Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Xiezhi

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Due to the arrival of the three Quasi Gods, the Blue River Tribe was completely silent.

The Seven Major King Tier Tribes are even more so. We agreed to take you along for fun. What more can we say now that you’ve brought nuclear weapons along?

Gao Peng kept his thoughts to himself about the Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha’s overwhelming Thousands Buddha Palms. Goldie wouldn’t be able to withstand a few slams, and it was hard to tell how much Dumby could take.

Gao Peng had never fought with the Quasi Gods before. Even the Fat Golem Lord’s skull was only at the peak of the Saint Tier.

The peak of the Saint Tier may seem to be only one notch away from being a Quasi God, but the power gap between the two was immeasurable. It was even greater than the difference between the peak of the Overlord Tier and Saint Tier.

“Fei Lian, whom you saw just now is the Quasi God of another tribe,” Gao Peng said. “The other tribe knew that we were holding the meeting and the place that we would hold it…”

There was a water ripple-like luster on the eyebrows of the Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha from which a person flew out and landed on the palm of the Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha. It was a man in a black robe. His black hair was simply wrapped in red straps.

He looked at the two who were canceling their fusion with the Clawless White Dragon and the Heavenly Sky Tree, respectively. He lightly said, “A traitor has exposed us.”

“It isn’t someone from our Green God Tribe,” said the bald old man who had canceled his fusion with the Heavenly Path Tree. “This time, our tribe has only sent my little granddaughter and I here.”

“Old White Dragon, I heard that a man from Earth Star went to your tribe,” the man wearing a black robe suddenly said to the man who had discharged fusion with the clawless White Dragon.

The man who cancelled his fusion with the Clawless White Dragon was draped in a robe that wrapped his legs. His silver hair fell over his shoulders. Gao Peng knew him. He was the old leader of the White Dragon Tribe he had met once.

The old White Dragon Tribe leader calmly said, “I can guarantee that this man is not a traitor.”

Upon hearing his words, the other two nodded. “Alright, since you have guaranteed it, we can then exclude him.”

“The people of our tribe all came from the direct line of descent,” the old White Dragon Tribe leader said.

“Then, it should be the Seven Major King Tier Tribes. Those small tribes are not even fully informed, and the other tribes would not trust those small tribes,” the man in the black robe coldly said.

“But, we can’t rule out the rest of our tribe,” the old White Dragon tribe leader said as he caressed his beard.

“Forget it, there is no point in guessing. I’ll leave this matter to the Green God Tribe.” The man in black robe nodded toward the bald elder. “After the investigation has concluded, execute the culprit without any excuses!”

In the afternoon, everyone was supervised, monitored, and strictly barred by the three Quasi Gods, and the men of Seven Major King Tier Tribe and three top tribes, from leaving the Blue River Tribe. Three hours later, the Green God Tribe sent a Saint Tier Familiar over.

The Saint Tier Familiar was as large as a cow. It looked like a Qilin. Its neck and back were fully grown with dark and dense fur, and its scales were covered by the long fur. It had bright eyes and a horn on its head.

[Monster Name]: Black-scaled Xiezhi

[Monster Tier]: Level 85 (Saint Tier)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary grade/Legendary grade

[Monster Attribute]: Mystic

[Monster Domain]: Penalty domain

[Monster Skills]: Distinguishing the Good and Evil Level 7, Evil-breaker Horn Level 7, Epic Body Level 6

[Special Characteristics]: Punishing the evil (Xiezhi’s natural ability)

[Effect 1 Passive effect]: An additional attack bonus on targets that actively provoked war, chaos, and battles.

[Effect 2 Passive effect]: Xiezhi emphasizes on absolute fairness and justice. It is not good or evil, but can perceive those with bad intentions and all the units with evil thoughts.

Ultimate Justice (Xiezhi’s natural ability)

[Effect 1 Active effect]: After activation, Xiezhi’s defense ability will be greatly improved in a short period of time while being immune to various curse effects.

[Monster Description]: Xiezhi, a mystical beast that represents the law in the legends, is able to distinguish between right and wrong and know the good and evil.

In fact, the Xiezhi had a very unique existence, and it was a monster with a very stubborn character. Once it realized that the basic order of good and evil and justice in its mind had been disrupted, it would be infuriated. However, it was a very curious beast.

At the same time, the Xiezhi owned a strong ability to imitate and learn. The good and evil the standard of justice in its mind would be greatly influenced by the creatures that were proximate to it for a prolonged period of time.


Gao Peng thoughtfully looked at the attributes of the Black-scaled Xiezhi. It was also called the Renfa Beast, which was an auspicious beast in Chinese legends.

Since people thought it had the power to distinguish between right and wrong, it would often appear in places such as the Court of Justice, the court uniform, etc., that represented legal order.

However, it was interesting to read the monster’s profile. Its fairness and the definition of good and evil to the Xiezhi was greatly influenced by the creatures closest to it for a long time.

In mythological stories, it often appeared in various human legends, indicating that its fairness and good and evil were in favor of human beings. Simply put, it was a creature with no ideas and judgment. Its so-called fairness and justice were judged from the human’s perspective.

The arrival of the Black-scaled Xiezhi had caused everyone to panic. This Familiar stood in the crowd with its eyes full of disdain. It sniffed left and right, as if it was an arrogant landlord patrolling its own properties.

There wasn’t anyone who hadn’t done a few bad things. No one could guarantee that they had never made any mistakes in their lives.

After sniffing for a while, the Black-scaled Xiezhi frowned and shook its head. Its voice was like a loud bell as it said, “You humans still have the same stench on you. I’ve never seen an adult without the stench.”

The Black-scaled Xiezhi’s words made everyone feel slightly awkward.

“Now, the method of testing is very simple,” the man in a black robe coldly said with his hands folded behind his back. “Everyone will take turns coming up to the Black-scaled Xiezhi to say that they are not a traitor and didn’t do anything to betray the tribe. You should leave after declaring that. Then, the Xiezhi will naturally determine if you have lied or not.”

After saying this, no one dared to raise an objection or refute him.

Gao Peng lowered his voice and asked Bai Yin, “Who is he?”

Bai Yin answered softly with his hands covering his mouth, “He is Mo Fo from the Black Tortoise Tribe, a Quasi God Monster Trainer.”

A Quasi God Monster Trainer. Gao Peng finally understood the reason these people were so afraid of him.

The investigation took seven hours. Everyone was examined. The traitor that conspired with the other tribe was discovered. There were actually seven people. They were all leaders of the Horn Fire Tribe. Their consequence was simple. They would become the Black-scaled Xiezhi’s dinner.

Gao Peng had seen the depth of the three top tribes. There were actually many interesting matters within them aside from the Quasi God Familiars.

Even if the ability of the Black-scaled Xiezhi was used to investigate who the traitor was, it was hard to say it was invincible. Since there was Xiezhi, it was hard to guarantee that there were no Familiars that could counter Xiezhi.

After the investigation, a discussion was carried out that evening. It was a direct and completely transparent public discussion.

“The Familiars of the other tribes have fought their way here, indicating that the seal of the ancestral land is about to be broken. The time for us to return to our ancestral land has come!”

“Our ancestors have lived in the Empyrean for generations, up until the outbreak of the war with the other tribes. We were defeated. Some ancestors stayed to fight with the other tribes. The others left the Empyrean to come to the Surface Sea… They are your ancestors.”

“After the outbreak of the war, at least half of all the adult men over the age of 30 must be sent to war. They will be led by three of our major tribes, which are the Black Tortoise Tribe, White Dragon Tribe, and Green God Tribe, and joined with the Seven Kings Tribe to form the Assembly of Tribe Elders.”

“All those who fight well in the war will be rewarded. We will carry out the merits, rewards, and punishments accordingly. The materials in the Empyrean are far more abundant than those in the Squared World. There are resources everywhere. As long as we can kill our way in, all the goods we plunder from the hands of the other tribes will belong to us.”

“We have no way to back out of this war anymore. In the past, we retreated from the Empyrean to the Surface Sea. Now, we have been pushed to the edge of a cliff. If we fail, we will die. The outsiders will not let anyone of us off, including your loved ones. Do not put your faith in luck… Anyone who isn’t from our tribe may have different intentions. This is a war of survival.”

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