Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 652

Chapter 652 The Levitating Island

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The relic was located on the Polo Surface, which was a wasted surface. A fierce war had happened on the wasted surface before, leaving countless people dead or injured.

The world had broken apart after the chaos, leaving destructive turbulence to flow through the sky. The ferocious space was full of fractures, with lightning and storms crossing over each other. This was Gao Peng’s first impression of the Polo Surface.

“Let’s not separate. It’s extremely dangerous here, and there will often be destructive behemoths appearing beyond the World Barrier,” said the leader to the team. He was the Quasi God monster trainer of the Green God Tribe. By sending a Quasi God into the tribe to lead the team, it showed how important the mystery land exploration mission was to the Green God Tribe.

Gao Peng thought that the people would go against him at the very beginning. However, he was surprised when he realized that they were treating him very well. Furthermore, even the Quasi God monster trainer was kind towards him. He was treating Gao Peng like his junior. Sometimes, he would even ask Gao Peng for advice.

This made Gao Peng regretful, because he realized he had been judging a person unfairly with his own despicable mind.

“Roar!” A continuous roaring sound came from the back of the space fracture. The sound then gradually faded away after a few seconds.

Qing Yunnan’s face was pale and wan. “It’s a little bit unfortunate that we came today. There’s a destructive beast wandering around here.”

“A destructive beast?” One of the Saint-tier monster trainers in the team suddenly changed his expression.

The destructive beast they were talking about wasn’t only a kind of monster, but a major beast category. They lived on the surface rift of the Surface Sea and were known as crevice monsters. Fresh air was like poison to them. Although it wasn’t as deadly as toxic gas, it would still make them unwell if they inhaled it excessively.

Due to their critical weakness towards fresh air, they would never appear in the normal world. Furthermore, they rarely appeared in the broken world, either.

They were like the predators of the shore. Although the food in the water was delicious, unless it was necessary, they would never simply go into the water.

As these monsters lived in the Spatial Rift, they were often dubbed as “those who lived in the crevice.” However, the Spatial Rift wasn’t paradise to them.

In fact, the environment in the Spatial Rift was extremely harsh. There were massive void windstorms all over the space, mixing up with chaos turbulence, destructive lightning, floods, and many more natural disasters. Therefore, the monsters that were able to survive under such harsh conditions were extremely ferocious.

A vague giant figure with red scales appeared behind the Spatial Rift. A few moments later, the trace of the destructive beasts disappeared. The people there felt relieved right after they found out that the beasts were gone.

“Are those destructive beasts powerful?” someone asked.

“Well, not quite. The weakest one would be a Saint-tier monster.”

“Then we shouldn’t be afraid of them any longer. If we’re lucky, we might have a chance to feast on them! Honestly, I’ve never tasted them before.”

“Yeah, right. If we’re unfortunate enough to meet with giant monsters that could kill gods, then we’ll definitely turn into their meal.”

They made it to the outside of the mystery land safely. It was a collapsed semi-levitating island. It was supposed to be floating in the sky, but due to unknown factors, it had fallen from the sky. However, even though it crashed to the ground, the levitating island wasn’t completely destroyed.

One side of the disc-shaped island was connected to the ground, and there was a spider web of rifts all over the area in contact with the island, forming one huge dark rift. There were massive plants and vines surrounding the rift, turning it into a rare and unique sight. It seemed like the impact of the levitating island from the sky had caused widescale destruction to the ground, elevating the ground area and turning it into a mound. There were plants growing all around the mound, turning the area into a luxuriously green forest.

The overall structure of the levitating island was still in good condition. It was standing at a 75-degree angle from the ground, completely against normal mechanical principles.

“So this is the mystery land?” Gao Peng was shocked.

“No. In fact, the entrance to the mystery land is right inside the island,” said the demigod, Qing Yunnan. “Boys and girls, you may bring along your familiars while entering the maze through this entrance. I won’t proceed any further with you all because no one above the Quasi God-tier is allowed to enter the mystery land. If we do, we’ll be eliminated once we step into the land.”

“Remember, any rewards you find there are yours. You don’t have to tell others about it, including me…because I’m afraid that I can’t control myself to do anything insane upon hearing,” said Qing Yunnan while laughing.

“Haha…” All of the young monster trainers from different tribes laughed. Gao Peng laughed along with everyone else.

“All right. If you guys face any dangerous situations in the mystery land, I hope you can help each other out, as we’re all of the human race. If you can contribute any help to each other, please kindly do so,” said Qing Yunnan.

“Don’t worry. It’s going to be fine.”

“We’ll be fine.”

All of the monster trainers nodded at the same time, showing a congenial atmosphere as the monster trainers arrived at the bottom of the semi-collapsed levitating island. Several thick, solid vines dropped down like a waterfall from the top of the levitating island, and the team immediately grabbed the vines and started climbing up like a bunch of apes.

On the way up, a young lady in a yellow dress and a ponytail started moving closer to Gao Peng. “It’s been a while.” Gao Peng nodded in response to her.

The young lady was called Tong Lin. Her expression was unreadable, as it was the first time she had met Gao Peng after being released.

Gao Peng didn’t care about the incident that had happened last time. However, Tong Lin obviously still had it in her mind…

“Erm… Can you help me get an item from this mystery land?” Tong Lin asked softly.

“Why?” Gao Peng countered by asking her another question. He didn’t immediately accept her request just because she was a lady.

“I can provide you with a map. It was created by the ancestors of my tribe through their adventures in the past, and it can save you a lot of time. After all, some of the places here have been explored by plenty of people, and those valuable resources are non-renewable or might take a long time to renew,” said Tong Lin.

Gao Peng stared at Tong Lin for a few seconds and then nodded. “Sure. I’ll do it.”

The reason why Gao Peng had accepted her request wasn’t because of getting the map as a reward; instead, it was because she had told Gao Peng that the people in her tribe made the map.

“Well, it seems like I could borrow a few maps from them to proceed with my mission,” Tong Lin continued.

Gao Peng lifted his head and smiled while looking at the monster trainers who were climbing up the vines cheerfully.

“We should start to climb, too,” Gao Peng said to Tong Lin. Tong Lin nodded and then prepared to take out the map for Gao Peng.

“Not now,” Gao Peng declined her offer. Tong Lin was stunned for a while because she didn’t understand what Gao Peng was thinking.

“You don’t have to pass it to me while we’re alone now. I’ll tell you what to do later, and you just have to cooperate. First,… Then…” Gao Peng squatted down and started drawing instructions on the floor. After he finished telling her the instructions, Gao Peng stepped on it and cleared the traces away with his feet.

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