Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 643

Chapter 643 The Yangtze River Water God

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“Thank you so much for your efforts all this time. Though all the others familiars are following me by my side, you’re left alone on Earth Star because your ability is needed there. Therefore, you’ll have to stay there for the near future until further notice. I hope that you won’t be mad at the decision I’ve made…”

The Growing Brain was over the moon upon hearing those words because it was expecting that Gao Peng would bring it home eventually.

“I believe that you will have successfully taken over the Yangtze River in this long period of time. This will be a great start for you there. Now, I would like to hand you a tough and vital mission, which is to take over the Pacific Ocean. However, you aren’t required to complete the mission immediately. Instead, you may take your time, or you could reconsider my request after you’ve advanced into Saint-tier.”

The water figure, whose body was made entirely of water, was hanging out above the water. It was holding the phonograph with its transparent hand and seemed to be in a good mood.

If it was to return to Gao Peng, the Growing Brain itself would have to live its life with its nose on the grindstone because he didn’t allow his familiars to have breaks or enjoy their personal time. For example, Dumby was Gao Peng’s number one hitman, but it had to spend most of its time staying by his side, except for holidays. What kind of prison life was that?!

Therefore, the Growing Brain would definitely turn insane if Gao Peng was to do this to it. It had already been a high-tier wild monster before being captured by Gao Peng. After turning into Gao Peng’s familiar, it was told to take over the Yangtze River. Therefore, its days were spent in a “relaxing” manner, though it was the most violent familiar among the rest.

Recently, the Growing Brain was causing trouble and doing evil things in the Yangtze River as if it was trying to become the king of the river.

“Dad! Dad, look! There are a bunch of monsters trying to cross the Yangtze River in front of us!” An awful-looking devil fish with the face of a human peeped out of the water and stared right at the Growing Brain. The devil fish’s cheeks were chubby and adorable. The Growing Brain burst into joy upon looking at the chubby devil fish. It couldn’t help but pinch its chubby cheeks.

Once it had completely taken over the Yangtze River, the Growing Brain had fused entirely with the river and acquired immortality. Unless it had chosen to switch its target, or the Yangtze River evaporated entirely, or a Psychic-type monster tried to attack the Growing Brain itself through its soul, it would remain invincible.

“I see. We’ll just let them pass.” The Growing Brain didn’t bother much with intruders, because there were too many monsters crossing over it every day. If it was to check on them one by one before they crossed over, it would be a waste of time.

“Dad! Those monsters were hunting down human beings.”

Hunting down human beings? It must be Gao Peng and his team… The Growing Brain began contemplating. It had expected Gao Peng and the rest of the familiars might have forgotten about its existence after it had been away from the other familiars for such a long time. If it hadn’t been for Dumby coming over to find it, it would have thought that Gao Peng had completely forgotten about it.

Seems like it still had to create a sense of existence around its master. In that case, it would have to do things by itself.

Besides, it had nothing else to do lately, because all the monsters living in the Yangtze River had turned into its adopted children. Therefore, its life was boring, as there weren’t any competitors there to entertain it.


The smooth river raised rapidly all of a sudden. The water then gathered and formed a Water Giant. It was standing in the Yangtze River with its left hand holding a trident. There was an infinite ring behind its head, and underneath his feet, there were two water dragons lying down.

“Who do you think you’re messing with? I am Shen Chang, the supreme Yangtze River Water God. How dare you slaughter innocent civilians in broad daylight?! You shall be punished by my Trident!” The Water Giant roared in anger while striking its trident into the river, causing gigantic, overwhelming waves.

The Yangtze River had become even longer and wider after the Cataclysm. Moreover, the water level had rapidly increased by over a hundred times.

The giant surging waves were like the end of the world, swallowing everything around them. Several tree monsters that had failed to escape in time were caught by the waves and fell into the Yangtze River.

Those landlubbers who had fallen into the river became the food of the beasts in the water. Without any command from the Growing Brain, these “adopted children” charged directly towards the land monsters and tore them apart.

The bloody water had stimulated the intention to kill among these beasts, turning their eyes red. They peeped out of the water and stared at the civilians on the riverbank who were scared silly.

“Water… Water God?” An old monster trainer with a bristly unshaven chin was terrified by the gigantic Water God who came out of the river. He nearly fell onto the ground in his fright.

“This isn’t right… According to history, there aren’t any Water Gods called Shen Chang.” One of the youngsters of the team, who was a fan of myths and legendary biographies, was confused. However, he kept that in his mind, because he was too afraid to share his thoughts with the team.

Actually, each and every thought of theirs had been heard clearly by the Growing Brain through its mind-reading ability. The Growing Brain suddenly recalled that it had once read something interesting in its memory. Therefore, it tried to trick them with its mind powers.

The effect of mind-reading wasn’t quite obvious. It would only affect their personalities and minds at the surface level.

For example, imagine one was searching for a book in a sea of books, and he or she accidentally saw a random book. The person wasn’t interested in the topic but right at that moment, a sudden thought told he or she to pick up the book and flip to the first chapter, and eventually, he or she was drawn into the story to the point that they could even write reviews for the author. People would usually call it destiny or fate.

The Water God disappeared shortly after appearing, and the Yangtze River returned to its peaceful look.

This group of people had decided to leave the Yangtze River probably due to their worries. They didn’t station themselves at the riverbank. Instead, they took a break in a cave located at the mountainside.

“The thing that appeared that just now… was a god?” someone said doubtfully when they were taking a break.

“I’m not sure… but whether it’s a true god from the myths and legends or not, it didn’t seem to have any bad intentions toward us. It even saved our lives. Isn’t that true?” said Huang Tao.

“You’re shortsighted. Yes, it did save us from danger, but who knows what intentions it had?”

“Hmph! Even though someone saved you from death, you’re still doubtful of others. The Water God shouldn’t have saved you. Rather, it should have turned you into food for those beasts in the river,” said Huang Yao while laughing coldly.

The man’s expression changed slightly. Ingratitude was never a pleasant title. “No, that’s not what I meant.”

“What did you mean then?!”

“Enough! Knock it off.” The team leader took a suck on his cigarette and spit out a mouthful of smoke. The thick smoke had his face entirely covered.

“After all, he was the one who saved us from being swallowed by those beasts. If we can… I insist we repay them next time.” The leader, Lao Yan made this decision.

The main reason why Lao Yan had become the leader of the team was that he was a King-tier monster trainer. This was also the source of the entire team’s confidence.

“However, it wasn’t the Yangtze River Water God after all. How are we going to repay it? Even if I were to contribute these 200 pounds of gold, it would probably decline the offer!”

“Indeed, the Water God will definitely turn down your offer of a 200 pounds of gold.” Lao Yan shot him a glance. “Think about what the gods needed in the myths and legends. Do you think they needed your gold?”

“Do you mean… a sacrifice?”

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