Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Windstorm Water Magic Spider Vs. Thousand Handed Faceless Buddha

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The bald old grandfather of the Shenmu tribe smacked his lips. He stared at the side of You Huangming’s face and said, “Thank God you didn’t say that you would go home to get married after the challenge ended.”

“What are you talking about?” You Huangming was momentarily taken aback. “I got married long ago… Do you mean marrying a concubine?” You Huangming stared suspiciously at Qing Shenyuan. This fellow had lived for a long time, but he had never respected himself.

You Huangming had used to regard all the rumors like that as nonsense, but he was starting to believe them that day…

“I don’t mean marrying a concubine.” The bald old grandfather waved his hand.

“You wouldn’t understand even if I said it.” After You Huangming was far away, the bald old grandfather took a book out from his pocket. On the book cover was a picture of the Huaxia region before the Cataclysm had happened.

“So, this is a flag—I finally saw a live one today.” The bald old grandfather licked his fingers with the tip of his tongue and then pinched the pages, flipping them.

In the morning, the sun rose slowly on the horizon. The people in the city of Hope worked hard on cultivating. The cultivators and planters ran along the plains, and a tall wall was being built at the plains’ end.

There was a total of three walls. Each wall had a King-tier monster trainer guarding it that was also in charge of sounding the alarms. If a King-tier familiar invasion happened, the city of Hope’s headquarters would be notified. Thereafter, an Emperor-tier familiar would be sent to deal with the King-tier familiar.

As for whether the fences were effective… there was still a psychological effect to it. At least this was what the higher-ups thought, and they thought that this could make the civilians feel at ease.

Stripey was summoned. Its massive body was like a mountain on the plains, and especially so because the platform was merely plain terrain. This meant that its body could be seen even from hundreds of miles away.

In this era, top-notch monster trainers were needed just as much as heroes. Stripey’s humongous size had undoubtedly helped this notion.

Gao Peng, Ji Hanwu, and some higher-ups sat on Stripey’s head. Gao Peng had built a plaza there, as well as a small villa. He had used the double-layer block structure to do so.

The sky was suddenly illuminated with resplendent light. The bright golden light slowly rose and cast massive shadows on the ground.

“That’s…” Someone lifted their head in surprise.

In the sky, something akin to a metal brass mold had appeared. The dense mass of the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha was floating in the sky like a small mountain. A thousand hands were quietly spreading out in a circle behind its back like a fan being spread open.

“This is comparable to the first world war!” Hongzhong Dalu’s voice echoed between heaven and earth.

“I heard that there was a Quasi God here, so I specially made my way here to offer a challenge. However, which Quasi God here dares to battle me?” The Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha’s voice was growing increasingly louder.

“Hmph, you’re full of crap!” A furious roar was accompanied by a fierce hissing in the sky.

The area surrounding the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha’s body was suddenly suffused with ripples. When one looked through the translucent ripples, all that could be seen was an almost entirely transparent and inescapable net that had formed around the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha.

Hiss. A huge figure suddenly leapt out from the spiderweb that had stretched across the entire sky. Before the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha could react, the figure had already rushed towards it. The opponent extended both spider claws and stabbed the surface of the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha.

Even though the Windstorm Water Magic Spider had taken advantage and made the first move, the Thousand-handed Faceless Buddha’s reaction was nowhere near delayed. Just when the former was about to land its attack, the latter tilted its head back, and at the same time, its countless palms pulled the Windstorm Water Magic Spider over.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

A white smoke wave broke out from between clasped palms. Countless waves of air intertwined and formed a huge white fog. The Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha was hidden in the white fog, quietly and peacefully.

When the white fog dissipated, the Windstorm Water Magic Spider had disappeared without a trace. However, there was a small hole in the space between the eyebrows of the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha. The hole wasn’t deep, but a faint golden mist was emanating from within it.

After a long moment, the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha said in a low voice, “Impressive.” After it said that, its body sank as its shoulders were lowered. The thousand hands behind its back were like a blooming lotus flower facing the sky.

The distance between every arm was the exact same, its muscles taut like stretched springs. The thousand hands rotated; every finger folded. A murderous intent was thick in the air—”Buddha Annihilation,” it said.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The thousand hands disappeared instantly. No traces of them could be seen at all except for the pale golden light that filled the sky and came together in the void, eventually resulting in a golden lotus flower suddenly blooming. It was beautiful and exquisite. The flower only died out after a long time had passed.

The web that the Windstorm Water Magic Spider had weaved in the sky was completely torn to shreds.

“Without your spider web, what can you use to fight me?” The Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha asked proudly.

“That was a web I only managed to make after I spent the entire night weaving… How dare you tear it apart just like that.” A hoarse female voice reverberated in the sky.

In the following moment, the void twisted. The Windstorm Water Magic Spider crawled out from within, and with every step it took, its aura grew increasingly more terrifying.


The sky darkened and lighting interweaved.

The Windstorm Water Magic Spider’s color was rapidly changing as well, shifting from a dark blue color to a desperate gray.


A thunderstorm descended, and the speed of the Windstorm Water Magic Spider was tripled. If the speed of the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha had still forcefully been able to match the Windstorm Water Magic Spider earlier on, right now, all the former could do was use its sixth sense to judge.

“Its speed is so fast.” Gao Peng and Dumby looked up at the ongoing battle in the sky after combining into one body. Even Dumby’s soul couldn’t capture the Windstorm Water Magic Spider’s shadows. The latter would only halt long enough to reveal its image every time it attacked.

“This is definitely not a gift that was inherited from you,” said Gao Peng resolutely.

“It’s still my kind!” Fatty Big Sea was angry. At times like this, there were some things it had to stand for.

“…I didn’t say that it wasn’t your kind.” Gao Peng was speechless. “I only said that its gift of speed was definitely not inherited from you. I believe that its mother’s speed must have been very fast.”

Fatty Big Sea nodded only when it heard this. “It’s not too bad. Her mother’s speed is rather fast. However, speed isn’t her mother’s area of expertise. It’s actually a very strange power.” That was what Fatty Big Sea said, but why was there such a mysterious sense of pride in its voice?!

Just a few days ago, Fatty Big Sea had looked disgusted beyond words, and now it was starting to feel proud of its wife and daughter’s talents. Indeed… all male animals were the same.

When a speeding object formed the shape of a roller and was crushing its opponent, all the victim could do was be beaten, unless they had methods to restrain the other.

The Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha’s ability didn’t include any methods of restraint. As such, it could only use its thousand hands to protect itself from getting hurt before it propped up its shield like a protective eggshell.

The blur of the Windstorm Water Magic Spider appeared from time to time. Each time, it would break the shield of the Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha and inflict wounds on its body.

Ten minutes went by. The Thousand-Handed Faceless Buddha could no longer bear it. It turned around and escaped with a low roar.

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