Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 592

Chapter 592 The Saint Tier Ocean Tyrant

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“This is Silly’s Spatial Blades attack. It’s what happens when a burst of spatial energy comes into contact with an area of disturbed spatial fabric,” explained Gao Peng, who was still fused with Silly’s consciousness.

Da Zi gave Silly a sideways look. It seemed to be stifling a laugh.

Gao Peng-Silly looked at Da Zi, unamused. “Is there something funny?”

“No, no, it’s nothing…” said Da Zi after swallowing down its laughter and taking a deep breath.

Silly’s Spatial Riot doesn’t seem to affect non-spatial familiars if it doesn’t receive any further stimulus. However, adding an additional discharge of spatial energy into the mix would trigger a chain reaction, which might get a little… dicey, thought Gao Peng.

Silly’s Spatial Blades attack might have been more dangerous than any of its other abilities. Gao Peng didn’t think that an ordinary monster would be able to block its damage completely. Generally speaking, Spatial-type attacks were capable of dishing out more damage than those of other elemental attributes.

Of course, Gao Peng was reluctant to see what would happen if he continued to stimulate the spatial fabric that had already been affected by Silly’s Spatial Riot ability with additional spatial energy discharges. He had a feeling that the consequences would be more than he could handle.

Spatial Riot’s most important effect, at least in Gao Peng’s opinion, was its ability to affect space. For instance, if Silly activated its Spatial Riot ability during their confrontation with the Ocean Lurker, they wouldn’t have had to worry about the latter teleporting away to freedom.

When Gao Peng was done with his experiments, he defused himself from Silly and told it to keep practicing its newly gained abilities. He also warned it against using its Spatial Riot ability near the island.

For the next few days, Gao Peng decided to take a break on the island while all of his familiars were engaged in their training routines. All of them trained and ate diligently every day on the island.

Gao Peng was sitting on a huge rock near the beach, when suddenly the seawater swelled before him. A ghoulish sea dragon emerged from the water and opened its mouth, which contained a blue crystal.

Gao Peng removed the crystal, which was still warm from its mouth. Goldie, who was squatting beside Gao Peng, suddenly heard a sizzling noise coming from beneath its feet. Scorch marks were left on the ground.

“Gao Peng, is that for Flamy?” asked Goldie curiously.

Glancing at Goldie, Gao Peng said, “Yeah, it’s for your lady.”

Goldie stared at him, wide-eyed. Then it shook his head dramatically. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand a single word that you just said.”

Gao Peng chuckled. There’s no point denying it. I even saw you taking Flamy out to sea to fish for food. You were swimming in the water, while Flamy flew overhead in search of fish. Now that’s what I call a romantic date.

It was Fifth Baby who had reported this to Gao Peng. It had been passing by in stealth mode at the time when it saw what was happening. If it hadn’t been for Fifth Baby, no one would have known about Goldie and Flamy’s little rendezvous.

Still, Gao Peng was quite astonished by this. Goldie had never been the brightest of the bunch, while Flamy had always been a prideful bird. He didn’t know when the two of them had started getting along. This would explain why he rarely saw them in the past few days. The two birds had been spending their time together out at sea all this time.

‘All right, I don’t much care what’s going on between the two of you. Just make sure that you two don’t bring a flock of baby duck-cranes home,” said Gao Peng. He then threw the blue crystal to Goldie. “It’s a Seamount Fire Crystal. It contains seamount lava essence. Flamy should be able to increase the power of its flames with it.”

Goldie felt the crystal in its hands. “I understand. I guess I’d better get going then.” It strode away happily in search of Flamy as if it had just received its monthly paycheck from Gao Peng.

On the other side of the mountain, Flamy was pacing back and forth, visibly perturbed by something. When it caught sight of Goldie in the distance, Flamy rushed up to it and whispered hurriedly, “What did Gao Peng say? Why were you gone for so long? Did he realize what was going on between the two of us?”

“Well, your Gao Peng…” started Goldie.

“What do you mean ‘your’ Gao Peng? Isn’t he your master too?!” said Flamy, rolling its eyes at Goldie.

“Yes, yes, that’s what I meant to say. Our Gao Peng,” said Goldie, laughing apologetically. At that moment, the 20-foot duck with tattoos all over its body was suddenly reduced to a two-month-old duckling.

“Gao Peng asked me to give this to you. It’s a Seamount Fire Crystal.” It handed the warm blue crystal over to Flamy.

Flamy swallowed it in one gulp. Green flames surged forth from its abdomen, melting the crystal into a blue fluid. Like a pack of ravenous wolves, the green flames attacked the blue fluid without mercy.

“Gao Peng knows, by the way,” said Goldie in a low voice.

“What?!” Flamy let out a satisfied belch when it was done digesting the blue crystal. White smoke was still rising out of its beak. When it heard what Goldie said, a strangled sound came out of its throat.

“Damn, baldie, did you say something to tip him off?” said Flamy, flustered.

“No, I swear, I said nothing to him. I’m not that stupid. Gao Peng was able to put two and two together by himself,” said Goldie, trying desperately to explain itself.

Flamy grew more anxious. After a while, it said, “Since Gao Peng already knows what’s going on between the two of us, I think it’s best for us not to see each other for the time being.” It flew off without looking back at Goldie.

Goldie stood there all by its lonesome, a confused look on its face. After seeing Flamy disappear into the distance, Goldie looked down at its empty hands. Did I do something wrong?

Boom! A huge wave crashed onto the beach. Moments later, a huge… head emerged from the water. It was like a demon that had clawed its way up from the depths of the ocean. Its body was covered with strange markings, its mouth lined with more than ten rows of teeth. It was glowing with an almost oppressive golden light.

Bam. The creature leaped out of the water and did a few twirls mid-air before splashing back into the sea. As soon as it fell back into the water, an invisible ripple spread out from its point of entry. In the next second, a ring of light flowed across the surface of the sea before rising out of the water as a blinding pillar of light.

In an instant, shades of blue and white filled the world. The wind began howling harshly, while waves towered over everything else. Anyone would have mistaken the creature for the god of the sea, Poseidon himself.

[Monster Name]: Ocean Tyrant

[Monster Level]: Level 81 (Saint-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Eternal

[Monster Attribute]: Water

[Monster Ability]: Legendary Body Level 7, Son of the Sea Level 7, Reinforced Bite Level 6, Storm Power Level 7

[Monster Trait]: Erosion (Active Effect 1: It is capable of corrupting any sea-dwelling creatures in its immediate vicinity with its innate field of influence.

Passive Effect 2: Those corrupted by its field of influence will also be enslaved by it.)

Deep-Sea Maw (Its gluttony and obsession over food have transformed its mouth into its most dangerous weapon.

Passive Effect 1: It is able to deal more damage with its bite on prey smaller than its mouth. Its bite strength automatically receives a +1 boost.

Passive Effect 1: Anything inside its mouth is under the curse of the Ocean Tyrant’s Deep-Sea Maw. Its defenses will be drastically reduced.)

[Monster Description]: A god who has only recently regained its godhood after having its god status revoked from it and its divine body destroyed… Simply put, it has been through a lot.

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