Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 602

Chapter 602 The Labyrinth Precept

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“Hmph, you can’t control the artifact since you don’t have Elemental Power,” Fatty Big Sea peevishly said. “I’ve said before that you must have the precept to control the artifact. You’re not a monster, so how can you control the artifact?”

“Elemental Power?” Gao Peng frowned. He knew nothing about that.

“If you really want to use the artifact, I’ll let you use it when we combine in the future,” Fatty Big Sea reluctantly said.

Gao Peng looked down to examine the attributes of the labyrinth.

[Item Name]: Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth (Divine Artifact)

[Precept Content]: Labyrinth Precept 7%

After some thought, Gao Peng threw the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth at Fatty Big Sea.

Fatty Big Sea took it and said, “Actually there’s one other use of this Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth, which is to nurture the monsters. Back then, this fellow’s Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth was the key he used to nurture his subordinates.”

“To nurture monsters… So, it should be possible to nurture Familiars too,” Gao Peng muttered. “How do you do that?”

“I have no idea,” Fatty Big Sea said as he shook his head. “This is my first time getting this artifact too, but I’ve seen him using it in such a way before.”

Gao Peng nodded. “Ok, then ponder over its usage when you have time off in these few days.”

There was a look of resentment on Black Child’s face. You did not let me decompose the divine corpse, nor you did let me decompose the artifact either. You will lose me if you keep this up.

On the other side, Dumby walked to the front of the skull of the Fat Golem Lord, which was taller than him. It was lying on the ground like an enormous bowling ball, staring with open eyes as if protesting its own death.

Dumby gathered all the bloodstains on the floor. He hesitated for a moment to get ready to absorb the Air of Death in the skull. He felt a prickling sensation when he laid his fingers on the skull’s surface.

It was like an ocean inside the cranial cavity. The Air of Death was spreading everywhere. The tumultuous Air of Death turned into a massive wave and diffused outward from the seven apertures, instantly sweeping out in all directions. The stones scoured by the Air of Death grew gray, scarred, and battered.

Dumby’s expression changed slightly. He took off the Amorphic Hell Tree rooted on his back. After thinking for a moment, he climbed to the top of the skull of the Fat Golem Lord, holding the Amorphic Hell Tree. He hugged the tree and jumped into the gap on the vertex of the skull.

He was like a man jumping into a large water tank. But, this was not a human. It was a skeleton. And, the container was not a water tank. It was the skull of a god.

Gray fog flowed out from the seven apertures and shrouded the entire skull. It only took a short while for the skull to vanish from sight. Only a whirling ball of gray fog could be seen.

More than half of the pyramidal altar was destroyed in the battle. On it was an overturned coffin.

“This coffin can be used to keep the corpse of a God, so it must be unusual,” Gao Peng knocked the coffin board and muttered.

“Oh, this coffin you said?” Fatty Big Sea took time out from fiddling with the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth and turned his head. “I’ve seen this coffin many times. An old friend was kept in this coffin after he died. There were other Gods who were kept inside after that.”

“This coffin is a treasure then,” Gao Peng said.

“What treasure? This is not the only one. There are many coffins that are exactly the same,” Fatty Big Sea said casually. “I don’t know how it was made, but the quality is good and the preservation feature is quite good. Also, its contents will not decompose no matter how long has passed.”

Gao Peng released the other Familiars. A group of them could temporarily live in these labyrinth ruins. The intensity of elements in this region was very high, so it was pretty comfortable living in it.

In the meantime, Fatty Big Sea finally had a rough idea of the usage of the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth.

“The main function of this artifact is to trap the enemy, and killing enemies is just an added function,” he said. “Back in the days when the Fat Golem Lord and I were objectionable with each other, he liked to trap me using this labyrinth and fight with me in it. But, one must have precept power in order to use this labyrinth to trap the enemy. It’s the same for all the artifacts. Only by using precept power can their powers be maximized.”

“Why would your Gods make the artifacts so difficult to use that you must have precept power in order to use it? Why can’t we manipulate it with elemental power? That’s easier and more convenient!” Gao Peng was feeling a little down.

Although both the artifacts were in Fatty Big Sea’s hands, Fatty Big Sea was his Familiar. Technically, he owned them too. Since he did not have a Familiar with precept power, more than 90% of the abilities of the two artifacts were restrained.

He said, “Actually we forged the divine artifacts to enhance our strength. We used all kinds of extraordinary skills before we became Gods, but we used precept to battle after we became Gods. Some Gods could only specialize in one precept for some reason, and some Gods had some shortcomings and weaknesses. That’s why we needed artifacts to make up for it.

Each and every artifact had its precept.

“Since the precept in the artifact is independent, it can reduce a lot of conflicts, besides…” Fatty Big Sea sighed. “Back then, I forged the Sea King Devourer’s teeth to comprehend the Precept of devouring in it. I can’t use the Precept of devouring, so it’s very hard to cultivate the precept. As such, I killed a Taotie and forged a Precept of devouring using Taotie and some other Gods. I didn’t expect that I would be attacked soon after I casted the artifact.”

Fatty Big Sea added, “This Labyrinth precept is rather complicated. It’s sort of a compound precept.”

Gao Peng nodded. It was no wonder the Sea King Devourer’s teeth only contained 2% precept.

“Most importantly, the forging of artifacts was for our own use,” Fatty Big Sea said. “We did not take into account how other monsters would use them. But, there are some basic features that can still be used, which is why I could master it so fast.

“Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth can release its form and turn into an extremely huge labyrinth. Of course, the size of the labyrinth varies according to my mind. When the labyrinth releases its form, it will absorb all kinds of elements in the air and create a variety of environments and traps in the labyrinth.

“But, I can take the initiative to manipulate the intensity of various elements in the labyrinth as well and use it to accelerate the cultivating speed of the Familiars or nurture spiritual plants. These are some of the tricks that I know.”

Gao Peng nodded and said, “Let’s try them.”

Fatty Big Sea disgorged the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth. The size of the golden small labyrinth instantly expanded exponentially. It expanded a million times in a blink of an eye.


An enormous labyrinth composed of golden lines appeared on the flatlands. The ground trembled. The soil came out of the ground and filled in the spaces between the golden lines. After the time it took to finish burning a whole stick of incense, a vast and enormous labyrinth appeared in front of them.

Once it was settled, the labyrinth crazily absorbed all kinds of elements from the heaven and earth. One by one, the Elemental Storm Whirlpools appeared on the labyrinth. Plants, desert, swamps, and various environments appeared out of thin air in the labyrinth.

“This…” Gao Peng slapped his forehead.

This labyrinth was basically a mobile super luxury mansion for cultivation.

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