Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Ending The Seclusion

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When Gao Peng gained more and more Familiars, it became a big problem to find a place for them. That was because Gao Peng had a great number of Familiars, which basically covered every type and attribute.

It was very hard to take all of them into consideration at the same time when they were on the field. There were times when it was inevitable to attend to some while neglecting others. But, it was believed that with this labyrinth, that would no longer be a difficult problem.

“Quack.” Goldie stood at the center of a metal elemental storm, squinting its eyes and feeling the metal elements fully hitting its body. It couldn’t help but make delightful sounds.

Flamy also found the center of a fire elemental storm to take in and send out the fire elements. Stripey, Liuguang, and Desolion found the elemental regions that were suitable for themselves to take in and send out elements for cultivation.

The elements in the air were never as rich. It was like inhaling a haze of elements into their lungs whenever they breathed. Such a direct experience was very rare. This group of Familiars was feeling bizarre breathing in elements themselves for the very first time. It was not without the thought of getting a taste of it.

The fact that the rate of growth of Familiars would speed up in a region rich in elements was indubitable. Hence, Gao Peng was more than glad to let them try, and it would be even better if they liked it. He just did not know when would Dumby wake up.

Gao Peng sighed inwardly and looked at the silent skull of the Fat Golem Lord that at the other side. He had not heard from Dumby since he began cultivating in seclusion within the skull and had completely sunk into a deep sleep. But, it was a good thing to sink into deep sleep under this circumstance. Generally speaking, he would only sink into deep sleep under positive influences.

Thump, thump…

An intermittent reverberation came from a distance. Judging by the sound, it was not only coming from one place.

Gao Peng sent Da Zi went to take a look at what was going on.

Da Zi flew back to report after scouting for a while. “Gao Peng, there are monsters outside the labyrinth who want to break in!”

“A lot? How many exactly?” Gao Peng sighed. He only wanted concrete and accurate information in this kind of situation and not a vague answer.

He turned to Desolate Frost Lion, who was not far away, and said, “Desolion, go take a look at the situation and find out what that noise is all about.”

Desolion, who was taking in and sending out frost elements, opened its blue eyes that were like precious sapphires. “Yes.”

It jumped easily onto the wall of the labyrinth and ran back about 10 minutes later. The corner of its mouth was turned up slightly.

“How’s the situation?” Gao Peng asked.

“Master, there are groups of monsters who are coming from a few directions outside the labyrinth,” Desolion said in a deep voice. “They are attacking the walls to attempt breaking in. There’s a Fire Overlord Tier Monster at the east side, two Overlord Tier Frost Bear at the southeast direction… I saw 23 monsters.”

Gao Peng nodded. “Good job.”

Da Zi scratched the back of its head.

“You should know how to report by now,” Gao Peng said as he glanced at Da Zi.

Da Zi nodded his head repeatedly.

Gao Peng said to all the Familiars, “So, each of you pick one or two monsters to fight, Dumby is still evolving, so don’t let the other monsters come in and disturb his evolution. Go!”

Perhaps it was because of the abundant elements in the labyrinth that attracted the monsters outside, but there were monsters who were attracted there from time to time during the next few weeks. They were highly interested in the rich elemental whirlpools in the labyrinth.

Gao Peng’s Familiars were getting busy. Every day they were either taking in and sending out Elemental Power or preventing other monsters from intruding. As for the methods used, they included physical persuasion and elemental persuasion.

However, the rewards were lucrative too. The corpses of the monsters were processed using the Great Altar Cutter. Thus, the Familiars could evolve faster.


One month later, the skull of the Fat Golem Lord that was left motionless started moving a little. All the gray fog surrounding it were absorbed. The part of it exposed in the air became completely shriveled, like a dried corpse. The dark eye sockets were empty. There was no shred of divinity in the shriveled flesh and blood. It had become an ordinary object.


A crisp sound came from the inside of the skull. Suddenly, the skull broke completely into pieces. Dumby stood there in a shining and lustrous manner.

The original dark gold color of the bones remained unchanged, but the outer part was coated with a layer of colorful glaze. Dumby looked like an exquisite artistic sculpture. All the Air of Death was kept in his body. Not even the slightest arrogance could be seen.

The roots of the old tree entwined with Dumby’s right hand, encapsulating his right arm like an arm sleeve. The arm sleeves seemed overwhelming and full of power, like a demon’s arm from hell. The roots above the shoulder changed their forms completely. All the trunks and the crowns of the trees disappeared. Only crimson rays like flames remained from the shoulder onward.

Gently clenching the five fingers of his right hand, layers of aura of different colors under Dumby’s feet centered around his feet, expanding rapidly and spreading in all directions.


There were seven auras: Violent Aura, Blood Aura, Dreadful Aura, Deadly Aura, Sinister Aura, Despair Aura, and Destruction Aura. Judging from Dumby’s skyrocketed aura, it was evident that he had great gains. His level leaped to 85, directly skipping four whole levels.

Dumby lifted his right hand. The roots of the Amorphic Hell Tree arm sleeve that covered his right palm faded like a tidal wave, revealing the five wholly glazed, black gold skeletal fingers inside. The five dark fingers emanated a faint divine light.

“Hmm? You actually deified your fingers!?” Fatty Big Sea had just returned from outside. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Oh my, you deified your fingers at Holy Tier.”

“Yes.” Dumby nodded.

The root covered his palm like a tidal wave again, hiding his five fingers. Now, these five deified skeletal fingers were his trump card. He could make use of these deified fingers at the crucial moment of a battle.

Another big change was that the Amorphic Hell Tree attached to Dumby’s right arm had successfully converged and produced the seventh aura, the Destruction Aura. All the recognized allies within the region of the aura could cause greater damage when they attacked their enemies. It would be easier to penetrate the enemies’ armor. As for the specific effects, it would be dependent on the condition of battle.

[Monster Name]: Amorphic Hell Tree

[Monster Tier]: Level 81 (Saint Tier)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary Grade/Legendary Grade

[Monster Skills]: Violent Aura Level 7, Blood Aura Level 7, Dreadful Aura Level 7, Destruction Aura Level 7

[Monster Field]: Amorphic Hell Region

[Special characteristics]: Amorphic Hell

[Devil Shadow Virtualization]: When the negative emotions absorbed from the human world reach its threshold level, it will completely break through the state of matter and transform into a half virtual form.

[Effect ① Passive Effect]: Amorphic Hell Tree will no longer be in pure entity form. All the attacks to its physical form will be weakened.

[Effect ② Passive Effect]: Since Amorphic Hell Tree is a half virtual form, it can attack the souls of monsters and elemental creatures.

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