Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 621

Chapter 621 The Thousand Handed Faceless Buddha

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

At that moment, three terrifying presences appeared in the air, exerting an indescribable pressure even on Gao Peng himself. Three Quasi Gods had surrounded the Fei Lian in a circle. The Fei Lian eyed its welcoming committee silently.

Gao Peng relaxed a bit at the sight of the three Quasi Gods. He now began to wonder if the Fei Lian could survive all three of them. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of anger at the fact that even though these top tribes had already agreed to not bring their Quasi Gods, they still went ahead and brought them to the tribal meeting without anyone else’s consent. Does their deceit know no end?

After literally clawing its way out of the spatial rift, the Fei Lian now found itself surrounded by three Quasi Gods. Its situation was like a burglar sneaking into a house through a window and then only managing to ransack some of it before suddenly finding itself surrounded by the house’s three disgruntled owners.

After considering its chances against the three Quasi Gods, the Fei Lian decided to quietly take its leave and reenter the spatial rift. Just pretend I wasn’t even here…

Boom! The Heavenly Path Tree shook its branches, transforming its leaves into a haze of light. Like sharp blades, each leaf tore through the spatial rift, leaving countless narrow cuts on it.

The spatial rift, which was just about seal back up, froze in space as its spatial power was suddenly disrupted. The Fei Lian was, at that moment, cut into a bloody mess by the tree’s leaves.

To its left, the Five-Clawed White Dragon let out a roar as it caught hold of one of the Fei Lian’s front limbs with its dragon claw and pulled on it, hard! This left a huge white claw mark on the Fei Lian’s front limb. The latter, who had shrunk back into the spatial rift, was once again pulled back out of it.

With a roar, the Fei Lian hurled its Great Bloody Sun at the Five-Clawed White Dragon. A dark red Great Bloody Sun gradually fused with the Fei Lian’s Calamitous Domain, sending out blood-red ripples of light through it.

The Five-Clawed Dragon let out another roar as it let loose its blue Oceanic Domain. The two domains collided with one another, producing an intricate combination of colors at the point of collision. Both sides were trying to wear the other down gradually.

Fear crept into the Fei Lian’s heart. It was up against three Quasi Gods. The odds were most certainly not in its favor. It swept its other front limb forward to produce a blurry arc of light that flew out towards the Five-Clawed White Dragon’s eyes.

Clang! A metallic hand blocked the attack just in time. Connected to the hand was a sinewy arm, and above that arm was a smooth face, behind which shone a round disc of light; it was the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha.

Behind the Quasi God floated a thousand or so slender long arms in a lotus formation. Each one of its hands was holding an exquisite Dharma seal. There was no sign of emotion on the 3,000-foot-tall brass statue’s “face.” Instead, it expressed itself through its actions.

One could tell that it was both excited and angered by the presence of the intruder. Its Dharma seals conjured an illusion that stretched across the whole sky as they floated in the air. Then, there was a deafening boom.

The Fei Lian held up its front claws in an attempt to block the statue’s attack. Cracks appeared on the first seal as it struck the Fei Lian’s claws. Then, two more came after it, followed by three, four… Soon, there were 736 of these seals hammering down on the Fei Lian’s claws!

As each of these seals was striking the Fei Lian’s claws from the same angle at the same spot, all 736 of them looked as if they all formed a single seamless golden arc.

Bang! The Fei Lian couldn’t take it any longer. The statue’s sustained attack finally broke through its right claw. The other 264 Dharma Seals then flew towards the Fei Lian’s face. Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The Fei Lian’s head, which wasn’t as hard as its claws, was instantly turned to mush.

Gao Peng drew in a sharp breath. This Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha seems to have a violent streak.

[Monster Name]: Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha

[Monster Level]: Level 95 (Quasi God)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary/Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Metal/Psychic

[Monster Ability]: Metallic, Incorruptible Torso Level 9, Iron Spirit Level 9, Explosive Power Level 8

[Deified Part]: Its thousand hands

[Monster Domain]: It has tempered its own body within its Domain to the point that its body has fused with the latter.

[Special Attributes]: Concussive Blow (Each of its hands contains a unique magical power.

Passive Effect 1: Every time one of its hands lands a hit on an opponent, it applies a Concussive Blow effect on the latter. By hitting the same spot on an opponent in the span of one second with its thousand hands, it can stack up this effect. The more times this effect is stacked up on its opponent, the more damage the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha will be able to deal with its next attack.)

Transcendental Will (It possesses extraordinary willpower that borders on godly.

Passive Effect 1: It can directly attack and affect Soul, Ethereal, and Elemental-type bodies.

Passive Effect 2: Its Concussive Blow effect can be applied on all three aforementioned body types.)

[Monster Description]: The Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha is a creature raised on the essences of the sun and moon, as well as that of heaven and earth. Unlike other creatures, it doesn’t need to eat to sustain itself. However, it has a rather boring personality.

It was the embodiment of violence, pure unadulterated violence. It was capable of slaughtering all forms of enemies, regardless of their body types.

The statue’s traits were simple and brutish. Gao Peng suspected that the Thousand-Handed Faceless Statue had been a Legendary-grade familiar from the get-go. This was the only explanation he could think of that would explain why it possessed traits that went so well with its physique.

When the Fei Lian’s head exploded, everyone in the streets heaved a collective sigh of relief. Some even cheered for the Quasi Gods’ victory.

However, watching the Fei Lian’s roach-like body hanging limply from the spatial rift, Gao Peng couldn’t help but shiver when he realized that it still wasn’t dead. He drew another sharp breath when he saw the Fei Lian’s status.

[Monster Status]: Lightly injured (Decapitated)

Its status revealed that it was only lightly injured, even after its head had been reduced to an unrecognizable pulp by the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha. How stubborn do you have to be to survive a thrashing like that?

“The Fei Lian is one stubborn creature. Don’t give it any chances to heal itself,” the Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha said psychically to its two comrades.

“Understood. It won’t have a second chance,” said the Five-Clawed White Dragon with a grin as it unleashed its Oceanic Domain upon the Fei Lian. At the same time, the Heavenly Path Tree shook off its leaves, which encased both the spatial rift and the Fei Lian, which was still trapped inside it in a tight ball.

In the next second, the ball of leaves shrank into the Fei Lian. It lay inside the spatial rift lifelessly.

The Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha stepped forth to inspect the tip of the Fei Lian’s tail. There was a palm-sized hole in it.

It psychically told the other two Quasi Gods, “It escaped, leaving most of its body and power behind. It’s safe to say that the chances of it still clinging to the Quasi God tier and not dropping back to Saint-tier are quite slim.”

“To be able to maim one of their generals before the big war… I would call this a win for us,” said the Five-Clawed White Dragon coolly.

“Shame that we couldn’t deal any considerable damage to it,” said the Heavenly Path Tree, its leaves rustling.

“The Fei Lian is a hardy fellow. I don’t think it’ll be easy to take it down. Also, we can’t leave it alive. Even in its weakened state, if it decides to go berserk, it could cause some serious damage to the other, lesser tribes.”

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