Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Ruins

Chapter 651: Ruins
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“If your familiar can evolve to a Quasi God, then our Poison Marsh Tribe will also have the opportunity to fight against the other top tribes.” Ze Yuan’s eyes gleamed with a trace of hope. He had always hoped for his own tribe to become stronger one day. This was also every tribe members’ innermost ambition.

This sense of glory had already been engraved in the depths of their souls. In fact, even if Ze Hai did become a Saint-tier monster trainer, his innermost dream was still to make his tribe grow stronger until it was the best tribe. Then, not only did he want to be a Saint-tier monster trainer, but he also wanted to become a Quasi God monster trainer, and even a legendary… god.

If he had been his past self, he would have treated this as wishful thinking at most. After obtaining the mysterious ability, Ze Hai suddenly felt that this was in fact not impossible, as it had only taken him more than a month for his own familiar to evolve from Overlord to Saint-tier.

What if he gave himself a year, or maybe even ten years? There was something in Ze Hai’s eyes that gradually surfaced—it was called ambition.

“Yeah, I’ll become a Quasi God,” Ze Hai said lightly.

Ze Yuan, after seeing Ze Hai’s attitude, didn’t get mad. Instead, he praised Ze Hai while laughing heartily. “Nevertheless, this is the attitude of a gifted person.”

After Ze Yuan left, Ze Hai cocked his head to one side, pondering for a moment, then the corners of his mouth lifted, forming an amused smile. He thought of his childhood days. After being bullied by children of the same age from the tribe, he had cried for his grandfather, only to be slapped in the face.

Until now, he still remembered the way his grandfather had looked at him. “You can’t even win a fight. You really are that woman’s son, trash, just like her tribe members.”

Gifted? Haha. While taking a deep breath, Ze Hai thought of his hazy memory of the woman. He whipped his head back, eyes gazing at the sky.

The battle on Earth Star was beginning to come to an end. The number of Tree Demon monsters wasn’t as frightening as one would imagine. After experiencing the previous wave, when a great number of Saint-tier Tree Demon monsters had been hunted down, those remaining wouldn’t be able to survive for long.

The ones who had suffered the biggest losses in this battle were neither the humans from Earth Star nor the ancient tribes, but rather, the monsters that had originally lived on Earth Star.
They had already faced the risk of being hunted down. Later, when the humans finally moved away, after not even two days of living peacefully, a large group of hungry Tree Demon monsters came out of nowhere and gobbled them up.

On the boundaries of Earth Star, ruins were left one after another. Even corpses couldn’t be seen, as they were completely eaten. However, the only good thing was that they hadn’t consumed souls. Even though the smell of death lingered in the air, the departed spirits were still everywhere.

Despite that, even the always indifferent and noble Dumby that appeared in the outside world couldn’t help but feel happy. Its burning Soul Flames were jumping for joy in their eye sockets.

From afar, a strong wind came from between the mountains. When the winds blew by, sobs from the departed spirits could faintly be heard in the air.

Dumby took a deep breath, inhaling the ashy fog. Its right foot halted in midair for a millisecond, and afterward, resolutely stepped on the ground, taking long strides to a faraway destination.

While Dumby was leaving the mountains, the ruins lost their usual gloominess as the sun illuminated the land. From the north to the south, in the realm of its own senses, Dumby could clearly feel the air filled with death from all over the world. Whenever there were people, or even monsters, dying, no matter where they were, the Air of Death would linger.

The origin of the Air of Death was still unclear, as monsters that could sense the Air of Death were extremely rare. The internal part of Earth Star currently didn’t launch any relevant research on it. Maybe in the future, there would be experts researching it and also experimenting with the method of its dissipation, however, there was no such thing at that moment.

Dumby could clearly sense which locations had an intense Air of Death; the more intense the Air of Death was, the heavier the Yin energy would be, and more souls could be found in those areas.

In just half a month, Dumby had finished walking around the whole Huaxia region and upgraded two more levels. Currently, Dumby was rushing to the Jinsha region, preparing to travel from the Jinsha region to Europe, and after that, around Africa. As such, it would more or less have covered already all the major places on Earth Star. Even if there were still some minor places it hadn’t visited, it didn’t matter to it.

Gao Peng, who was hunting for familiars in the Black Fog World, suddenly stopped what he was doing. He had just received Feedback from the Soul Power through his Blood Contract.

This Soul Power’s Feedback came from Xiao Cao’s Blood Contract. After evaluating the Soul Power’s Feedback, Gao Peng estimated that Xiao Cao was at Level 79 or 80 already.

For Xiao Cao’s sudden rise in level, it seemed that the role of Magic Willow had already reached its optimum effect. What a pity that Magic Willow’s rank was still a bit lower. If only it was Level 84 or above, then maybe Xiao Cao could have used this opportunity to achieve a breakthrough and become Saint-tier.

Unfortunately, they never captured a Saint-tier flora monster with a higher class again. Saint-tier flora monsters were very rare. One could only come across them with luck. Meeting them was already a fate, so they couldn’t just demand a rare flora monster according to their wishes.

However, Gao Peng’s hunt was also coming to an end soon, as there was one important matter that required his immediate return. As he brought his familiars with him to return to the city of Hope, after a period of cultivation, these familiars became stronger and fiercer, and even their levels were higher than before.

Coincidentally, Fourth Baby had made a breakthrough and became an Overlord-tier a few days ago. Gao Peng had managed to return to the city of Hope in about five days. From afar, one could see the three perimeter walls surrounding the city.

The distance between each perimeter wall was tens of miles. Crops were planted in between both the outermost and middle perimeter walls, and there were a few buildings there, too.

In both the middle and innermost perimeter walls was a relatively low-rise building complex. There were also some buildings that could be seen from time to time. They included a courtyard manor, hunting ground, wrestling ring, monster cultivation center, slaughterhouse, and a few other large buildings.

There were a lot of monster hunters constantly patrolling, so the chances of the city of Hope being breached were extremely small. If the war really reached the city, then the only thing that separated them was a dispensable perimeter wall.

Of course, because of its location, outside of the first perimeter wall, the land around there was also extremely cheap, and there were a lot of preferential policies. Hence, the Southern Sky Group purchased a whole quarter of the land in this area, carrying out large scale construction and building cities in between the walls.

Gao Peng, riding on Fourth Baby, fell from the sky and slowly landed in that area.

In the sky, there were monster trainers patrolling on Griffins with sharp swords by their sides. After seeing Gao Peng’s figure, they stopped and hovered one after another for a moment to salute him. Fourth Baby slowed down while Gao Peng nodded to them. While nodding, Gao Peng inadvertently noticed a figure.

Wearing a peaked cap with a tall and sturdy physique, it was dragging a hemp rope on one shoulder, and behind them was a large fishing net that was loaded with fish.

Gao Peng finally recognized it as Goldie. At this point, Goldie also saw Gao Peng and shivered.

It hurriedly grabbed a fish from the fishing net with its left hand and swallowed it.

Gao Peng withdrew his line of sight. Forget about it… He was too lazy to argue over a trivial matter.

Landing on a lawn, Gao Peng jumped down from Fourth Baby’s back before recalling it, then took large strides to the group headquarters, arriving at the top floor.

While receiving a phone call, Grandpa’s back was facing Gao Peng, “Send someone to capture those newly discovered monsters in the eastern region as soon as possible and quickly send evaluators to assess them. For those with cultivation value, capture and domesticate them. If they don’t have cultivation value, just kill them all. Collect all the resources and continue to expand the search for new monsters.”

Hearing movements behind him, Ji Hanwu turned around and glanced at Gao Peng, a smile plastered on his face. Gao Peng waved at him, indicating that there was no hurry and they could talk after Grandpa finished the call.

After talking for a while, Ji Hanwu finally hung up. His face was full of smiles as he stepped forward and squeezed Gao Peng’s shoulder. “Even sturdier.”

“Grandpa, do you still remember the site of the historical remains? I still remember the last time you said that they would be opened soon,” Gao Peng said.

“You want to go inside?” Ji Hanwu was stunned for a moment, then nodded. “No problem! In fact, the Sang Tong Tribe has been in contact with us. Last week, Tong Ling came over and asked whether we wanted to go. Since I thought that you wouldn’t be coming back, I didn’t reply.”

“Of course I would like to go.” How could he not go? He had been thinking about the historical remains for a long time already! Not only that, but Fatty Big Sea had said that these kinds of historical remains were very likely to be the former land of gods or maybe gardens that were formerly established by gods.

Generally speaking, gods that had capabilities to do things like this didn’t exist for nothing.

“Okay. Then I’ll go and reply to that lady from the Sang Tong Tribe. Travelling such a long distance just to inform us, she really was considerate.”

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