities; some gods have fallen, but their artifacts remain in the world, so these are excess artifacts.”

Reading more into it, hadn’t it been said that fog was formed in the Black Fog World because the gods had fallen? Now that Fatty Big Sea was no longer the same, maybe he had a few dead friends…

“Thank you anyway,” Fatty Big Sea suddenly said to Gao Peng, waving its fin magnanimously at him. “Let’s change our contract then. If you fail to fulfill my grade advancement request, you won’t be punished. We split peacefully, and you can come to me, Master Fatty, when you have difficulties.” Subconsciously, Fatty Big Sea proclaimed itself Master Fatty.

Gao Peng gave it a half-smile. “Okay. Thanks, Master Fatty.”

“Hahaha, Little Peng, this is a trivial matter, trivial.” Fatty Big Sea flushed with excitement, its face round and its big golden teeth sparkling.

Gao Peng gave Dumby a look.

Dumby understood. Just when the Fatty Big Sea turned around, Dumby knocked the back of its head, and Fatty Big Sea fainted with a thump. Dumby then took the dentures out of its mouth.

It was uncertain what method Fatty Big Sea had employed, but the dentures… Ah, the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth were in a complete lull. There was no divine glow, and they looked like any ordinary gold-plated dentures.

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