Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Not A Babysitter

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As Gao Peng was carrying Alexis in his arms, he thought of the married couple. He did not mind taking along two more individuals since the Fourth Baby would be totally unaffected for two or three more people to stand on his back.

But, the married couple did not express their willingness to leave with him. If they had the urge to leave, they could have left with the battalion. He believed that the Arctic country was not that crazy and ridiculous to not accommodate a pregnant woman who was about to give birth. Since they were not leaving, it meant that they wanted to stay.

Gao Peng could guess their thoughts. They were anticipating to stake everything on one throw during the upcoming war by going against the current. Dangers was always mixed with opportunities. Caring for a child would be a burden that would distract them. The baby in his arms was indeed just born two days ago. Thus, they did not lie to him.

Maybe it was because of the Fourth Baby he was riding that it looked as though the Familiar was a rather high tier and he was a powerful Monster Trainer. Therefore, they passed the child to him in the hope of securing a better social status in life for their child.

If they left with him to a safe assembly point, who would take responsibility of the child? It would certainly have been the child’s parents. No one would be more qualified than his parents to raise him. They had made a painstaking decision.

Gao Peng shook and lowered his head to look below his feet, sensing that they had arrived in Yuzhou. As they returned to Southern Sky Group, he saw a scene bustling with activity. Xu Heming stood before the main entrance of the company to instruct the Familiars to move equipment.

Many cars were stopped outside the Southern Sky Group. These cars were occupied with construction equipment. Some sophisticated workers were assigned the manual handling.

For some huge equipment, they were assigned to fully-automated animal handling super power machines—Familiars.

“Handle it with care! Don’t break it!” the overseer shouted.

A Fruit Scent Monkey stood beside the overseer carrying an iron basket. It took out a colorful durian-like fruit from the basket and threw it high up into the sky.

A 32-foot Red-haired Ghost Gorilla with a muscular body flung its head and swallowed the fruit into its stomach. Its expression revealed a face that looked uglier than crying. It was like a laughing ghost. It was carrying tons of steel equipment as it walked across the road. This was the origin of the name Red-haired Ghost Gorilla.

“Make sure to transfer all the equipment from the Third Factory to the Black Fog World. You can be slow, but please do not damage the equipment!” Xu Heming cried out loudly.

“Uncle Xu.” Gao Peng walked forward while carrying the baby.

“You’re back.” Xu Heming wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

He looked at Gao Peng with a grin on his face. When Xu Heming saw the baby in Gao Peng’s arms, the smile on his face turned stiff in a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“Do you have a child already?” Xu Heming stared at the child in Gao Peng’s arms in astonishment.

Gao Peng lifted the baby higher and said, “Does this look like a mixed-race baby?”

As Xu Heming took Gao Peng’s words seriously, he observed the child carefully. He shook his head silently and said, “This does not look like your child at all.”

Gao Peng nodded. “Help me take care of this baby and find him a professional babysitter. If you can’t find one, then…”

Xu Heming interrupted saying, “Just put this child under my care. Where are his parents?”

“His parents are at the Base city. They did not leave with me,” Gao Peng answered.

“No problem. You can be rest assured. I will make sure to take good care of this child.” Xu Heming nodded.

After the conversation, Xu Heming made a phone call. His chauffeur ran over to pick up the child, who was resting in Gao Peng’s arms.

From a city center to the Black Fog World, Gao Peng realized that the changes in the Black Fog World were more drastic. The barren inside the maze was fine because it couldn’t be destroyed by external force. Outside, it was filled with people beyond the reach of eyesight in a glimpse of an eye. Everywhere was full of people busy working.

Orderly white lines were drawn, and the lands were flattened. Different groups of people gathered around according to their families to build their houses by themselves. The range of construction was within the white lines.

Construction vehicles and giant Familiars walked along the street outside the white lines to constantly distribute all types of construction materials. All in all, the houses were mainly made from wood since it was convenient and saved both energy and light.

“This is City Number One,” said Ji Hanwu, as he unknowingly appeared beside Gao Peng. “Other than this, there are another 99 city areas. Each city area is almost equivalent to the area of Yuzhou.”

It was a huge metropolitan area.

“Won’t it be too crowded for so many people to stay together? How do they even go hunting?” Gao Peng asked.

“There may be many inconveniences, but this is the best decision so far.” Ji Hanwu shook his head. “The Black Fog World’s area is a lot bigger than the Earth Star’s area, but the monsters are a lot more dangerous. In such a situation, gathering the people together will make them feel safer.”

Gao Peng thought of the Mountain Spirits located outside Yuzhou. “Are there no other ways for us to bring these Mountain Spirits over here?”

“We can’t bring them over because the volume of the Mountain Spirits is too big. They can’t pass through the spatial rift. Unless, we could cut these Mountain Spirits into smaller bits and bring them over separately,” the Ji Hanwu jokingly said.

“Yes, the Black Fog World is a big problem and very dangerous,” Gao Peng said. “These monsters were hard to deal with even for me.”

“You are overthinking, Sir Gao Peng,” said a middle-aged lady who was standing behind Ji Hanwu. “We human beings have been through greater difficulties, but we managed to overcome them. Hence, I believe if we work together, there is no hardship that we can’t get through!”

Gao Peng frowned and looked at her. “Who are you?”

“Hello, I am Liu Lin, the Deputy Director of the Logistics Department at the New World’s Huaxia region,” the middle-aged lady replied in a proud manner.

Gao Peng gazed at her for a while before smiling and saying, “Your slogan is quite loud and clear, but you better keep it to yourself. Please do not brainwash others. It would be problematic if they turned into idiots like you.”

“You…” Liu Lin’s face was blushing red like a pig’s liver.

“As long as an Overlord Tier monster approaches, everything here will go down the drain,” Gao Peng said. “Everything that you all have built will be damaged. If you do not escape, you will die for sure. If you have the desire to survive in the Spirit World, then you need to adjust your position accordingly. Behave like a grandchild as necessary. We are not the overlords of the Black Fog World yet, so we should hold everything here in awe and veneration.”

“Don’t we have you…” Liu Lin fixed his gaze at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng interrupted her. “I am not your babysitter! And, of course, I am also not invincible. Don’t always think of me. You all are no longer like babies who cry piteously for food. I hope one day when we go into battle, the human beings can step forward as strong warriors in my footsteps instead of acting like a group of babies who need to be fed during the war, awaiting for me to step out to protect you all.”

After saying that, he glanced at Liu Lin. “Return and tell the others that I will clear up the area within a thousand miles from the center of the barren maze by settling all the threats from Emperor Tier and above. The rest will depend on your own effort.”

Gao Peng waved his hand as he finished his words. Da Zi emerged with its eyes cast up to the sky and made a roar. The lightning and thunder that filled the sky shredded the spatial rift.

It grabbed Gao Peng in his palm and flapped its 36 wings abruptly before a blast of air dispersed out from Da Zi, the center point.


Da Zi transformed into a purple flash of light and fled to the sky.

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