Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Divine Systems

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“Go!” A vigorous and powerful male voice shouted in Fatty Big Sea and Gao Peng’s mind. Fatty Big Sea was startled for two seconds. It trembled, buried its head, and fled to the back without saying a word.

“Fatty Big Sea, aren’t you too timid…” Gao Peng said.

“I finally know who they are now. Let’s escape to safety before I fill you in on the details,” Fatty Big Sea said in a hurry.

Bang! Behind them, there was a violent explosion.

Cold currents and heatwaves smashed into Fatty Big Sea’s back almost one after another. Fatty Big Sea uttered a strange murmur. The extreme hot and cold attacks traveled through the air. The scales on its back were crushed by the two opposing forces; it gave off a series of crushing sounds. Fatty Big Sea was like a leather ball. Its smooth and tough back muscles contracted suddenly after, sagging inward then popping out.

Surprisingly, it was bouncy and refreshing. With the help of the push, Fatty Big Sea flew even faster. Clouds were darting passed its ears, and several big holes were created from the impact. At last, it looked back.

In the sky, the golden sunset and ice-blue clouds and mist confronted each other. A peculiar scene of the sun and the moon stood facing each other was formed. The sun was on the east and the moon on the west.

In the hazy and icy blue-colored fog surrounding the moon, Gao Peng saw what looked like two huge eyes in the landscape through Fatty Big Sea’s eyes. Those two eyes were like… like the two high-hanging full moons in the night sky of the Black Fog World.

When it fell from the sky, Fatty Big Sea took in a deep breath, and its abdomen inflated like a pufferfish. Bam! Fatty Big Sea’s velocity while falling dropped sharply. There was a dense forest beneath it.

Among the dense forest where it was about to fall, the branches shook violently, and a Giant Jungle Anaconda shot out like a bullet, opening its mouth in an attempt to bite Fatty Big Sea.

Crack! Its teeth crumbled when it touched Fatty Big Sea’s scales. The Giant Jungle Anaconda bounced off as if it was struck by lightning.

Whoosh! Gao Peng’s body separated from Fatty Big Sea’s, and he took two deep breaths. “Fatty Big Sea, what was that just now?”

“A little python from the forest.”

“…I’m asking about the Sunlight Golden Toad and the other mysterious fellow in the sky.”

“Oh, you’re asking about that… Wait a minute.” Fatty Big Sea scanned the surroundings, then fixed its gaze on something all of a sudden. It was staring at a bush not far away from Gao Peng.

“Get out!” Fatty Big Sea’s fins slammed hard on the ground. A little green creature jumped out of the bushes and ran towards Gao Peng’s feet in a hurry. Its watery red eyes were staring at Gao Peng. As it was looking at Gao Peng, it was shivering, and its feathers exploded like a lion’s fluffy mane.

[Monster Name] Green Parrot

[Monster Grade] Normal

[Monster Level] Level 8

[Monster Attribute] Wood

[Monster Condition] Health (Frightened)

[Monster Description] A dumb bird that’s timid by nature, it’s good at imitating all kinds of sounds. Any sign of disturbance or trouble will cause it to run in front of its predator, and then it will muster up the courage to imitate the sound of powerful beasts to frighten the predator away.

Gao Peng was dumbfounded. What is this? Gao Peng hadn’t seen such a weak monster in many years. The group of once cute monsters that followed him had now grown powerful and strong; even Flowing Light was taller than this green thing!

“Woof!” The Green Parrot was only an inch tall, and its short legs made it struggle when it was jumping up. Its two small wings fluttered desperately, and it was roaring. It sounded like a dreadful monster.

As it roared, it stared at Gao Peng. Its head swayed from left to right while its gaze was fixated on Gao Peng and Fatty Big Sea. The ugly thing seemed to be poor in physical strength. It was tired after only a short period of jumping, short of breath. It simply sat on the ground. It looked as though it was resigned to its fate as it stared forward in a daze.

Gao Peng merely wanted to know how that monster had managed to evolve to its present state. Maybe in the course of evolution, it had gone astray.

Gao Peng bent down and patted the Green Parrot on the head. “Go on. You’re not even enough to stuff the gaps between my teeth with such little meat on you.”

The Green Parrot turned its head and stared at Gao Peng’s back as he left. It was difficult for its small brain to comprehend such complicated things. After it confirmed that Gao Peng was far away, the Green Parrot stood up clumsily and swayed its wings happily up and down—I scared off another enemy!

Meanwhile, at the top of a tree nearby, a Giant Jungle Anaconda with a few broken teeth looked at Gao Peng’s back, then turned to look at the Green Parrot jumping on the ground. The snake’s cold eyes were tinted with tenderness.

The snake’s tail fell from the branch and broke the bones of a Gray Wolf that tried to attack the Green Parrot. The Giant Jungle Anaconda’s tail dragged the Gray Wolf up to the top of the tree without scaring the little Green Parrot that was bouncing up and down below.

Gao Peng turned his head and asked, “What’s the origin of that?”

“The Divine System of the Helios and Selene.” Fatty Big Sea took in a long breath and began to elaborate. “The two gods and the fellow below are unsociable and eccentric. These two gods are archenemies. Whenever they meet, they’re at each other’s throats to fight to the death.”

“All monsters who have mastered the Rules of the Sun or Moon are under these two Divine Systems?” Gao Peng asked.

“How could that be?” Fatty Big Sea was speechless. “It’s just that it’s a large percentage. Otherwise, I can guess their identity at the first glance when I see them.

“But as a rule of thumb, if you see a monster who controls the Rules of Selene and a monster who controls the Rules of Helios start to fight without saying anything when they meet, that confirms their identities.”

“Oh, all right…” Gao Peng nodded. “Fatty Big Sea, can you tell me if gods like you have any organization? Were you from the Sea Divine System?”

Fatty Big Sea didn’t answer Gao Peng immediately but pondered for a moment. “There’s nothing like the Sea Divine System. There are gods related to the Ocean Rules, but none of them will obey any others, so no one is the leader.”

“The Divine System… it sounds nicer than it is, but it’s actually a group of gods grouping up and covering for each other. The real mighty god can’t be bothered to engage or join a Divine System. After all, the capability of controlling rules has a greater impact on their strength. A group of weaklings grouped up won’t change the fact that they’re weaklings.” Fatty Big Sea sneered; it couldn’t care less for the Divine System.

When it noticed Gao Peng’s gaze, Fatty Big Sea was furious. “Why are you looking at me?! Turn around!”

“No reason.” Gao Peng shook his head. He had just been thinking about one thing. Fatty Big Sea had said that the Divine System was an organization for a group of weaklings, but when Fatty Big Sea saw the two monsters from two Divine Systems fighting, it had fled faster than anyone else…

Forget it. I better not provoke the sensitive Fatty Big Sea.

“Other than the Divine Systems of the Helios and Selene, there are other better well-known Divine Systems such as the Shadow Divine System, Forest Divine System, and Mountain Divine System,” Fatty Big Sea said.

“That’s all?” Gao Peng was really shocked. Why aren’t there any Divine Systems like the Radiant and Darkness that are familiar to the ear? Only this Shadow Divine System is familiar…

“Yes, there’s a King of God in every Divine System. Only these five Divine Systems have Kings of God who can suppress rules of the same attributes, and other attributes… there are too many aces, and there are those who can’t be bothered to form a Divine System,” Fatty Big Sea explained.

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