Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Reunited With The Sunlight Tadpoles

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“Master, this is the real world! Smell the air, that’s the scent of aces!” The Blood Eye Bearded Vulture stood on the mountain peak with its chest puffed up. Uncle Liu stood beside it.

“I know you want to brave the outside world. I won’t stop you,” Uncle Liu calmly said. “Just don’t forget to come back when you are tired.”

“Hahaha! Alright Master, don’t worry. I will return when I reach Overlord Tier” Blood Eye Bearded Vulture gave out sharp laughter. “Master, please await my good news.”

A pair of black wings rushed up into the sky like a sharp sword.

“Master…” Seeing that sight, Shadow Japalura was also tempted.

“You wanna go too?” Uncle Liu asked Shadow Japalura.

“Master, the day I reach Overlord Tier will be when I…”

“You stay here quietly,” Uncle Liu said. You think I don’t know what you are plotting, lazy fool?

The Shadow Japalura was taken aback.

Uncle Liu let out a cold snort. You lazy lizard, the last time I sent you, you were too lazy to move. Recently, you have been tired from cleaning up the monsters around the labyrinth. Now, you just want to make an excuse to nap somewhere!

To every ambitious and hungry Familiar, coming to the Black Fog World was akin to a fish entering the sea. Of course, not all Familiars felt the same way. Some of them were fearful of the boundless sea and would rather stay on the ground.

“Careful, the monster in front is in deep sleep,” a scout whispered.

“Yup, I won’t wake it up. It looks like at least an Overlord Tier. Several staff were eaten by it, so we’ve gotta be careful,” another scout whispered.

Suddenly, a loud boom of thunder came down from above. The plants on the ground swayed slightly. The two immediately turned pale. The monster right before them had been awakened from its deep slumber by the thunder.

Hrrrrng! Crimson scales covered its long neck. The grass on the plains were lit on fire. The Flame Raging T-rex was furiously awakened from its sleep.


Maroon lighting, which was as thick as a barrel, shot to the earth from the sky like a domineering and magnificent spear. It pierced through the neck of this Level 73 Flame Raging T-rex. Its neck was nearly cut in half, leaving a layer of skin hanging from head to the neck.

Blood spilled out like a waterfall, and it was boiling hot. Like an exploding molotov cocktail, flames spread as the blood flowed toward all directions.

The two scouts immediately jumped out of the grass and ran away awkwardly.

When Da Zi who was making circles in the air saw this, it spat out a lightning to extinguish the flames. It soon landed before the monster, which looked like a pterodactyl but with an unusually long neck. Only rage and dissatisfaction remained in the monster’s eyes.

Roar! Roar!

“I was spring cleaning outside, and you sneaked in this deep. Truly, it’s black under the lamp.” Gao Peng who was fused with Da Zi laughed involuntarily.

A human jeer could be seen in Da Zi’s eyes. The dragon claws quickly grabbed the Flame Raging T-rex’s brain.


“OK, we got the last one,” Gao Peng said.

Their work was about wrapped up. There actually weren’t too many Overlord Tier monsters around there to begin with. Gao Peng expanded the search area, clearing everything within a 30,000-mile radius. Including the Flame Raging T-rex, they had taken care of three Overlord Tier Monsters.

Overlord Tier Monsters had their own territory. According to Gao Peng’s experience, having three Overlord Monsters in the same area was almost at the limit. There wouldn’t be any more Overlord Monsters there for a while.

Gao Peng wrapped up the monthlong search. To prevent leaving any monsters behind, he had even sent Stripey to do another thorough search underground.

Rumbleeeee… A loud rumble came from behind him.

Gao Peng turned his head and saw what looked like a dense mass of flickering golden stars above. They turned into a majestic golden river that flowed to the sun above. It was a river formed by Sunlight Tadpoles. Countless Sunlight Tadpoles merged together to form an extremely terrifying power.

At the overwhelming sight, Gao Peng summoned Fatty Big Sea.

After being summoned, Fatty Big Sea saw the awesome scene when he turned his head. “These are Sunlight Tadpoles!”

It was not weird for Fatty Big Sea to know the Sunlight Tadpoles. Gao Peng pointed at the tadpoles and said, “Hey Fatty, do you know how to control these Sunlight Tadpoles?”

Fatty Big Sea licked his lips. “If you have Flame Precept, or a familiar with Flame Precept, you can try to control them. Otherwise, you can forget it.”

“All right.” Gao Peng just wanted to explore his options. Since it was impossible, he decided to ignore it.

Fatty Big Sea was secretly relieved. Thankfully, Gao Peng did not question further. He wouldn’t know how to keep bluffing.

“What do you want…? Don’t tell me you want to take a closer look.” Fatty Big Sea was surprised. This man is too brave. Look at how heavy the golden torrents look. The Golden Tadpoles are almost oozing with Flame Precepts.

Precept power had a crushing effect upon all other powers under its precept.

“Hey, I’m just saying, you can have a look, but don’t you ever summon Flamy,” Fatty Big Sea reminded him. “Like attributes, they repel each other. Since they’re both fire monsters, if you summon your fire Familiar, you will be putting it in danger. Trust me.”

“Don’t worry.” Gao Peng suddenly stopped, turned around, and waved at Fatty Big Sea.

“Why?” Fatty Big Sea was suddenly on alert.

“Come here,” Gao Peng said.

Fatty Big Sea nudged slowly toward him while shouting loudly, “You can joke all you want, but don’t joke about riding me! I’m the god of hurricanes and the ocean. If you ride me…”

Gao Peng immediately chose to merge consciousness with Fatty Big Sea.

Fatty Big Sea was petrified. Its eyes flowed with tears of humiliation. “You… You actually did it. I’m so stupid! I should have known this day would come! Tell me, when did you start thinking of my body?”

“All right, go and take a look.” Gao Peng was speechless.

Fatty Big Sea was always so dramatic. The last time they combined, Fatty Big Sea also had a lot to say.

Fatty Big Sea took flew into the sky. Behind his round and big head, a tiny tail waggled hard.

The Golden Tadpoles flew in front while Fatty Big Sea followed them. They ignored Fatty Big Sea behind them.

Gao Peng, who was inside Fatty Big Sea, realized there were other “stalkers” beside him following the Sunlight Tadpoles.

This is… Gao Peng looked doubtful.

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