Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Ze Hai

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My name is Ze Hai, and I’m an Overlord-tier monster trainer from the Poison Marsh Tribe. My grandfather is Ze Yuan, the chief of the Poison Marsh tribe.

Only a few people in the tribe know about my identity, and they rarely tell outsiders about who I am because… I am an illegitimate son. My mother was a princess from an enemy tribe, and my father was murdered by the remaining members of that tribe. Consequently, my grandfather personally executed my mother.

But what does this have to do with me? I cannot change my birth, and since I can’t do that, I should learn to accept it.

My grandfather assembled the strongest members in the clan to go to our ancestral ground some time back, and my name was on the list. The reason was very simple; my familiar was one of the few Overlord-tier monsters with the ability to fly in our tribe.

Our opponents are the mutated tribes that have survived in Jiutian Shidi.

Like us, they can sign agreements with familiars. I really want to know exactly what these mutated clans look like…

Ze Hai kneeled on his familiar’s back, and below him was his monster—the Poison-Horned Lizard. Ze Hai gently caressed the Poison-Horned Lizard’s head as he narrowed his eyes to study what was ahead of him. A pale green poisonous mist hovered around the Poison-Horned Lizard’s body, and an odor was emitted whenever it flapped its wings.

“Chief, there are many tree demons near us. There must be at least a million,” Ze Hai reported to Ze Yuan.

Rumble… The ground beneath them began to tremble slightly.

“Did you sense the breath of any Overlord or Saint-tier monsters?” Ze Yuan glanced calmly at Ze Hai.

Ze Hai shook his head. “I didn’t sense any, but I saw tree demons approaching us from other directions as well.”

Overhead, the wind whistled, and the other two monster trainers from the Poison Marsh Tribe who were responsible for combing their surroundings returned, too.

“Chief, we didn’t see the broken finger that the people from the White Dragon Tribe mentioned at the spatial tunnel connected to Jiutian Shidi. However, we met many monsters along the way,” said these two individuals while shaking their heads.

“Oh? You didn’t see it?” Ze Yuan frowned. That wasn’t what the people from the White Dragon Tribe had told him two days earlier.

They had told him about the spatial tunnel and the broken finger hovering in the sky, which had caused Ze Yuan to grow increasingly concerned. However, the people he had personally sent from his own tribe were telling him now that the broken finger was nowhere to be seen. Could it be that the people from the White Dragon Tribe had lied to him? Or perhaps they had secretly taken the broken finger away?

Yet the war had only just started. Even if the White Dragon tribe had ulterior motives, now wasn’t the time for internal strife… Bai Tongming wasn’t a short-sighted person.

During this period, the Poison Marsh Tribe had killed many tree demon monsters around the Shennongjia. The extensive attacks from their familiars with poisonous attributes had resulted in so many tree demon corpses that they resembled hills when they were stacked on top of each other. In order to prevent any accidents, they had also burned most of these corpses.

Only the corpses of the tree demons with higher grades were preserved, as their values were rather high. Anyone could tell that from the smile on Ze Yuan’s face.

“Forget it. Maybe they were mistaken.” Ze Yuan opened his mouth and said, “In the past two days, the number of tree demon monsters charging at us has increased, and there might be Overlord-tier monsters hidden among them. Keep this in mind, and be very careful. We’ve killed no less than ten million tree demons in this period, and that also counts as fulfilling the mission that the assembly of tribe elders entrusted the Poison Marsh Tribe with.”


The tree demons in the distance came rushing over like a tidal wave. There were many sorts of demons, including a variety of tree demons.

Due to their inherent gifts, most tree demons were larger than humans. Their heights ranged from hundreds of feet to thousands, but their tiers weren’t high. They were mostly at the Elite or Commander tiers.

Bang! The ground shook violently as thick veins tore through the earth as if countless earth dragons were setting off waves in the sky and ground.

“An Overlord-tier monster,” said Ze Yuan calmly. The appearance of an Overlord-tier monster had been within his expectations. The little white snake circling Ze Yuan’s palm suddenly trembled and transformed into white lightning before it vanished into the ground.

Snake fangs made light contact with the veins. The fangs tore through the surface of the veins, and a few drops of transparent venom were deposited into their interior through the wounds.

White light flashed again, and the little white snake appeared around Ze Yuan’s wrist once again. Ze Yuan slowly lowered his head and stroked the Little White Snake’s head. Not a trace of panic could be seen on its face.

Half a second later, the veins that had been very much alive before suddenly fell to the ground like smashed eggplants. The color of the veins quickly faded as they withered. The Overlord-tier monster was killed just like that in a matter of seconds.

“Roar!” A heart-wrenching bellow rang out from the army of monsters. Many tree demons were like grass blades in a storm as they were sent flying everywhere.

Rumble. Frantic airwaves spread in the deepest part of the group of monsters in the green smoke. The creature wasn’t yet near, but its violent and savage breath came drifting over, quickly becoming overwhelming.

“Saint-tier.” A different expression finally surfaced on Ze Yuan’s face. “It should have wooden attributes. I guess we’ll have extra rations,” he continued with a smile. Afterward, his body gradually faded into the sky, whereas the body of the little white snake around his waist grew until it was fifteen feet in length and as thick as an adult’s thigh.

A whitish-green aura was also emanated from the little snake’s body.

Unlike other auras, the one that surfaced through the little white snake’s body only stretched a distance of 30 feet in diameter. This was a massive difference from other Saint-tier monsters.

There appeared to be a very thick fog circulating in the aura that allowed the little white snake to become completely hidden.

A white light rushed into the green fog, and these two figures started hand-to-hand combat. The aftermath of this clash alone was enough to prevent the other monsters from even getting close.

Ze Hai looked at the battle happening over there and then retracted his gaze in preparation to fuse with his familiar’s body. However, he suddenly felt like he had stepped on something hard. Ze Hai shifted his right foot and saw… a middle finger erected from the soil beneath him.

What the hell is this? Ze Hai was instantly dumbfounded. Why is there a dead man buried in the soil?

Right after that, Ze Hai saw what looked like a long phantom pulling out of the finger. It entered the area between his eyebrows before he could react.

Ze Hai’s entire body was cold as he lifted his hand to touch the space between his eyebrows. It was completely smooth, with no signs of any bumps.

Don’t tell me I was possessed by a monster. Ze Hai thought about every monster he knew of that could take control of other beings. Their direct battle abilities weren’t very strong, but they were unique, and they could kill while remaining invisible.

At last, the Saint-tier monster was eliminated by Ze Yuan. Besides bringing back a poisonous corpse that only Ze Yuan’s familiar could devour, Ze Yuan also had a fresh Saint-tier monster core crystal. Having obtained great rewards, Ze Yuan was in a good mood.

When Ze Hai saw that his grandfather had returned, he prepared to go forth and report to him about his own situation. However, the moment after this notion surfaced in his mind, his head went completely blank. A strange fear made his entire body feel cold; he couldn’t even control his body anymore.

When he finally returned to his senses, his vest was drenched in sweat.

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