Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Windstorm Water Magic Spider

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“Fatty Big Sea, it is your descendant, after all. A tiger would never kill its cub. It won’t eat you.” While Gao Peng rode Fourth Baby, he stood above the sea surface, looking at the sea that was almost black under his feet.

Fatty Big Sea snarled and said painfully, “It’s hard to tell. I’ve never had a very good relationship with it.”

“Even if your relationship isn’t good, there must be a reason. No one hates someone for no reason.” Gao Peng patted Fatty Big Sea’s head.

Fatty Big Sea was silent for a moment, then slowly said, “Back when I had a relationship with its mother, it gave birth to him, but because of the mother, I didn’t like my child very much, so I drove it out of the temple.”

“Uh…” Gao Peng suddenly felt like this couldn’t be blamed on the child. This was Fatty Big Sea’s problem.

“You never saw it again after you kicked it out?” Gao Peng asked.

“I’ve seen it a couple of times… By then, it had turned its back on me.” Fatty Big Sea said indifferently. “I saw that it was doing quite well in the sea. It inherited some of mine and its mother’s gifts. There weren’t many natural enemies in the sea. Those who could fight it knew that it was my descendant, so as long as it didn’t die, it wouldn’t be targeted.”

“No matter what, it is your offspring. Unless you’ve been wronged, why are you so indifferent to your child?” Gao Peng also didn’t know if he should chide Fatty Big Sea. This was simply the repercussions of not being nice to its son.

“Well, if I had a good relationship with it, would it be your turn to be my familiar?” Fatty Big Sea snorted coldly.

Gao Peng thought carefully and found what Fatty Big Sea had said to be true. He only knew a few Quasi Gods. The only one that had a relationship with Gao Peng was Fatty Big Sea’s offspring. Why would other Quasi Gods help him if they weren’t related? He could either coerce, lure, or use emotion.

Besides, the Windstorm Water Magic Spider was a god’s descendant, so it had to be more powerful than an ordinary Quasi God.

Gao Peng rubbed his chin and said earnestly to Fatty Big Sea, “It shouldn’t eat you at first sight. As long as it doesn’t do that, it’ll be easy. A monster like your son, endowed with extraordinary talent, should have had very few friends since childhood. Although it might be thousands of years old or tens of thousands of years old, its mind may not be very mature, and it hasn’t enjoyed its father’s love since it was young. Now when it sees its father, I’m sure it’ll be very happy.”

Fatty Big Sea was shocked. “Are you seriously going to look for it? Damn it, why are you so stubborn? I’ve told you about this several times.”

“Yes, since we’re all here,” Gao Peng calmly said. “There’s so little time. It took us five days to get here. It’s too late to go to Dragon Death Valley.”

Fatty Big Sea gave a loud howl. “Damn, being your familiar is like having eight lifetimes of bad luck.” It was living hell, worse than becoming a fried fish.

“Let’s go.” Gao Peng leapt into the air and waved his fingers in mid-air, putting Fourth Baby in the familiar space.

Fatty Big Sea sighed and followed into the sea. It came into contact with Gao Peng and Gao Peng merged with its body. “He’s in the abyss of the sea. Let’s go, humph. I’ll let you experience the feeling of being hunted.”

“You mentioned that you didn’t like your son, but you can sense its location. If that isn’t a connection, then I don’t know what it is,” Gao Peng quipped.

“Crap!” Fatty Big Sea made a coldly dismissive sound. “All gods can perceive the positions of their descendants. It’s nothing remarkable. Besides, it’s not my son, it’s my daughter.”

“Daughter?” Gao Peng was a little surprised.

During the rest of the journey, Fatty Big Sea remained silent, looking worried. Finally, Fatty Big Sea paused at an abyss that ran through the deep sea and looked down at the trench below it. It stayed silent, unable to make up its mind. Swishing its tail back and forth, it swept a big pit in the white sand with its butt.

Gao Peng didn’t press it. He knew that it was meaningless to force Fatty Big Sea now. It needed to cross this hurdle by itself. After a while, Fatty Big Sea took a deep breath and blew a series of bubbles in the water. Without saying anything, it bravely jumped down the deep trench.

Darkness swallowed everything, including Gao Peng’s vision. The depth of the sea made it impossible for light to enter, and the deeper it went, the more Fatty Big Sea seemed to be swallowed up by darkness. Here, sound was a luxury. All that was left was the sound of the undercurrent.

After a long, long time… There was a tapping sound as if something was tapping on a deep-sea rock wall in a quick rhythm.

Fatty Big Sea habitually flicked its tail, but its tail was stuck to a thick net. Fatty Big Sea knew something was wrong. Just as it wanted to escape, it found itself surrounded by a net with no escape. Deeper in the sea, eight lights eerily lit up.

“I was just wondering why bugs were bothering me when I was sleeping.” A hoarse, enchanting voice rose from the depths.

“It’s you, my dear father.” Eight emerald green eyes, like ghostly fire, shone at Fatty Big Sea, making its skull swell. “Did you assume that your daughter was hungry and came to give her something to eat? Hahahaha… hahaha.”

Crazed laughter echoed at the bottom of the sea, the sharp voice painfully piercing to the ear. “Let’s see how pitiful this god that was once on a pedestal has become. You’re a saint. You’re merely a Saint-level, the same level as the food in my backyard. Look at how pathetic you are now!”

Rumble, rumble— Violent force set off violent waves. The rock walls on both sides collapsed, and the huge rocks were flung around by the current.

Fatty Big Sea was like a lone boat drifting in the storm, stuck to the invisible water net behind it. Filled with despair, it pleaded, “Gao Peng, you’ve sent me to my grave. What father-daughter relationship? You’re always feeding me with encouragement, but see how much it wants to eat me.”

“How pitiful you are now… Weak! I can easily kill you, tear you into countless pieces, and swallow you.” With an arrogant look, the Windstorm Water Magic Spider circled Fatty Big Sea slowly, its slender blue and black spider claws stepping on the water net.

It seemed to enjoy the cat-and-mouse game, especially when the prey was its father, whom the spider had always hated.

At this moment, Fatty Big Sea was completely at a loss. It was practically in a catatonic state. Gao Peng sighed. It seemed that he needed to handle this personally, so he took over Fatty Big Sea’s body.

Gao Peng blinked, and the big bean-shaped eyes on Fatty Big Sea’s round head became filled with emotion. Its aggressive voice became peaceful and magnetic, filled with feeling. “You know, the truth is that there was something that I’ve regretted for many years. Even when I fell from god status and my body was destroyed, this matter remained a deep thorn in my heart.”

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