Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Alexis

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After a moment of silence, several people raised their right hands and said, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Loud sounds of yelling shook the air. The exploding yells reverberated through the atmosphere like the sound of thunder.

The real intention of Gao Peng was to buy time for the people of the Huaxia Region, striving for more people to transfer to the Black Fog World. He soon realized it was harder than he imagined to achieve his purpose.

In the situation of a sudden attack by the foreign tribe’s Quasi God, with the Top Three Tribes using their strong influence, no one dared to raise objections. If there was no such sneak attack, the Top Three Tribe’s action of bringing over the Quasi God might face the resistance of other tribes that exerted a subtle influence.

It would be even harder for them to form an alliance. After all, an alliance that remained friendly in appearance but estranged at heart would take up plenty of time. A dispute over a mere trifle would delay the process of the alliance.

However, if they encountered the same enemies from outside, the speed of forming the tribe alliance would be faster. The Quasi God’s Familiar of the Top Three Tribes would become their guardian. No one would express their views of disapproval.

Gao Peng pondered about a different vibe. Why did the sneak attack by the foreign tribe happen so coincidentally during the meeting? Are those really people from the foreign tribe?

The Quasi God was not dead, and it had escaped. Gao Peng suddenly thought about the condition of the Quasi God he just met that was mildly injured. The “dead body” was transferred by the Quasi God, but no one saw where the dead body was placed.

Gao Peng had the habit of making assumptions of someone’s behavior with the most malicious intent. But, there was no use in voicing his predictions. Without evidence, he would offend others for nothing.

After the meeting ended, Gao Peng heaved a sigh and bid goodbye to Bai Yin and the others. “Since you all have already prepared for this, then I will not say much about it. We, the people from the Earth Star, will not join the battle between all of you and the foreign tribe. Hence, I wish you all the best of luck.”

Bai Yin sighed and said, “But the people from the foreign tribe will not let go of anyone, regardless of whether it’s the ancient clan or the people from the Earth Star. Choosing to escape like you will not solve the problems.”

But, this is only one side of the story. The real truth has yet to be revealed.

Gao Peng held both of Bai Yin’s hands and uttered, “Thanks for the hospitality of your tribe. If you ever need help in the future, I can assist you as an individual. Hopefully, we will get to meet again. Bye for now. See you again!”

Outside of the Blue River Tribe was a spatial rift to access the Earth Star. This was also one of the reasons for choosing the Blue River Tribe as the meeting point.

Gao Peng used the spatial rift of the Blue River Tribe to leave. As he walked out, the scene in front of him was as white as a sheet. The snow covered thousands of miles off the ground. The rising and falling ridge appeared like silver dragon’s basin. No one could be seen within the range of thousands of miles.

Beep! Beep! Gao Peng switched on his tablet and turned on the positioning system. The current location indicated the Arctic region, the Ural Mountains.

The Ural Mountains were located on the western Arctic region. The mountain range formed part of the conventional boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia, stretching across more than 1,500 miles, which was the distance before the cataclysm. After the cataclysm, the fierce monsters emerged endlessly across the thousands of miles in the Ural Mountains.

Walking toward the south direction along the Ural Mountains, Gao Peng saw a small Base city at the foot of the mountain. The city was not filled with people, and most of the shops were closed. Only a limited number of shops still ran their businesses as usual.

The top part of the street lamps on both sides of the street had accumulated a thick layer of snow. Old newspapers were scattered around, leaving the ground in a general mess.

Tap tap!

Gao Peng stepped on the old newspapers. He lowered his head to pick up a piece one. The terrifying statements written on the paper were in the Arctic national language—”Devils are approaching!”

Gao Peng’s language talent was an added advantage for him, so he could understand a little bit of the Arctic national language. It was written in the newspaper that there would be devils from the Spirit World invading the Earth Star in a few days. They were very fierce and brutal, even more merciless than those Spirit World’s monsters from the spatial rift.

The government called on everyone to temporarily leave the Earth Star and move to another world. All the countries and authorities in the world established a cooperative Alliance Organization in the Spirit World to effectively prevent the invasion of the devils into the Earth Star. Moreover, the government in the Earth Star decided to provide full support for the development in the industry related to the Monster Trainers and Monster Breeders in the Spirit World. It was the beginning of the counterattack to reconquer the Earth Star.

Most of the people chose to leave. But, some of them chose to stay. Some were reluctant to leave home while others were too old to travel long distances. There were also some who were willing to take risks even though it was very dangerous. They considered it an opportunity.

The sunlight shone on the street. Gao Peng fixed his gaze at the grey-haired old man resting and sunbathing on a beach chair on the empty street. He had a satisfied look on his face.

This was a deadly Base city. Gao Peng realized that both sides of the shops had already been evacuated. Some of the closed shops were broken in, causing broken pieces of the glass to spread all over on the ground.

He shook his head and summoned the Fourth Baby with a finger snap. He jumped up and rode on the Fourth Baby’s back, preparing to leave this small city.

“Help, help!” Yelling sound could be heard from the street below the balcony.

Gao Peng turned looked his shoulder to see a blonde married couple carrying a baby. They were waving their hands to Gao Peng.

“What’s going on?” Gao Peng replied in his rusty Arctic language.

“Please, can you help us to bring our child out of this place?” the mother asked.

“Is this your child?” Gao Peng was perplexed. “Why didn’t you not take your child away by yourselves several days ago?”

“A few days ago, it was almost time for my wife to go into labor, so I did not dare take her away from here,” the child’s father explained.

After a moment of silence, Gao Peng looked at the baby in their embrace. Perhaps the balcony was a little cold, but the baby began to cry.

“No problem,” he casually said.

As the Fourth Baby swept its wings, the baby was placed on its back. The baby had blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, it was still crying at first. It stopped after seeing Gao Peng. The baby stared at him with his or her blue and round eyes wide open. Since the baby was swaddled tightly in blankets, his or her gender could not be identified.

Gao Peng lamented for such a small baby who could already differentiate between beauty and ugly or kind and evil.

“He is named Alexis,” the wife loudly shouted.

Gao Peng nodded. “Alright, he will be called by his name.”

As they looked at this person from Huaxia, who rode on his Familiar, he transformed into a silver ray and vanished in the air. The married couple glanced at each other. The husband wrapped his arms around his wife. She rested her head on his chest. His shoulder shivered a little.

The husband tapped on the wife’s shoulder to comfort her. “It’s OK! Leaving Alexis with a powerful Monster Trainer is better than letting him stay with us in danger.”

Gao Peng was slightly baffled to suddenly receive a baby. Since he was not married yet, he would certainly not consider accepting a foster son. Therefore, he would assign someone to take care of the baby when he returned and train him to become a Monster Trainer.

After flying from the Ural Mountains toward the southeast direction for a day, Gao Peng arrived in Yuzhou. Along the way, the Base cities he saw were mostly unoccupied. Most of the people had chosen to leave. He came across a huge migration team on his way back, which was even more spectacular than the Huaxia Spring Festival.

Yuzhou was in a slightly better condition. As for now, the active population in Yuzhou was a little more than others because there was a spatial rift inside Yuzhou. Hence, one could transfer to the Black Fog World at any time.

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