Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Broken Finger

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The mirage of brilliant colors filled the entire sky, then the colorful mist vanished along with the river of stars. A fireball the size of a house floated in the empty air, and there were specks that indicated tiny pits on the surface of the round ball. The colorful mist was being swallowed and released through these pits.

The sky seemed to tremble, and suddenly, the entirety of Earth Star was smothered by countless mutated lifeforms. Dragons were roaring, phoenixes were soaring, mountain-sized giants with hundreds of arms were screaming at the sky, and furious titans were fighting with gods.

The visions were fascinating, but they eventually dissipated like morning fog fading from the sky. The sky returned to a state of emptiness after the mist dispersed, and there were no traces of the Clam God left.

One of the mountain peaks in the Kunlun mountain range suddenly collapsed. After the smoke and dust had settled, a Spatial Rift appeared in the space left in the wake of the collapsed mountain peak.

It looked like a cloth that had been torn. There were intense movements beyond the tunnel’s surface. With the mountain peak as the center, the spatial tunnel was expanding horizontally without end.

“Let’s go.” The old chief of the White Dragon tribe was stupefied. Even though he had known that a spatial tunnel would appear, he hadn’t expected it to be so long. My ancestors didn’t tell us about this!

All the monster trainers were in the sky vault situated on the White Dragon’s back. They saw the ground beneath them shaking wildly. The entire Earth Star was undergoing dramatic changes.

An infinite number of elements flowed through the broken tunnel and onto Earth. Rumble, rumble. The elements were all tangled up at the mouth of the tunnel, and bright colors were discernible. The surrounding scenery and the stars overhead were all changing.

“Chief, the spatial tunnel is so big… All our efforts have been in vain.” Bai Han exhaled. He felt pained by this sight.

“You can’t say that for sure. We’ve planted deployments in other areas on Earth Star, as well. We just lost the chance to strike first,” said the old chief with a shake of his head.

At the same time, the water of the four largest oceans roared in rage before flooding the land near the shores. It was also at this moment that Earth Star acted like a magnet that had been separated from its gravitating force. After the disappearance of the barrier in the middle, it decided to merge with its main force again.


The side that came into contact with the gravitating force was to become the entrance to Jiutian Shidi. This entrance was situated between the two ends of the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas. This included the area in between; it had all overlapped with Jiutian Shidi.

The changes persisted for two full hours before they came to an end. After, the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas had been integrated into a vast expanse of mountains—no end could be seen.

Between the mountains, a horizontally positioned broken finger loomed in the sky. The exact measure of the finger’s diameter was unknown, but it was at least half a mile long. The broken finger was impossibly smooth. The flesh, blood, nail, and bone had all been cut off cleanly.

The most bizarre thing was that the skin of this finger was brown and had the texture of a tree. A large blood bubble was exposed on the surface of the broken area, accompanied by a rich sweet scent.

A legendary white dragon monster picked up on the spreading fragrance. Its eyes immediately grew red, and in the following moment, a strange sound erupted from its throat. Its body started swelling, with two bumps swiftly growing on its back, then expanding in size. Their surfaces cracked enough for yellow pus to flow out.

“This is bad. My monster has lost control.” The face of the monster’s owner quickly darkened.

“Roar!” A large amount of red blood gushed through the cracks on the white scales of the Legendary White Dragon and swiftly transformed the Legendary White Dragon into a red one. The two small bumps that had grown on its back burst open for two bony wings to emerge.

The transformed Legendary White Dragon turned around aggressively. Its open mouth was overflowing with saliva as it tried to bite its owner.

Swoosh— A gigantic hand that had been formed by water grabbed the Legendary White Dragon as if it was holding a tiny chicken.

“Oh…” The Legendary White Dragon’s monster trainer only returned to his senses at that moment. His vest was drenched with sweat.

“Roar! Roar!” At the exact same moment, two other monsters in the group were experiencing changes as well, although with different symptoms.

“Let’s go first!” The old chief’s tone was heavy.

The Five-Clawed White Dragon left the area along with the group of people. After the departure of the old chief and the others from the White Dragon Tribe, nobody had realized that the mountain range, which was comparable to the size of an African continent, had grown this lively…

At the edge of the forest, tall trees were swaying and giving the dense canopy the appearance of a ghost’s hair being blown around in the wind. Suddenly, the short and coarse trunk of a Needle Sunflower Tree opened its eyes!

The rough bark started growing at an extreme rate, and countless barbs surfaced. The leaves on top of the tree drooped like octopus tentacles, except they had sharp red tips. The snake-like roots were pulled out from the soil and tangled until they formed three thick legs.

This was just the beginning—aged trees were coming alive one by one in the forest that stretched across the mountains. Things didn’t stop there. Some monsters with floral attributes underwent even crazier mutations and transformed into aged demons that set off evil winds.

The tree demons that came alive rushed wildly towards Earth Star. They were tireless, knew no pain, and swarmed around other monsters the moment they saw them. Not a single bone was left behind after everything was over. Even the bloodstains on the ground had been licked clean.

The allied armies of the tribes in Shennongjia’s vicinity finally saw their long-awaited opponents. It was just that… the appearances of these opponents were a little strange.

When Ze Yuan first saw tens of thousands of tree demons charging towards them, a rare relaxed smile bloomed across his face. “Is that all that the mutated clan members are capable of? Some of these tree demons are only at the Elite tier.”

“Haha, aren’t there also a few Overlord-tier monsters among them?” Someone beside him laughed.

They had expected a monster army of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, and one that included Saint-tier familiars or Quasi Gods to come charging at them. Instead, what unexpectedly greeted them was this miscellaneous army.

“Chief, these monsters are very strange. They might just be the army dispatched to test us out…” An old-timer standing beside Ze Yuan reminded him. Even though having weak enemies was a good thing for them, this scene appeared too suspicious, and it was necessary for them to stay vigilant.

“Wu Fang, their numbers are just a little higher than we expected, but all we have to do is kill a few more of them. Don’t forget that the Poison Marsh Tribe is best at dealing with large armies.” Ze Yuan waved his hand at Wu Fang.

After those words, Ze Yuan dispatched a master from his tribe to go and deal with these monsters. As for the others, they remained hidden in the darkness.

A monster frog with a lone red horn between its blue and green eyebrows leapt out from the forest. Its scaly claws gripped the ground tightly as its belly swelled into a round ball. “Croak—” A pale green sound wave was emitted through its mouth, forming a rolling sound wave that engulfed the tens of thousands of tree demons.

It was as if time stopped. The tree demons halted all their movements and then crashed to the ground at the same time.

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