Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Fatty Big Seas Story

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“There’s nothing much to say about my past. Anyway, I was just passing time and accidentally became a god.” Fatty Big Sea and Gao Peng were seated side by side on the roof of the island’s palace.

“It’s possible to accidentally become a god,” Gao Peng said. “But why did you get such a big head after you became a god? Was it to help with the frequent rain?”

Fatty Big Sea didn’t understand the joke and smiled. “Actually, my head wasn’t this big in the past.

“My memory was very poor. Don’t people always say that a fish’s memory is only seven seconds? Although this is exaggerated, it’s quite close. Because the fish’s brain is relatively small, a poor memory is normal. I was very stupid at that time. Compared to the rest of my own kind, I was still considered dumb. My memory was worse,” Fatty Big Sea said.

“There are so many things that I can’t remember, like who my father is. I also don’t know who my mother is.

“In the past, I only knew how to eat small shrimps in the river mud and go find seaweed and duckweed to eat. Those were happy days,” said Fatty Big Sea as it gestured.

“And after that?” questioned Gao Peng.

“Later, I grew up slightly. Maybe because I was handsome at that time, I never worried about food,” Fatty Big Sea said with a sigh.

“All the female fishes in the river loved to be around me. I didn’t need to catch any prey. They brought food to my nest every day to feed me.” Fatty Big Fish became emotional. “So I ate until I was chubby and fair because I didn’t have to hunt. I stayed in my nest every day, eating and sleeping.

“Until one day, a poisonous zombie jellyfish passed by my fish hole. I thought it was someone bringing me food, and I suck my head out. I was stung. Even though I didn’t die, it was a disaster. My face was festering, and my body was also paralyzed by the toxins.”

Fatty Big Sea’s tiny eyes blinked. It appeared to have thought of something. “Since that day, all the fish that had given me food in the past never came by again, but it was expected… After all, who would want to see a fat fish with a rotting body?

“I was hungry for seven days, and my stomach had shrunk to a third of its size. I thought I was going to starve to death. It was then that she came into the cave. I recognized her. She was the little fish that had lived beside me. I used to give her a little food when I had too much because I pitied her.

“She was tiny and the weakest of her batch. She didn’t have enough to eat herself, but during the time when I couldn’t move, she basically gave me most of the food she caught every day.”

Fatty Big Sea’s voice softened when it spoke of her. “She was only half my size, and the food she caught every day wasn’t enough for both of us.”

“And after that?” Gao Peng asked.

“One day, she stopped coming. By then, it had been a long while, so the poison in my body had reduced significantly. After three days of being hungry in the cave, my poison was gone. I swam out of the cave to look for her, but couldn’t find her after looking for a long time.

“Later, a fish told me that during that period, she went to the most dangerous intersection of the sea to collect food daily. Although the food was abundant, the danger was also greater. On the day that she didn’t return, the fish had seen her head in that direction.”

Fatty Big Sea’s eyes became two slits. “Did you know that I was originally a river fish? The sea was an abyss for me, and I never thought that one day I would actually go to the sea.”

“That’s pretty touching. Did you find her, then?” Gao Peng smiled and touched Fatty Big Sea’s round head.

Fatty Big Sea shook its head. “At least until I found out that I couldn’t remember her appearance. I never hated my poor memory so much. Later, I thought, if my brain was bigger, if it was only bigger, maybe I could recall her appearance,” Fatty Big Fish said faintly.

Although he knew it is a tragic story, Gao Peng still had the urge to laugh.

“Actually, a larger brain would be good,” Fatty Big Sea mocked itself. “A bigger brain and a bigger mouth. That makes me biting someone more painful for them.”

“That is true.” Gao Peng nodded, thought about it, then retracted the hand that was on the fish’s head.

“Did you know that my motivation to become a god was because the oldest fish in our river told me at that time that a god was omnipotent?” Fatty Big Fish laughed. “Damn omnipotent. I couldn’t even save myself, much less save others,” Fatty Big Sea said bitterly.

“A god with life attributes can’t save the dead?” Gao Peng was a bit surprised. He had heard that a god who had mastered the ability of life could revive the dead.

“There must be a corpse, and it can’t have been dead for too long.” Fatty Big Sea shook its head and said, “You know, the most ridiculous concept in this world is fairness. Some monsters have stood at their peak at the point of birth. They only need to lift their toes and gently lift their feet—then they become gods.

“The vast majority of monsters have to work very, very, very hard and risk their lives! It takes billions of trillions of life-and-death battles and a streak of rare luck to become a god. Even so, the abilities of life, healing, and sacredness have nothing to do with lowly monsters like us.

“These abilities are only comprehensible to those who are talented or qualified… Because only they don’t have to worry about survival, they have the resources to explore these abilities. A low-life like me… Had I relied on the life ability, would I have become what I am today? Did I use the life ability to compete with other monsters for treasure? Did I use it to kill?!” Fatty Big Sea grew very emotional at this point…

Gao Peng thought about it, but he still resisted, saying, “That happened yesterday.”

“You didn’t become the second generation of a god, but at least you’ve become the kind of creature you hate the most,” Gao Peng said.

Fatty Big Fish nodded and was somewhat content. “Yeah, I became the one I used to hate most.”

“Hey, Fatty Big Fish, tell me how you ended up with Windstorm Water Magic Spider’s mother.” Gao Peng poked Fatty Big Sea’s head.

“Ah?” The usually fearless Fatty Big Sea began to play dumb.

“Ah, what are you saying? I suddenly can’t hear you.” Fatty Big Sea declared loudly.

“Don’t be so stingy. You’ve shared the story of your first love; what’s there not to share about your wife?” Gao Peng said with a smile.

“I’m deaf, I’m deaf, you can’t hear or see me.” Fatty Big Sea jumped from the roof and whipped its tail, leaping towards the beach.

The next day, Gao Peng called all his familiars together for a meeting.

“Fatty Big Sea, I asked you previously if you had any friends who had accidentally died young. Have you thought of any?”

Fatty Big Sea smiled. “You want a divine artifact. I remember a place where an ‘old friend’ might have stored divine artifacts, but it’s hard to say if they can be retrieved.”

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