Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Grafting

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“Are you talking about the Amorphic Hell Tree?” Gao Peng said.

“No, I’m saying that your Amorphic Hell Tree is already at the Saint tier, so why do you need a monster at the same tier?” Dark Child said speechlessly.

“I’ve seen this method used by many before, but the precondition is that its grade must be at least two grades higher than the one being used as a graft, as well as the fact that they both have to be Flora-type monsters.”

Then Dark Child whispered a series of words into Gao Peng’s ear. Gao Peng nodded his head continuously with thoughts in his head.

“I understand. You can try that that.”

Xiao Cao, who had already advanced to Level 71, was called over by Gao Peng. On the other side, Dumby was holding the Magic Willow in place.

Gao Peng had let Fatty Big Sea spit out the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth, then let Dumby beat Magic Willow almost to death. After that, losing its will to struggle, Magic Willow laid quietly on the ground.

Using the Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth, a small wound was scraped onto Magic Willow’s body, which Xiao Cao’s roots were then grafted onto.

Xiao Cao’s vines wound inwards. They rooted deeper and deeper, while the finer vines stretched to fill space.

Magic Willow’s wound expanded. It seemed as though it wanted to struggle, but it was too weak, so it resisted briefly for two seconds before it stopped moving.

Plop! Plop! There were noises of little bubbles popping coming from inside the wound.

Xiao Cao’s roots were extending like crazy. As a proper Overlord-tier flora monster, although Xiao Cao’s power didn’t have extended features, this was still a flora monster’s instinctual power.

Gao Peng took a long look at the situation from the side. As Dark Child had mentioned, even though grafting had a high probability of success, there was still a certain possibility that it would fail and result in it backfiring.

After all, there was no 100 percent success rate on the road to evolution. Every procedure was bound to have a few accidents. If not, there wouldn’t have been so many myths and legends.

After three hours, Xiao Cao’s graft was on the right track. In Gao Peng’s eyes, there was a suffix tacked on to Xiao Cao’s name—”devoured.”

“At the end of the evolution, approximately what tier will Xiao Cao be?” Gao Peng asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m guessing that it would be at least early Overlord tier to late Overlord tier,” Dark Child replied.

After summoning Da Zi to let it take care of Xiao Cao, Gao Peng took his familiars away.

“Young Master, the White Dragon Tribe replied to our message. They’ve agreed to your request,” Xu Qingzhi said happily while on a phone call with Gao Peng.

Gao Peng nodded. That was within his expectations. After all, the two sides hadn’t lost face yet. Even though the Quasi God monster trainer of the Assembly of Elders had caused You Huangming to undergo a big loss, the two sides had yet to lose face.

You Huangming hadn’t fought the Windstorm Water Magic Spider for the sake of the title of the Assembly of Tribe Elders, but instead, had done it privately with a secret identity.

But of course, the most important thing was that You Huangming had still lost. This was the most significant point, one that was marked in red. Because he had lost, he wasn’t disgraced.

If he had won, I’m afraid that his attitude would have been perceived differently. In their eyes, active participation in the war showcased a good attitude.

“Dumby, you can go to Earth Star. Don’t take the initiative to participate in the war. Your responsibility is simply to help detach the dead souls. Oh, yes, and pass this to Growing Brain.” Gao Peng handed it a phonograph. Dumby nodded and left with the phonograph.

The space between the depths of the Desolate Labyrinth and the Earth Star was heavily guarded, but occasionally, in this period of time, there were some tree demons that accidentally wandered in. To protect the safety of the civilians, these trees had to be taken alive to the experiment room to be studied. It was unknown whether they were cut into slices or pieces.

Upon seeing Dumby approaching, the soldiers in charge of guarding the town confirmed its identity before clearing a path in succession. A few soldiers were guiding the rest in the front while making a spacious path for Dumby.

“Your Majesty, this way please.”

Dumby walked on the path silently, its right leg crossing a crack in the space. Just as it crossed, a black shadow came towards it with the desire to attack. Raise your right fist and swing forward.

The Air of Death wailed, its coldness condensing into a fist before a punch flew out. Boom! The air exploded. Circles of horrible clouds formed and twisted in the void in front of everyone’s eyes as if a sword had flown past them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The vines and branches were torn to pieces. The broken vines sprayed a large amount of green juice that rippled throughout the distorted air.

The impact of the punches fell on the trunk of the tree, and the sections that came into contact with this pressure collapsed instantly. The vitality of the trunk was robbed by the Air of Death. The withered trunk imploded, collapsing inward from the middle.


The Overlord-tier peak-grade Big Tree Demon still kept its vines in position even though its torso was broken to pieces. Finally, it hit the ground with a loud crash.

Dumby retracted its right fist as if what it had just done was of little importance. It then turned around and strode south.

Waiting until Dumby was far away, the Big Tree Demon on the floor that had been attacked took its last breath and let out a sigh as it burst, causing the dark gray of the sky to dissipate along with the wind on the horizon.

Yuzhou City, which had been rebuilt after the disaster, was once again in ruins. This city had turned into shambles for a second time, the repercussions of the first disaster still faintly visible in the ashes of the city.

Monsters with no aim in life scattered and wandered in the ruins. Some Tree Demon monsters would walk until they were tired before stopping, the sweep of their branches cleaning up the rubble and debris on the ground. After that, they would take root and begin to photosynthesize happily. They would eat meat and drink blood, but also absorb sunlight.

It was worth mentioning that after the Clam God left, the original sun had disappeared without a trace. Instead, it had left a vast expanse of sky above everyone’s heads. It was eternal and lonely, remaining in the center of the sky.

While waiting for night to come, the sun would gradually subside, and the same long-standing crescent moon would take the place of the sun, hanging high in the sky.

They would both exist there, quietly overlooking the universe. It was only when the sun and moon needed to alternate that they quietly conversed. But now, Earth Star had already regressed to Jiutian Shidi, so the sun and moon above everyone’s heads were the sun and moon of Jiutian Shidi.

Dumby came to the side of the Yangtze River. The mighty river surged with turbulence. While Dumby was standing by the riverbank, the river seemed to turn still. The tempestuous waters turned calm, so calm and emotionless that it practically became a mirror.

The surface of the water started to rise, condensing into the silhouette of a human made of pure water, its feet facing Dumby.

“This is something that Master asked me to give to you. You should know how to use it.” Dumby took the phonograph and threw it towards the figure before turning away, for the two familiars never communicated much.

The human form accepted the phonograph and turned on its play button. Gao Peng’s voice could be heard from it…

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