Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Seamonkey

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It was akin to a furious ocean, the sky with the golden divine brilliance was exploded with a horrible divine thunderstorm.

The head of the Fat Golem Lord turned in mid-air and its gaze was fixated on Dumby.


It’s looking at me.

Through Dumby’s eyes, Gao Peng and the Fat Golem Lord were looking at each other. Gao Peng had a sixth sense that Fat Golem Lord must be looking at him.

“Ah~” Within the insides of the Fat Golem Lord, its black divine blood was vigorously trembling, and several wisps of golden ray of the black colored divine blood shot out.

In that moment, its monstrous and animosity aura continued to rise upward, the vanity space was warped, the boiling divine blood was blooming a horrible temperature like a furnace.

The Fat Golem Lord opened its mouth, when the lips cracked open, on the left and right sides of the lips there were two distinctive white cross-sections; Gao Peng was staring at it.

That was the broken elephant ivory.

Elephant ivory was the most important weapon of elephants; it could arch like a knife and long like a spear!

Black blood continued to flow from the wound, and extended to the elephant ivory.

The elephant ivory erupted layers of echoes like the Hongzhong Dalu, and the black blood was so sticky and it had transformed into a spider-web shaped and linked up with the broken elephant ivory.

“This is the elephant ivory made from divine blood, not the actual elephant ivory, Dumby, you’ve to be careful.” Gao Peng was clear about the situation, if it was the Fat Golem Lord’s actual elephant ivory, he was afraid that the lethality and stiffness wouldn’t be lower than some divine artifacts.

But the elephant ivory made from divine blood was already giving him a lot of pressure.

“Master, rest assured.”

Dumby was expressionless; it didn’t retreat backward but chose to go head-on with its opponent. Its right foot stamped heavily on the ground, the oppressive footsteps shocked the hearts of many.

From the Heart of the Yin Soul inside its chest, there was a massive number of gray-white fogs floated out and shrouded Dumby and the surrounding; Dumby’s body was completely hidden in the thick fog.

The space was twisted and contorted, the space behind Dumby was sunk in complete chaos, and something terrible was brewing.


The Fat Golem Lord’s eyes were covered with blood, and the broken elephant ivory grew again.

The newly grown elephant ivory was dark, as if it was composed of cobwebs, the inside was hollow, but on the whole, the complete structure could be seen, the tip of the elephant ivory was a pure black, the original black blood was burned into black and red colored from the high temperature; there was an intense bloody scent pervading in the air.

“Die, die, die!” The Fat Golem Lord hissed, it set off a strong Evil Wind and crashed into Dumby.

The two elephant ivory burst out of the monstrous divine flame, even if there was a mountain in front of it, it would be easily crushed.

There was also a wild roar like a wild beast coming from Dumby’s throat

Its arm spread apart, and there was an extremely thick and dark shadow at the back which instantly shrouded the sky.

Red-faced and white bones, black flame covered the sky, its shoulders had hideous thorns, its arms were over the knee, and its magic wings covered the daylight; it was the White Skeleton Demon God Apparition!

There was a loud roar. And the energy and blood transformed into a long river, the White Skeleton Demon God Apparition snarled at the sky and turned into a cloud of black shadow and merged into Dumby’s body.

The power in Dumby’s body was raging and chaotic, Gao Peng clearly felt the power of death which was originally relatively calm in Dumby’s body was suddenly chaotic and riotous, Dumby’s soul was also stimulated and it had become more murderous.

It took a step forward, a thick layer of gray mist flowed on the hands of Dumby, its Soul Power was transformed into something substantial and covered above the hands of Dumby.

Originally, Dumby needed to switch to the Yin Soul Dominator to better use the power its Soul Power, but at that moment Dumby didn’t convert to the Yin Soul Dominator but it could exert the power of the two systems at the same time.

A dark shadow flashed passed, Dumby was hit by that huge force and retreated more than ten steps, its palms were tightly holding onto the elephant ivory, the power of the soul and the divine blood of the elephant ivory had a violent reaction; there was a massive amount of scalding white steam.

Dumby’s bones on the arm were trembling wildly, and the thick black mist enveloped its body, there was only a pair of scarlet eyes which was able to pierce through the darkness.


Dumby continued take a few steps backwards, even if it gave its all in the attack, its strength as compared to the Fat Golem Lord was still different by a huge gap.

As Dumby went backwards step by step, the forces in its body become increasingly violent.

The gaze of the Fat Golem Lord revealed a tinge of arrogance and its madness and greed.

It smelled the fragrance on the skeleton.

It was going to devour it, eat it!

After eating it, some of its injuries could recover and it could even get other benefits.

The body of Fatty Big Sea turned smaller; it transformed into a dark shadow and bolted to the head of Fat Golem Lord.

The Fat Golem Lord was alert, its elephant nose swept, the evil wind was whistling, it was accompanied with the sound of the wind tearing.

Fatty Big Sea sneered, “Stole my wind to attack against me? You’re still so innocent and lovely, I thought you’ve become smart when you’re only left with the brain, I didn’t expect you to become more stupid.”

The body of Fatty Big Sea turned and it was so flexible unlike its enormous size.

It was responsive as it avoided the evil wind, the evil wind which struck head-on towards of Fatty Big Sea didn’t blow it away, but it enabled Fatty Big Sea to float down with the gust of wind; Fatty Big Sea was like a leaf which whirled along the gust and flew towards the elephant truck.

Fatty Big Sea landed steadily on the head of the Fat Golem Lord, Fatty Big Sea stared at head of the Fat Golem Lord which was cracked opened into a big hole and laughed.

“Even the heaven is helping me.”

The body of Fatty Big Sea expanded instantly and it flew towards the head of the Fat Golem Lord.

The head of the Fat Golem Lord was highly alert and cautious, and there came a gust of devilish cold spell.

The Fat Golem Lord’s mouth expressed all forms of extreme roar, the hole of the Fat Golem Lord’s head was billowing with smoke, as if it was a hot pot; the scarlet blood hole was fuming with smoke.


When the Fat Golem Lord was roaring, Fatty Big Sea jumped and flipped over to it.

The moment when it penetrated the hole above the head, there was a flash of a faint golden film, but in a flash it was pierced by Fatty Big Sea.

With the wild laughter of Fatty Big Sea, the Fat Golem Lord suddenly stiffened and stopped moving.

Dumby roared with its deep voice, it took a step forwards and flipped the Fat Golem Lord up. The Fat Golem Lord was overturned and its huge body was held up by Dumby and threw onto the ground with a loud thud.

The earth trembled wildly, and there was an explosion of cracks on the ground.

The head of the Fat Golem Lord was much harder than a diamond, and the divine head smashed on the ground in an instant was akin to an overturn of the heaven and earth.

In the mind of the Fat Golem Lord, Fatty Big Sea had become an agile fish which was swimming in its brain.

Inside the mind of the Fat Golem Lord was a blurry illusion, a large number of golden divine material were floating all around.

But those divine substances were at the moment were in the preparatory state, the color was gray; it was powerlessly floating within the mind.

There were different forms of illusions all over the place.

On top of the cold plain, an Ancient Wild Elephant was running on the plains, it elephant truck raised high up, it was cheerful and lively.

In the distance a tall white giant wolf kept coming close and was besieging at a terrible speed, and the Ancient Wild Elephants were falling onto the ground one by one around it.

Fresh blood dyed its body red, the body of the Ancient Wild Elephant had grew larger, it had a hideous and ferocious look, its sharp teeth was like two saw tooth and it was tearing the group of monsters apart.

Above the deep sea, the Ancient Wild Elephant stood up on two legs like a human; it held its weapon tightly in its hand and strived to conquer the entire world.

“It’s this guy’s life…” Fatty Big Sea was in a daze for a moment, and then it quietly wandered through the Fat Golem Lord’s mind

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