Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Sunlight Golden Toad

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The other stalkers did not bother one another. They kept a safe distance between each other. They looked at each other and gave each other a smile.

One of the Sunlight Tadpoles fell away from the river. Although the collective was infinitely powerful, the individual was limited to its own power.

They had taken in too much power that was beyond their level, so a small tadpole fell off from the end of the golden river and drifted further and further away. The further a tadpole was from the collective, the smaller the energy they received. So, it kept swimming harder and harder.

One of the stalkers finally found an opportunity. It was a strange golden bird with red wings that were 16 feet long. It flew over and swooped down to swallow the straggled tadpole. The strange bird make a happy gurgling noise with its throat and continued to pursue the Sunlight Tadpoles.

It was a King Tier Red Tara Wise Eagle. Gao Peng could tell with a scan of his eyes.

“Fatty Big Sea, are these tadpoles really flying into the sky?” he asked.

The tadpoles kept flying upward. They could no longer see the land beneath. It was just a white layer of clouds. The sun hung high up above, seemingly unreachable.

Gao Peng was wondering when they would stop flying. He had studied geography. Estimating based on the size of the sun, it seemed like they had a long way to go.

On the way to the top, he commanded Fatty Big Sea to catch a straggled tadpole. The golden little tadpole was trapped within Fatty Big Sea’s fins. It struggled hard, but it could only wiggle its tail powerlessly.

After a while, it seemed to have tired itself out. It rested quietly in the middle of Fatty Big Sea’s fin, curling up into a ball and sleeping soundly. It soon started to blow a big bubble out of its nostrils near the top of its head.

Gao Peng was utterly surprised. How could a tadpole this little be so bold?!

As they continued flying, he realized that the sun was getting bigger. A golden-red gigantic palace was floating above the fiery ball. Under the golden radiance, he could not make out the actual appearance of the palace just its vague shape.

The torrential stream of Sunlight Tadpoles rushed into the palace. The other monsters right behind them dared not continue their pursuit. Gao Peng could feel Fatty Big Sea’s senses from inside. A danger warning was faintly coming off the palace.

I can’t get near the palace! Fatty Big Sea immediately stopped.

Croak! The loud and clear croak reverberated in the sky.

On the floating land, the palace was suddenly raised upward. A blinding golden radiance covered the sky. The opening main gates were the palace’s lips. The deafening thunder came precisely from its mouth.

“It’s so bright. My eyes hurt,” Fatty Big Sea murmured.

The power of the Sea King Devouring Teeth was secretly working, becoming two black holes that covered its eyes. It devoured all the golden light that came through it. Only by filtering the golden light could Fatty Big Sea finally see the shape of the golden toad clearly.

[Monster Name]: Sunlight Golden Toad

[Monster Level]: Level 99 (Quasi God)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary Grade

[Monster Attribute]: Fire/Sun

[Monster Abilities]: Solar Flames Level 10, Flame Manipulation Level 10, Flame Resistance Level 10, Strengthened Lungs Level 9, Powered-up Jump Level 8

[Deified Parts]: Internal organs, Skin, Eyes, Legs

[Monster Territory]: Solar Territory

[Special Characteristics]: Swallowing the Sun

[Effect 1 Passive effect]: Sunlight Golden Toad can absorb the sun’s energy to strengthen itself.

[Effect 2 Active effect]: Sunlight Golden Toad can temporarily cover the sun, fully absorbing the Solar Flames on the sun’s surface, and experience a burst of powerful energy in a short time. However, it will be weakened for some time after use.

Golden Toad

The golden toad gathers treasures.

[Effect 1 Passive effect]: Able to sense the location of treasures.

[Effect 2 Passive effect]: The Sunlight Golden Toad likes to consume shiny objects, storing them in its stomach. The more shiny object it swallows, the slower it gets, but the stronger its defenses will be.

[Introduction]: Born by heaven and earth, the Sunlight Golden Toad likes to absorb the power of the sun and has a calm personality.

It sat quietly as he looked at the little tadpoles swimming toward him. Although he couldn’t see anyone stalking him, Gao Peng felt like he was being watched.

The Sunlight Golden Toad opened its mouth while lying on its stomach. The little tadpoles swam into its mouth one by one. As if they were travelers coming home, the Sunlight Tadpoles impatiently rushed in.

As the Sunlight Tadpoles entered, a layer of golden flame encased the Sunlight Golden Toad. The flame continued to spread, finally turning the toad into a giant torch.


The Sunlight Golden Toad was completely wrapped in flames. The flames were burning the void.

Gao Peng saw the void being twisted by the flame. The tyrannical flames continued to spread outward. The fearsome heat turned some of the monsters behind the river into screaming torches, burning to ashes within seconds.

A layer of blue barrier insulated Fatty Big Sea’s body from the heat.

“Dang, why is it so hot! This monster…” Fatty Big Sea exclaimed in surprise.

All the Sunlight Tadpoles gathered together to release an explosion of Solar Flame Precept. Within the burning flames, strands of golden chains could be faintly seen by Gao Peng.

“This monster is using the Solar Flame Precept to train its body… It’s about to become a God!” Fatty Big Sea mumbled as it focused its sight. “We can’t handle this. Let’s go.”

“I thought you were a God before. What a coward,” Gao Peng said.

“I could smash it into bits back in my prime!” Fatty Big Sea swore fiercely. “But, I am not at my peak. Usually, Quasi Gods wouldn’t dare defy a precept forcefully. Otherwise, I would be burnt to a crisp!”

“Alright, alright, stop mentioning the past,” Gao Peng calmly said.

The Sunlight Golden Toad continued to swallow and release solar and lunar essences. The fire elements afar merged into streams of flames that fed into its mouth. The toad’s aura grew. It was as if layers were building on top of one another, finally breaking a locked layer.


An explosion of flames engulfed the air in all directions. A golden light filled the sky as the flames continued to burn.

The Sunlight Golden Toad had broken through and reached Level 100. It was a completed Quasi God. Still beneath the Gods, it was at the peak of all the strongest creations.

The toad grew many times bigger in size. Its rough skin exuded a dim golden shine. With a guttural roar and a deep croak, it shook the entire red ball of fire beneath it. The Sunlight Golden Toad was even more dazzling than the ball of fire thought to be the sun beneath it.

Gao Peng noticed the toad giving him a look, but it was just a condescending glance. Its eyes were set further into the west.


It opened its big mouth. It shot out a golden rainbow that extended all the way to the western horizon, where it finally disappeared.

After a long silence, a fearsome aura was awakened at the western end. An endless blue light started spreading from west to east.

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