Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Penetrated

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After hearing the shameless old geezer of the Doom Thunder Tribe mock him the day before, Pi Kuang’s face was as sour as a lemon from the moment he woke up.

Upon noticing his father’s thunderous expression, Pi Kuang’s son wisely didn’t dare to make too much noise while eating in front of him. Instead, he took small bites and swallowed them daintily. At the same time, he silently observed his father’s behavior.

After a while, the son stood up and stretched. “Dad, I’m going out for a walk.”

“Don’t go yet. Stick around and accompany me later to pay a visit to the Huaxia Tribe. If they haven’t settled their internal affairs by today, then I’ll be assisting them with it.” Pi Kuang calmly set down his bowl and chopsticks.

“Sure.” Pi Yuan nodded.

After breakfast, Pi Kuang returned to his bedroom. He grabbed the Pseudo Fox leather cloak hanging behind the door and fastened it on his shoulders.

Pseudo Foxes were usually found living close to monsters of the Tigris species. They were considered companion familiars, as all of their abilities were for the sake of pleasing the Tigris species. After gaining the favor of a Tigris monster, one could take advantage of it and flaunt that power by bullying other monsters.

As a result, attire made from the leather and fur of Pseudo Foxes exuded a dominating aura reminiscent of those exuded by Tigris monsters. In addition to the scarcity of Pseudo Foxes, cloaks made from them were extremely rare.

When Pi Kuang arrived at the conference room, he was greeted by a receptionist.

“Sir.” The receptionist, who was dressed in a traditional Chinese dress, bowed hastily.

“Stop kowtowing. What I would like to know is whether the matters on your side have been settled. If not, then I’ll handle them for you.” Pi Kuang’s eyes glinted with murderous intent.

The receptionist blanched. She had no right to answer.

“Bring over those who talked to me yesterday, now!” Pi Kuang bellowed.

The receptionist hurriedly made a phone call to summon the top officials. Five minutes later, the top officials of the Huaxia District arrived posthaste.

Pi Kuang extracted a leather scroll and tossed it in their direction, unconcerned about who scrambled to catch it. “I don’t care if the matters are settled or not. If you don’t want me to intervene, that’s fine, just sign this contract. Clean up your own mess,” snarled Pi Kuang. While having breakfast, Pi Kuang had finally realized that he had been hoodwinked for the past few days. Their messy internal affairs were none of his business!

His task was just to make them sign the covenant. It didn’t matter if there were any objections, as there was no room for rejection. They had to sign the covenant, regardless of whether or not they were happy about it!

If there was dissent, then he could just wash his hands of them. The elders of the tribe would arrange for certain experts to take care of them.

The top officials of Huaxia who had come forward to diffuse the situation looked constipated. In fact, when they had returned the day before, they had called a meeting that involved everyone of importance in the city of Hope. Their final decision after much deliberation was to sign the covenant, if there were truly no alternatives available, and be saddled with the implications of it.

The people of Huaxia were wise enough to bend when they knew that they couldn’t stand their ground anymore. Enduring adversity while waiting for a chance to turn the tables in the future was a lesson that had passed through generations, ever since their ancestors walked the earth.

“Please wait a moment,” said the leader of the officials.

After seeing how sensible they were, Pi Kuang’s murderous intent faded slightly. In order to put some pressure on them, he extended his right palm to the sky and spread his fingers.

“Come to me!”

BOOM! A violent and horrific atmosphere overwhelmed everyone in the Desolate Labyrinth, including those in the city of Hope, which had been built on the edges of the labyrinth.

“Roar!” The howl of anger shook the sky and shattered the earth, scattering the clouds in the sky above. A gigantic monster stepped out of the void, its crimson-golden fur resembling a sea of gold that had been stained blood-red by the sun’s rays.

The moment its body touched the earth, cracks appeared and spread through the ground. The defensive barrier surrounding the Desolate Labyrinth that had been created by the Divine Bricks was ripped apart.

The shops on both sides were crushed, smoke and dust drifting through the air. Fortunately, the occupants of this area had already been evacuated. Nearby residents had also moved away a few days earlier.

Cracks spiderwebbed across the earth. The cracks were dark and deep, rocks clattering as they fell into the crevices. A golden circle spread out from the feet of the Sun Bear, dying the debris and crumbled buildings around it gold.

Two snow-white teeth extended from the bear’s lower lip. An insignia that looked like a sun glowed between its eyebrows. Its breathing was like thunder, while its humongous body, at 180 feet tall, was about the size of a small hill.


Squeak! Various familiars whimpered and squealed in fear and shock. The aura of the Saint-tier familiar made their knees weaken.

Pi Kuang was satisfied with the impact his familiar imposed. This is power!

“Roar!” The Sun Bear suddenly turned violent and slammed the ground in anger. Wham! Both of its powerful palms landed on the ground, and the resulting earthquake stirred up a huge wave that crashed everywhere and uprooted everything in its path.

If not for the protection of the elite monster trainers that were operating in the dark, who knew how many of those top officials would have died.

The Sun Bear tilted its head towards the sky and howled, its ear-splitting shriek shattering glass throughout the land. However, those looking upon this spectacle could sense that the bear seemed to be terrified. They looked at each other, wondering if it was just their imaginations.

They followed the Sun Bear’s line of vision into the sky, but except for an endless, cloudless sky, there was nothing else. Pi Kuang, like everyone else, also sensed the abnormality. As the Sun Bear’s trainer, he could perceive through their Blood Contract that the Sun Bear was trembling. It appeared aggressive, but it was merely bluffing. As its trainer, he was more than familiar with its behavior.

However, what felt even more unbelievable to him was that the Sun Bear was an advanced Saint-tier familiar with a decent grade. It had never been this afraid before, even when facing other monsters that were at the peak of the Saint tier.

It couldn’t be… Uneasiness arose in Pi Kuang’s heart.

Splash, splash… A low rumbling that sounded like the waves of an ocean echoed in his ears. The rumbling started off faint but gradually increased in volume, as if the waves were approaching.

At first, only Pi Kuang could hear it. Afterwards, everyone throughout the city of Hope could hear the raging tides. A flash of blue appeared in the sky and started to approach them rapidly.

“What’s that?” whispered an onlooker.

“Look like the sea?”

“How can there be a sea in the sky?” exclaimed a monster trainer incredulously.

The boundless blue ocean swept across the sky. It was like a ravenous wolf, ripping apart the fluffy clouds in its way like sheep. The mighty waves swept in all directions imposingly, like hundreds of millions of wild bulls charging at their enemies.

“A Quasi God!” Pi Kuang took a deep breath and squeezed the words through gritted teeth.

“Dear daughter, please avoid killing it outright. Use enough to just incapacitate it,” whispered Fatty Big Sea as it circled around the Windstorm Water Magic Spider. The old father seemed so humble at this moment.

A particular soul concealed in the depths of the sea looked on at this scene with chilling eyes and sneered. “Oh? Didn’t you say that this guy was going to eat you? Why should you care about who I kill?” The Windstorm Water Magic Spider asked softly as it lightly rubbed its claws against each other as if they were long blades.

“Of course not. I’m concerned because there’s a group of Quasi Gods supporting him. I know that my daughter is the strongest, but I don’t wish to see you hurt.” Fatty Big Sea’s tone was gentle with all the love of a father.

“All right. I’ll let that bear keep his pathetic life.” Snickering, it lifted the third claw on its left side and aimed it like a gun that was ready to shoot.

Whoosh! It aimed true and triggered the projectile. The icy blue water spear broke through the waves and descended from the sky, like the ruling of an ocean god.

Boom! Boom! The air was shattered, and a series of explosions echoed between heaven and earth.

The blue-and-white blur penetrated the sky and the earth, piercing through the domain of the Sun Bear. It stabbed through its thick fur, tore its strong muscles, shattered its sturdy bones, and broke through its back.

Wham! The Sun Bear was nailed forcefully to the ground.

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