Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 620

Chapter 620 The Fei Lian

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The fact that Father wanted me to participate in this year’s tribal meeting must mean that he wants to let me be chief soon. I’m going to show everyone else what the White Dragon tribe is made of, thought Bai Kun without betraying the slightest hint of emotion on his face. As a representative of the White Dragon Tribe and already part of its forebears, he had to maintain a calm exterior no matter what.

“This way please, our most esteemed guests from the White Dragon Tribe,” said the person who received Gao Peng and the others when they arrived at the Blue River Tribe.

“Lead the way,” said Bai Kun flatly.

The old man who had greeted them swept his gaze across the crowd of young people before him. “You’re free to go about the village. Just don’t cause any trouble while you’re here.”

He knew that these young people were an active bunch and that they would definitely want to join the festivities before the main event. Being young himself once, he knew what these people were thinking.

Gao Peng wanted to rest for a bit and then try to think of a way to participate in the event. Unfortunately, he was dragged along by Bai Yin and the others to join in the excitement of the ongoing festivities.

“Let’s go. There’s no way such a huge event can take place in a mere day or two. We’ll let the elders handle their business, while we go about ours outside,” said Bai Xi.

Bai Xi was one of the more talented individuals in the White Dragon Tribe. Signing a contract with an Overlord-tier familiar at an early age, he had already gained quite a reputation for himself.

“Bei Qingyan?” On the streets, Gao Peng saw someone he hadn’t expected to see there.

“Gao…” Bei Qingyan sounded surprised, evidently not having expected to see Gao Peng there as well. However, with Gao Peng’s identity in mind, she stopped herself before she could finish his name. Bei Qingyan took a deep breath as she stared at him, wide-eyed. She couldn’t believe the nerve he had to show his face here!

Did he not know that slaughtering the Youhu Tribe had garnered him the ill will of most people in the ancient clan? Even though she knew that what the people of the Youhu Tribe had done was unforgivable, the fact still remained that they were part of the ancient clan. Gao Peng’s actions had only served to make himself the common enemy of the rest of the tribes.

Ever since she had made it back to the Northern Ice Tribe, she had heard a lot of voices expressing their dissatisfaction with Gao Peng. There were even those who resented her for allying with the Southern Sky Group. This had caused the Northern Ice Tribe to become the target of much scorn and ridicule from the other King-tier tribes.

“Is this your friend?” said Bai Xi, whose breath seemed to have been taken away by Bei Qingyan’s beauty.

“Yeah, an old friend,” said Gao Peng, nodding.

“Qingyan, who is this?” said a man standing beside Bei Qingyan. He didn’t look too happy to see Gao Peng.

Bei Qing Yan’s delicate eyebrows furrowed as she muttered in a low voice, “He’s none of your concern. By the way, I’m older than your great-grandmother. You don’t get to call me Qingyan. You should be calling me ‘most venerable ancestress.’”

“Pffft.” Bai Xi and Bai Yin quickly stifled their laughter when they saw the dumbstruck look on the man’s face.

Upon seeing the hurt look on Bei Suyan’s face, Bei Qing Yan continued, “What, did I say something wrong? Is this how your father taught you to treat your elders? As if they were your equals?”

“Most… most venerable ancestress,” said a stuttering Bei Suyan. Completely humiliated by Bei Qingyan, he quickly turned around and left.

“Do excuse him for his impertinence,” said Bei Qingyan to Gao Peng and the others.

Bei Suyan quickened his steps. He had never felt so humiliated before. So what if she was his elder?

The other two who were still standing beside Bei Qingyan looked as if they wanted to go along with Bei Suyan but feared that they might incur Bei Qingyan’s wrath by doing so. Noticing their conflicted looks, Bei Qingyan simply waved them off.

“These are the White Dragon tribesmen. You two can go with my great-grandson,” said Bei Qingyan in a flat tone.

“Many thanks, most venerable ancestress,” said her two other escorts before turning around to catch up to Bei Suyan.

Bei Suyan felt as if everyone around him was laughing at him as he stormed through the streets. His cheeks were flushed with anger. Upon hearing two familiar sets of footsteps behind him, Bei Suyan angrily said, “Do you know who those people are?”

One of them said hesitantly, “They’re from the White Dragon Tribe.”

The White Dragon Tribe! Bei Su’s face went pale. Those three words echoed in his head like a bell. At that moment, all the anger in him dissipated. That was one tribe he couldn’t afford to anger.

“You guys can catch up with each other. We’ll just go on ahead,” said Bai Yin, pulling Bai Xi away so that Gao Peng and Bei Qing Yan could have some privacy.

“Why are you here?” said Bei Qing Yan as she shook her head. “You may be an Overlord-tier trainer now… but there are lots of trainers just as powerful as you, if not more, here in the ancient clan. You really shouldn’t let your victory over the Youhu Tribe go to your head.”

“Don’t worry; I’ve come prepared,” said Gao Peng simply.

Bei Qing Yan let out a small sigh. After seeing that Gao Peng was staunch in his decision, she decided to just give up talking sense into him. She blinked at him for a moment before continuing, “And you’re here because…?”

“I heard that a war would be coming to Earth, so I thought I would try and figure out a way to delay the inevitable,” replied Gao Peng, sighing. He didn’t think that he had the power to stop a war. Still, he thought he might as well buy some time for the people of Earth to take refuge before the planet turned into a battlefield.

We Earthlings will just get out of the ancient tribes’ way as they fight it out on Earth.

“I see.” Bei Qingyan’s face fell. A moment later, she quickly regained her icy composure. “This war will hinge not on which tribe makes the first move, but rather when the barrier on Earth disappears. As soon as the barrier disappears, even if the ancient tribes don’t make the first move, those mutated tribespeople will bring the war to Earth.”

Pausing for a moment, Bei Qingyan continued, “None of us will be free from war, not even you Earthlings.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve heard the name ‘mutated tribespeople’ mentioned by someone. Who are these people, exactly?”

Boom! A loud explosion in the sky interrupted Gao Peng. A black fissure had appeared in the sky like a streak of lightning. Terrible power seemed to be escaping from the fissure into this dimension.

Two slender, black claws emerged from the fissure and held onto both sides of the opening. A blood red haze of light filled the air behind the fissure. In the next moment, a dark red sun materialized in the sky, its heat visibly distorting the space around it. The intruder’s dark red domain spread out as it kept the fissure open with its claws, preventing it from sealing itself back up.

“Which tribe does this Quasi God belong to?” Gao Peng asked. He was ready to turn around and get the hell out of there at any moment.

“I’ve never heard of any of the three major tribes having a Fei Lian as a Quasi God. I don’t think it’s one of ours,” said Bei Qingyan, troubled by this.

[Monster Name]: Bloody Fei Lian

[Monster Level]: Level 96 (Quasi God)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary/Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Fire/Blood

[Monster Ability]: Bloodsun Firestorm Level 8, Enhanced Regeneration Level 9, Sharp Claws Level 7, Disaster Malediction Level 8

[Monster Territory]: Calamitous Domain

[Deified Part]: Front limbs, heart, wings

[Special Characteristics]: Great Bloody Sun (A sun formed from the bloody life force inside the Fei Lian’s body.

Passive Effect 1: Absorbs fresh blood to strengthen the Great Bloody Sun.

Active Effect 1: It can activate the Great Bloody Sun at will, harnessing its destructive energies to ravage everything in its path.)

Harm (The embodiment of misfortune that is the Fei Lian; its bloody light stains all in its path.

Passive Effect 1: The life force of its victims can be used to strengthen itself.

Passive Effect 2: During battle, its opponents will slowly lose their luck.)

[Monster Weakness]: 1. The defenses around its abdomen are quite weak. 2. Its regenerative ability can be weakened by disrupting the Tian Ying star.

[Description]: The Fei Lian is one of the evil influences of old, symbolizing isolation and destruction. Its shape is that of a cockroach, its nature cruel and bloodthirsty. After being brought into existence, the Fei Lian ate all its brothers and sisters until only it remained.

The Fei Lian’s terrible voice shook both heaven and earth. “Run all you like, but you insects should know by now that there’s no running away from me!”

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