Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Sparkling Silver Spirit

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“But just to put it out there—if you can’t get the divine artifacts in the end, don’t blame me,” Fatty Big Sea reminded him. To be honest, if it wasn’t because it made its own divine artifact, it would have stood practically no chance of getting one.

“You should know the origin of the name of the Black Fog World.” Fatty Big Sea suddenly grew serious.

“I know that there’s a god that died in that world. From then on, there was an eternal fog all year-round.” Gao Peng suddenly looked at Fatty Big Sea. “Big Sea… you’re both dead, but that god has so much clout.”

Fatty Big Sea shook its head. “I’m different from it. I haven’t completely fallen. I managed to survive, but it’s completely fallen from grace, so there’s still a difference.”

“The god of the Black Fog World is called the God of Fog, and some people call it the Black Fog Dominator. Back then, it was the first to provoke. It started a war and was the first one to get killed.” Fatty Big Sea laughed heartlessly.

“And it’s the kind of death that’s definite. When it died, the divine artifact also went missing. It wasn’t that no one ever looked for it, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be found. However, generally, the foggier the place, the easier it would be to hide that divine artifact.”

Gao Peng nodded and said after a moment of silence, “Big Sea, tell me honestly, what is the lethality of your divine artifact if you utilize it fully?”

After hesitating, Fatty Big Sea said, “There’s definitely a limit. First of all, the use of a divine artifact requires the ability to rule it. Only a god has this ability. Therefore, if you don’t have the ability to rule, you’ll need to tap into my blood if you want to use a divine artifact.

“Secondly, because you don’t have the inherent ability to rule, the lethality will be weakened. Many factors led to the devouring of the Ocean Lurker. It used up too much energy and was injured during its battle with the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant. The forced use of the divine artifact made its injury worse, and it had no defense artifacts, which was why there was an opportunity to swallow it.”

Upon seeing other beasts look at it, Fatty Big Sea shook its head repeatedly. “For battling, you guys can just continue as usual. Don’t think of using my divine artifact. Unless there’s no other choice, I won’t act. Every time I act, it injures me for 100 days.

“The place with the thickest black fog is naturally the west side of the Black Fog World, which is filled with black fog year-round. Many monsters that have entered have never come out. It’s a mysterious area,” it continued.

“Oh right, do you know who built the labyrinth in the southern part of the Black Fog World?” Gao Peng asked.

“Labyrinth… that guy…” Fatty Big Sea muttered. “Why do you suddenly ask about this?”

“You don’t know?” Gao Peng truly began to frown.

“There are plenty of labyrinths in the southern part of the Black Fog World. These labyrinths don’t look artificially made, but it’s impossible to have so many natural labyrinths,” Gao Peng said.

“Wait, you mentioned that there were many labyrinths in the southern region?” Fatty Big Sea was shocked. “It shouldn’t be…” Fatty Big Sea was amazed and appeared visibly excited.

“Tell me about those labyrinths,” Fatty Big Sea asked seriously.

“There are different types. The most in number were the stone labyrinths. In addition to these stone labyrinths, there are some ‘premium’ labyrinths. These premium ones are sparse, but it’s easier to find substances that are good for the evolution of monsters there.” Gao Peng shared with Fatty Big Sea what he had seen and heard in the labyrinths along his journey. Flamy occasionally added more information.

After listening to this, Fatty Big Sea had an unreadable expression. “This maze reminds me of an existence.”


“Fat Golem Lord,” Fatty Big Sea slowly shared. “But in my memory, it didn’t die. It was one of the lucky ones that survived the war.” After a pause, Fatty Big Sea continued, “At least, it was alive before I fell.”

“Fat Golem Lord,” Gao Peng repeated. The name created a strong image.

“Well, that’s its name. Aside from the name, its god title is the God of the Labyrinth. It’s my enemy,” Fatty Big Sea spat. “My fall had something to do with that son of a b*tch. I didn’t expect it to die and wanted to find a chance to take revenge in the future. It should count itself lucky.”

“Then it should have a divine artifact too, right?” The side of Gao Peng’s mouth lifted. “Big Sea, any interest in this?”

Fatty Big Sea smiled. “If I didn’t know that, I would have left it alone. Now that I’m aware, I can’t miss out. I want to dance on its grave!”

“The guy had been fighting with me for so long that I’m well aware of some of its little tricks. Hearing this from you now, I can’t wait.”

“Yup.” Gao Peng nodded slowly. “But we only have one Saint-tier now. You’re only at the peak of Overlord. Let’s wait until you break through to the Saint-tier before heading over.”

Fatty Big Sea thought for a moment and nodded. “That’s okay. My Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth will increase the speed of my advancement. Don’t worry; I’ll break through to Saint-tier within three months.”

Whoosh. There was a gust of wind on the island.

“A breakthrough.” Gao Peng smiled. Silly had fallen into a deep sleep after it advanced to the Emperor-tier some time back, and now it had finally broken through.

The advancement in this space was extremely slow. Goldie, Da Zi, Stripey, and the Desolate Frost Lion had already been at the Overlord tier. Although Flamy was still Emperor-tier, it was a Level 70 peak Emperor-tier that was one step away from Overlord. However, Silly’s breakthrough to the Emperor tier wasn’t even as fast as the seven little Dragon Ants.

Swoosh. After the breeze subsided, the space in front of him distorted. In the next moment, a transparent silver jellyfish appeared in front of Gao Peng. When it saw Gao Peng, it randomly placed its tentacles on Gao Peng’s hair, messing it up.

“Pull it balddd. Gao Peng is baldingggg,” said Silly.

Gao Peng’s scalp hurt slightly. Looking at the hair on the Silly’s tentacles, he couldn’t help but gasp, “Idiot, you actually plucked it.”

“Huh?” Silly felt foolish. It had just been playing, so how had it really pulled hair out? Glancing at Gao Peng with a guilty look, then carefully leaving the hair on top of Gao Peng’s head, it said, “Plant it back in… I’ve placed it back. It’s not my concern anymore.”

After saying that, it left the place in a flash, and no one knew where it went.

[Monster Name]: Sparkling Silver Spirit

[Monster Level]: Level 61

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Space

[Monster Condition]: Healthy (Happy)

[Monster Weaknesses]: Weak body, poor strength

[Monster Skills]: Power of Space Level 6, Flexible Body Level 3, Light Body Level 4

[Special Characteristics]: Light of the Soul (a unique space power that allows one to possibly be attached to monsters with space attributes during advancement.)

Passive Effect 1: Increases the sensitivity of its spatial ability, so it can activate Spatial Flash many times in a short duration.

Active Effect 2: Activating this energy will allow the host’s body to become extremely light and have powerful dodging abilities for a short time.)

Combined Space (Allows its Spatial Flash ability to be more congruent and occur closer together.

Passive Effect 1: The size of the host’s storage space is greatly increased.

Active Effect 2: Activating Spatial Riot can make the surrounding space chaotic.

In this state, the consumption of all Spatial abilities will be increased. The use of a Spatial ability may have a possibility of failure. Activating the failed space system ability during this period will further increase the duration of Spatial Riot, making it more uncontrollable.

Tip: Hosts within the surrounding area of the Spatial Riot are also affected negatively.)

[Monster Description]: It has a high level of spatial closeness and is highly optimistic. As the Light of the Soul often leads to catastrophic space turmoil, it is often not welcomed by other monsters with Spatial attributes.

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