Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Da Feng

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The entrance to the secret border was located in the middle of the wreckage on the Levitating Island.

Gao Peng and Tong Ling were among the last to enter, and there was a moderate amount of those who remained nearby after entering the secret border.

Gao Peng clapped his hands, attracting the attention of the remaining people. “I would like to borrow a map from someone. Don’t worry, I just want to take a look; I’ll return it to you after that,” said Gao Peng with a smile.

The atmosphere suddenly chilled as everyone looked at each other. Someone scoffed coldly as he took a step forward.

“Young man, don’t overstep your boundaries. Master Qing Yunnan is still outside guarding the ruins,” said the person, hiding a message in his words. The tone of his voice was threatening.

“Oh?” Gao Peng tilted his head to the side and looked at him. This person raised his head as well to make eye contact with Gao Peng. The corners of their mouths curved up at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Bolts of lightning exploded in the void in front of both of them with arcs of dark purple and silver exploding at the same time, expressing an overbearing aura.

As the two overbearing auras clashed with each other at the same time, even the air became distorted.



Sensing immediately that the two of them were about to summon their familiars, the surrounding onlookers’ expressions changed, and they summoned their own familiars to distance themselves from the battlefield.

The curved talons of a dragon claw covered with dark purple scales tore into the void ferociously as strands of silver lightning twisted around the dragon’s claw.

Silver Lightning!

A tail comprising entirely of red-purple lightning blocked the dragon’s claw. The claw grasped the tail violently, causing a collision of two extremely different types of lightning.

All of a sudden, a series of big explosions and screams ensued. Flashes of light rumbled wildly. The aftermath was thunderclaps that rolled through the skies in all directions. Arcs of lightning twisted and cut through the ground, leaving behind long gullies and turning plants into ash along the way.

Da Zi roared loudly as the 19 pairs of wings on its back unfurled at the same time. In an instant, the sky turned as dark as if the heavens above were blocked from view by its wings. The sky was completely shrouded beneath its wings, while the thick bolts of lightning gathered upon its dark purple scales thundered like bombs going off. Rumble—

Below the sky, a fierce yet strange monster with eight tails comprised of dark purple energy occupied the ground. It looked like a fox, but it had the talons of an eagle. With its eight tails entwining and twisting around each other as cover, its head was firmly shielded.

As the two giant beasts released Saint-tier breaths from their bodies at the same time, the pressure that crushed down upon the people surrounding them was like two massive mountains.

“Don’t think that you’re the only Saint-tier monster trainer. Moreover, I’m not the only Saint-tier monster trainer here,” said Lei Yi lightly.

Just as Lei Yi finished speaking, two Saint-tier breaths erupted from the left and right of Gao Peng.

A dark golden double-horned Yak King stared intently at Gao Peng with its head lowered. At the back, however, was an odd monster with the form of a canine but the face of a human. It was mainly white and had the black-speckled wings of a bird of prey on either side of its body. Its head was currently tilted as it stared at Gao Peng with a weird smile.

“I feel that it would be too dangerous if someone like you continued to remain in this secret border, so please leave.” A yellow-haired man sat on the Yak King with his eyes narrowed slightly, a small white gourd dangling from his earlobe.

“Get out. We won’t kill you,” said the white-haired male sitting atop Da Feng coldly.

[Monster Name]: Da Feng

[Monster Level]: Level 84 (Saint-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Wind

[Monster Skills] Controlling Wind Element Level 8, Sharp Talons Level 6, Speed Increase Level 6

[Monster Territory]: Da Feng’s Domain

[Monster Special Characteristics]: Evil Wind (Winds controlled by Da Feng will turn into Evil Wind, which possesses an extremely strong destructive power and can inflict extreme damage to the flesh.

Passive Effect1: Lethality of wind element will increase largely.

Active Effect 2: After casting the ability, Da Feng will completely meld into the fierce wind.)

Sky Covering (When Da Feng spreads its wings, the sky will be covered completely.

Active Effect 1: After spreading its wings, Da Feng can turn the surroundings of a big area into an environment as dark as night, the vision of the area will be affected greatly.

Passive Effect 2: The night environment of the covered sky will significantly increase Da Feng’s lethality.)

[Monster Description]: A fierce bird of prey from legends and myths, it is large in size and able to create wind with a flap of its wings. With the form of a canine but the face of a human, it smiles at whoever it meets and is as swift as the wind. Its appearance is an omen of a windstorm.

It was the divine beast Da Feng from Huaxia mythology.

Although the Yak King in the rear left was of a lower tier, it was still a Level-83 Epic-grade familiar. In addition, the eight-tailed electric fox in front of him was a Level-86 Epic-grade familiar.

Gao Peng looked around. “Any more Saint-tier monster trainers? If there are, you might as well come out together, lest you lose unwillingly later.”

“How arrogant!” Sitting on Da Feng’s back, the white-haired male’s expression turned cold, and his body slowly disappeared to meld with Da Feng’s to become one.

“Roar!” Da Feng leaped up with the wings on its back unfurling. The wings, which hadn’t seemed large initially, suddenly appeared humongous after they unfurled to become two pitch-black masses of black light that flew toward the sky.

The white sky was rapidly devoured by the two masses of black light, and in the blink of an eye, the sky turned so dark and dim that no one could even see their own hand.

As a gust of strong wind came from the rear left, Gao Peng immediately melded together with Da Zi.

Bang! The 18th wing on Da Zi’s right side erupted in fiery pain. Using the weak light of the lightning arc on the wing, Gao Peng turned around to see long claw marks ripped into the wing, where the surrounding scales had turned outward from being torn open, showing a mangled mess of flesh and blood.

The surrounding darkness had a devouring effect on everything that emanated light. Even the lightning on Da Zi’s body could only throw light upon areas within a yard’s radius. Anything further than that was shrouded in darkness.

Moreover, this fellow’s attribute was wind, meaning that its speed was nowhere near slow.

“For the sake of the Quasi God on your back, leave the secret border, and your life will be spared.” Da Feng’s voice emerged from the darkness like the bark of a canine.

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes. The easy way now would be to summon Dumby, who would be able to rely on its strong Soul Power to pinpoint Da Feng’s position precisely. However, Gao Peng now had an even better option.

Da Zi lifted its wings, forming a circular ring shape to wrap around its body as the Thousand Lightning Field enveloped Da Zi in protection.

Second Baby was summoned from its chest. Like a grain of rice, Second Baby stuck to Da Zi’s body with its six claws gripping onto Da Zi’s scales tightly and the two huge eyes on the top of its head looking around.

Gao Peng said internally, “Sense sharing.”

This was a monster trainer power that had been awakened with Gao Peng’s first Saint-tier familiar and allowed Gao Peng to share a familiar’s senses, including but not limited to sight, hearing, taste, the sixth sense, and more.

After experimenting, Gao Peng had discovered that this power could even be used when he was melded with a familiar, which meant that when he was melded, he could use the sight of two familiars. Although it had been hard to get used to at first, he found that this power was very useful after he had adapted to it.

Using Second Baby’s sight, the heavy darkness before his eyes gradually broke down and vanished as the silhouette of Da Feng in the distance gradually became clearer.

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