Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Divine Border

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“For free?” Everyone’s expression at the scene portrayed interest.

Gao Peng laughed and said, “I’ll send someone to your tribes to discuss the details of our collaboration after we get out of the maze.” After speaking, Gao Peng directed Da Zi to leave and flew away.

The divine border was a large forest teeming with thriving wildlife and also habitat to many monsters. Furthermore, there were also quite a number of Dragon-type monsters.

“This place might be the divine border of the Dragon God,” said Fatty Big Sea to Gao Peng through their Blood Contract.

“Dragon God…” Gao Peng slowly nodded.

Da Zi had now grown to reach the Mythical grade, and if it continued evolving, it would reach the Eternal grade.

However, Gao Peng didn’t think that he would find the ingredients for Da Zi’s evolution in the god’s backyard, but maybe… Little Seven could be considered.

Little Seven had only reached Epic-grade, and the ingredients needed to evolve from Epic-grade to Mythical-grade weren’t too precious. It was just that they were rarer, but maybe he would be able to get all the evolution ingredients for Little Seven there. By allowing the quick evolution of Little Seven’s grade, it would also contribute to the rapid acceleration of the strength of the familiar team under his command.

“During my great grandfather’s last visit, he saw a water mulberry, but he didn’t pluck it because it still needed up to a hundred years before it could ripen.”

“Aren’t you worried that it was eaten by other monsters after such a long time? After all, it’s been so many years,” said Gao Peng.

“When my great grandfather left, he killed the monster that was guarding the water mulberry and planted two psychedelic trees nearby so ordinary monsters wouldn’t be able to discover it, but I invited you to come just in case anything happened,” Tong Ling said apologetically.

Gao Peng nodded. This wasn’t unexpected news.

The psychedelic fruit was a type of fruit tree that could grow in most environments. The fruit had the ability to conceal its breath, as well as reflect its surroundings to produce an overlapping mirage of the areas nearby. Normally, an experienced monster trainer would be able to recognise the psychedelic fruit. There would usually be hidden treasure in places where the psychedelic fruit was planted artificially. However, since there were no outsiders allowed in this divine border except during the stipulated time, it was quite safe to use the psychedelic fruit as cover.

Both of them walked for three days along the divine border. The border would only be open for a month, and after that time ended, stragglers would be transmitted to the location where they entered no matter, where they were along the border.

The period of three days wasn’t a short time, and wasting it could already be regarded as paying the price.

Coming to the place where her great grandfather had found the flower, the psychedelic fruit was still growing in good condition.

Taking out a small bottle containing a small red bug, she opened the cork to free the bug, which flew out from the bottle eagerly towards the psychedelic fruit tree. After half an hour, the psychedelic fruits on the tree were eaten, and the mirage was broken.

Tong Ling took out another small glass bottle. In it was some powder ground from psychedelic fruit, of which she poured a little into another bottle. After a short while, the small red bug flew excitedly into the bottle with a clatter, after which Tong Ling covered the lid and put the two bottles away.

The small red bug that wasn’t very intelligent touched the wall of the glass bottle confusedly. What did I do? Why am I still in here? Interesting.

Gao Peng found it interesting to watch. Regardless of whether it was the psychedelic fruit, the small red bug, or the grounded psychedelic fruit powder, it demonstrated the culture that the tribesmen had accumulated with their own intelligence over the years.

“The water mulberry is still there. It’s a few more months away from ripening, but we could hasten the process.” Tong Ling heaved a sigh of relief as she couldn’t afford to be negligent on the matter of the water mulberry. This mission was already halfway to its completion, and now, she only needed to follow the instructions given by the tribe elders for the rest of it.

Tong Ling bowed to Gao Peng. “Thank you.”

“It was a fair deal, no thanks needed.” Gao Peng waved as he turned around to leave. He summoned Silly and took forty mobile phones out from its space. On every phone was an image of a tribe’s map.

Gao Peng observed the forty photos simultaneously, his eyes swiftly identifying and differentiating them. Then, a bigger and more comprehensive photo started to form in his head. “Here… Here…” It was like a scattered newspaper that was slowly being put together by Gao Peng.

“Why does this look like a garden?!” Gao Peng looked at the nearly-completed map in his hand as an absurd thought emerged suddenly in his head. He quickly took out his sketch board and paper and immediately began to draw. In a short while, a more complete map appeared on the sketch paper.

Gao Peng summoned Fatty Big Sea. “Big Sea, what do you think this drawing looks like?”

Fatty Big Sea looked at it and said with certainty, “This is a garden, isn’t it?” It paused a moment, then its eyes flashed in realization. “So the place we’re in now is the backyard of the god?” Thereafter, Fatty Big Sea’s eyes glittered in excitement. “Damn, we’ve struck gold this time! Ordinary gods don’t have the right to build a divine border, only Extreme Gods and higher beings.”

“What’s a divine border?”

“A divine border is…” Fatty Big Sea contemplated seriously for half a minute. “You wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you. Just think of it as a God’s dwelling and treasure chamber.”

“There won’t be any valuables in a god’s backyard, as this is just a place that the god can relax in during their free time,” said Fatty Big Sea. “Even if there was anything valuable, it would be the plants in it, but after such a long time, most of the valuable plants would have been eaten by the monsters in the backyard.”

Listening to Fatty Big Sea’s words, Gao Peng felt like something was off. There’s nothing valuable in the backyard, and those valuables would have been eaten by the monsters… But these tribes always seemed as if they struck the jackpot every time they were here.

Hmmm… Gao Peng swiftly adapted and asked, “Then where do you think we should go?”

“The god’s treasure chamber would usually have the spoils of wars that are valuable or meaningful, whereas the god’s divine artifact would be in their dwelling.” Fatty Big Sea analyzed.

“So do we head to the dwelling?” Gao Peng was interested when he heard the words divine artifact. It wasn’t because he wanted nothing but the divine artifact, but because Gao Peng was a bit of a hoarder, especially for valuable things like divine artifacts. Even if they were useless, it was still great to just keep them at home as collectibles.

Moreover, Gao Peng, who had seen the Sea King Devouring Teeth and Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth before, didn’t think that the power of the divine artifact was weak. It was simply because they weren’t powerful enough to use it.

“No, let’s go to the treasure chamber!” Fatty Big Sea shook its head. “I suspect that the divine artifacts that belonged to the Extreme God may already have their own consciousness, or else this divine border wouldn’t have stood indestructible after so long. Moreover, there are more valuable things in the treasure chamber, things that we could probably use immediately.”

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