Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Fatty Big Seas Past

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“Gao Peng, why did we knock Fatty Big Sea out?” Da Zi didn’t understand why Gao Peng had suddenly wanted Dumby to knock Fatty Big Sea unconscious.

But it was worth noting Dumby’s improvement; it also realized that Da Zi was acting on Gao Peng’s orders.

“Because Big Sea is a little inflated, it needed a knock,” Gao Peng said gently.

“Inflated? Does it taste better when it’s inflated?” Da Zi’s eye sparked.

“…” Gao Peng didn’t know how to explain this. “It’s so thick-headed that it may not suit your taste. It could hurt your teeth.”

“Let’s not eat Fatty Big Sea then. It’s usually very honest.” Da Zi had thought long and hard before saying this. After all, it took real resolve for a food lover to decide not to enjoy a deliciously fat fish head.

“All right,” Gao Peng generously agreed.

“Hey, hey, Gao Peng, you’re really cool today!”

Gao Peng carefully toyed with the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth, which looked like regular gold dentures. If one couldn’t see its attributes, one wouldn’t find any abnormalities.

This devouring ability should have been the ability to eat a Quasi God, but Gao Peng was unsure what the two percent of devouring meant. Was it a two percent advance after eating a Quasi God, or the degree of mastery of the ability? This information would require Fatty Big Sea to wake up and share its knowledge.

After all, it was a divine artifact, and there was a certain degree of danger, so Gao Peng didn’t want to test it casually. It would be troublesome if it was accidentally activated.

Back on the island, the dull dentures quietly emitted a faint glow. They quietly looked around, and when they noticed the Dumby, they shook distinctively. The Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth focused their attention on Dumby.

The dentures were handed over to the group of familiars for a while, then handed over to Dumby. This scene was rather strange, like a group of naughty teenagers playing with their granddad’s dentures…

The dentures went with the games and didn’t resist playing with them. After playing with them for a while, it became boring, and finally, the familiars handed them over to Dumby.

After returning to the palace, Dumby placed the dentures by its feet. Dumby had the strongest abilities, therefore, it was the safest place.

Dumby chucked the dentures at its feet, leaving its golden knife lying on the stone chair. It took a cigarette that it had retrieved from the stockpile and started puffing away. On this lonely and repetitive day, only the cloud of smoke could comfort its lonely heart.

The dentures that were chucked at its feet secretly observed this for a while, then carefully used their two front teeth to nuzzle Dumby’s toes. Dumby felt an itch and lifted its toe; the dentures flew away and slammed on the ground.

The Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth climbed up and looked at Dumby’s shiny bones with great interest, enviably rubbed itself on the stone floor, then gently scraped Dumby with its canine teeth.

“What’s this?” Dumby stepped on the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth. Such a pain.

Even though it was being stepped on, the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth tried its best to nuzzle Dumby’s feet. Dumby bent over and lifted the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth up. The teeth that were previously restless quieted down.

It was half an hour later that Fatty Big Sea woke up. Once it woke up, Fatty Big Sea habitually smacked its lips and was horrified to find that the divine artifact in its mouth was missing.

“My treasure is gone!” Fatty Big Sea’s cry of horror rang through the room. It walked all around the island and finally found the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth in Dumby’s room.

“I finally found you! I thought I lost you.” Fatty Big Sea was almost in tears.

The Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth ignored Fatty Big Sea, more interested in spinning around Dumby. From time to time, it used its teeth to scrape at Dumby’s bones.

“How can you be like that?” Fatty Big Sea was shocked upon seeing this scene, almost thinking that this was a different divine artifact.

When it had been with Fatty Big Sea, it had always tried to escape, but after meeting Dumby, it was acting like a pet dog.

“You’re awake. You suddenly fainted just now, and no matter how much we tried to call out to you, you wouldn’t wake up. We don’t even know what happened,” Dumby said to Fatty Big Sea.

“Oh, is that so…” Fatty Big Sea said, confused. It thought it had been knocked out.

“Yeah, it might be since you were too tired and suddenly found your divine dentures. The rollercoaster of emotion was hard to control,” Dumby said.

Dumby had always been very honest, so Fatty Big Sea didn’t have too many doubts. “Why is my divine artifact here with you?” it said with some misgivings.

“Your divine artifact ran out after you fainted. I was afraid that it would run away, so I helped you keep watch over it.” After saying this, it threw the dentures that were nuzzling it back to Fatty Big Sea.

Having regained the divine artifact, Fatty Big Sea was temporarily satisfied. Watching Gao Peng walk in, Fatty Big Sea grinned. “Hi, Master!”

“You’re awake.” Gao Peng smiled and patted Fatty Big Sea’s large head.

“I wasn’t able to ask you just now because you fainted. Since this is the first time I’m seeing a divine artifact, how do you use it?”

Huh? Fatty Big Sea stared at Gao Peng with increased vigilance. Is he eyeing my divine artifact?

“Rest assured, if I wanted the divine artifact, I could have taken it just now. Moreover, do I, Gao Peng, look like a person that steals from his own familiars?” Gao Peng cheerfully said.

“Yeah, yeah…” Fatty Big Sea relaxed and lowered its guard. “That’s true.”

“This is the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth. When I forged them, I had to hunt down a Quasi God at its peak, then use its fresh complete carcass and a series of materials.” Fatty Big Sea was filled with pride.

“You can hunt and kill a Quasi God at its peak?” Gao Peng did a double-take.

“Oh.” Dumby also took a side-glance.

Fatty Big Sea was confused and shocked. What is this tone? You son of a b*tch! I’m a god, or I used to be! Is there a problem with me hunting a Quasi God?!

Fatty Big Sea was so angry that its lungs were about to explode. Its lungs made a muffled sound. “Do you have any misunderstanding about me? I am a god.” Fatty Big Sea gnashed its teeth.

“You were,” Gao Peng corrected regrettably. “Sorry, but what you just described deviates slightly from my impression of you…” Gao Peng stretched out his hands and held them slightly wider than he would for a hug.

“I’m not saying more.” Fatty Big Sea swung its butt and lay on the floor like a slob, looking at the ceiling.

Gao Peng stopped laughing and patted Fatty Big Sea’s fins. “Let’s just say that I’m still very curious about your past great achievements.”

Fatty Big Sea swung his fishtail in indignation.

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