Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Divine Adamantine Beast

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A huge, slender shadow emerged from the depths of the ocean, then wrapped itself around the island’s mountain before resting its head on the mountain’s peak, where it silently gazed at the high priestess.

The high priestess walked to the edge of the peak and caressed the bristle on the creature’s neck.

“Don’t let anyone bother him,” said the high priestess gently.

“Huh… judging from the commotion just now, I thought it was Earthbreaker who had finally reached Saint-tier,” said the creature, its silhouette completely merged with the darkness of the night. Only a pair of silver eyes twinkled in the sky. They belonged to a black dragon that stood taller than even the mountain itself.

The Earthbreaker Dragon Ape shook its head. “I’m still a long way from Saint-tier.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure those little squirts don’t get too close,” said the black dragon, revealing its sharp white fangs as its mouth split into a grin.

With a light movement from the dragon, four water pillars surged out from the ocean into the heavens No words were spoken, yet the meaning was clear: keep away.

A couple of familiars who were flying too close to the island quickly made a sharp turn away from the water pillars.

Goldie was now floating 30 feet off the ground, its body surrounded by golden rings of light. The rings of light spinning around it gradually shrank inward. When they touched Goldie’s skin, a divine light flashed out, forming a layer of runes on Goldie’s body. Soon, layers of runes could be seen stacked on top of one another across Goldie’s body, forming the outline of a suit of armor.

The dark sky was illuminated by Goldie and the faint golden haze that now enveloped its body. From its eyes sprang forth two streaks of golden light that rushed into the high heavens. The golden haze had turned the clouds overhead into a sea of gold.

Crack. Goldie’s taut arms began to expand. Its body was now burning with golden flames. It was as if Goldie had shattered some invisible shackles that had been impeding its growth all this time.

Hum… The golden light in the sky fell back into Goldie’s body, and silence fell once more over the Dragon Archipelago. Only the sound of beating dragon wings in the sky could be heard from the sky.

Goldie’s eyes were closed, its breathing was now steady. The silence of the night remained unbroken for a long while. Then, Goldie opened its eyes. In them lay a boundless golden ocean. It fell back on the ground solidly.

[Monster Name]: Divine Adamantine Bestial Duck

[Monster Tier]: Level 80 (Overlord-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Mythical/Mythical

[Monster Attribute]: Metal

[Monster Ability]: Divine Body Level 7, Explosive Power Level 6

[Special Characteristics]: Divine Gui Power (Passive Effect 1: Every time it receives true damage, this effect will be triggered once. Its physical constitution will double in strength. However, its size will remain unchanged.)

Divine Secret Power (Passive Effect 1: Its resistance to all elements is increased. If activated, it can form an Elemental Vacuum Field around itself.)

Divine Adamantine Body (Its Divine Body, which it has forged through years of training, is now endowed with extraordinary strength.

Passive Effect 1: Its endurance increases greatly.

Passive Effect 2: Every part of its body has the same level of defense, including, but not limited to, its internal organs and eyes.

Passive Effect 3: Its willpower increases greatly, which in turn increases its resistance to Charm and Mind Control-type abilities.)

[Monster Weakness]: It lacks any long-distance offensive abilities or countermeasures against subtler means of mind control. Its defenses against Soul-type attacks also leave much to be desired.

[Monster Description]: A duck-shaped Divine Adamantine Beast. Despite having a pair of wings, its flight speed and agility are still lacking. It is a reckless thing, and it has every right to be so, thanks to its formidable strength and defenses.

[Promotion to Eternal Grade]: Divine Adamantine Elder

Gao Peng began reflecting on what he had just read. With its resistances now greatly increased, it no longer had to worry about being killed before it could trigger its passive ability enough times to survive a killing blow.

Goldie’s resistance to Charm-type abilities had also been increased. However, Gao Peng was a bit let down by the fact that only its willpower had received a boost, instead of its spiritual fortitude. Goldie would have had all its bases covered if spiritual fortitude had received a boost as well. Its Gui power could only increase its physical constitution; its spiritual power wasn’t included in the package.

Also, Goldie was still not completely adapted to aerial combat. Even though it could now fly, flight wasn’t one of its strong suits. The Monster Description had made special mention of Goldie’s weaknesses, which were all areas that it had yet to attain sufficient competence in…

Gao Peng had also noticed that the fruit abilities he had endowed Goldie with were all negated by its Divine Body. It seemed to have a strong nullifying effect on any external energies.

“It must have reached Mythical-grade,” said the black dragon, narrowing its eyes at Goldie.

“I would like to spar with it once it reaches Saint-tier,” said the Earthbreaker Dragon Ape, its fighting spirit now ablaze.

The high priestess gazed at Gao Peng and Goldie, who were still standing on the beach. She then let out a sigh, suddenly feeling very old.

One needed more than luck to help a familiar reach the Mythical grade. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been called the Mythical grade.

The people watching the island from afar could only see two human-like figures on the beach. They could tell that neither one of them belonged to the Earthbreaker Dragon Ape. Most of them were forced to forgo sleep that night. Their thoughts were filled with what they had seen on the high priestess’ island.

When Goldie had successfully completed its promotion, the black dragon slunk quietly back into the ocean’s depths.

The next day, Gao Peng took Goldie to see the high priestess.

“Thank you, high priestess, for helping us keep everyone else away from the island,” said Gao Peng, bowing deeply.

The high priestess scattered a handful of chicken feed on the ground. A couple of phoenix-tailed chickens scrambled over to peck it up. Slapping her hands clean, the high priestess nodded. “We of the White Dragon Tribe always make it a point to treat our friends right. I only feared that those who were a bit too close would interrupt your familiar’s promotion.”

She then looked at Goldie, which was standing behind Gao Peng. “This must be the familiar from last night. Not bad.”

“The commotion you made last night shook the whole tribe. The tribal chief sent someone over just now to bring you to his place. I didn’t want to wake you up, so I told them to wait.”

“Thank you, high priestess,” said Gao Peng, making sure to sound as grateful as he could. His expression changed slightly when he looked at the high priestess’ kind features. “We’ve known each other for so long, but I still don’t know what your name is.”

“Me? My name’s Bai Ya,” said the high priestess softly.

Gao Peng frowned. He couldn’t figure out which Chinese character the ‘Ya’ in ‘Bai Ya’ belonged to.

“Ya, as in Yazi,” said the high priestess with a smile, as if she was accustomed to people being confused by her name.

Yazi? Gao Peng’s heart began to beat faster. Yazi was the name of the Dragon King’s second son. It had an aggressive temperament and an insatiable thirst for blood and combat. As the saying went, “As every act of kindness must be repaid in kind, so too shall every wrong suffered by Yazi, however slight.” He never would have thought that such a kind, gentle woman would have such a violent name.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” said Bai Ya the high priestess as she carefully observed every angle of Goldie’s body. There was a look of satisfaction on her face.

“In all my life, I’ve never encountered any Mythical-grade monsters or familiars until today. I’m quite pleased by this,” she said thoughtfully. She then handed Gao Peng a copper tablet. “My initial reason for visiting Earth was so that I could meet your grandfather. It’s a shame that he…”

Bai Ya stopped short, before sighing. “This is for you, a symbol of my authority. You’re a talented kid. I would hate to see you die young before you could live up to your full potential. When you meet the tribal chief later, you can show them this copper tablet to gain access to the tribe’s warehouse and pick any item that you want. You can go now.”

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