Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Dragon Elf King

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“Eh… f*ck you.” The muscular little elf with the two pointy horns threw the True Dragon Fruit into the basket as it stood up emotionlessly, its aura turning mysterious.

Gao Peng’s face darkened. Although he couldn’t make out the words at the beginning of the sentence, he could still understand the last few words at the end.

The muscular elf showed no emotion as it shook its neck lightly and let out a stream of weird noises. As it took a step forward, its aura became utterly horrifying, but somehow, it still looked rather charming as a little elf covered in muscles.

“Roar, roar, roar!” The muscular elf’s aura became so increasingly horrifying that even the surrounding void was distorted. It was as if it was a demon king on a rampage. “You… how dare you all disturb the deep sleep of the great Dragon Elf King, Lord Sai Mo? Every one of you shall be punished and doomed!”

As it finished roaring its words, the muscular elf’s body disappeared on the spot, its body seeming especially obscure and mysterious. Boom, boom, boom—

The air reverberated with the echoes of violent sonic explosions. In the closed room where the explosions continuously resounded, the powerful sound waves banging against the wall creating loud crashes and booms. The branches and leaves of the huge tree situated behind it also began to shake vigorously.

“That’s an incredible punching speed.” Moneymaker eyes focused on the scene before it, and its face portrayed the kind of admiration that only powerful beings had for one another.

“Could… could this be a match between the best of the best? Come on, let me see if your punches or my speed are quicker!” Moneymaker’s golden eyes narrowed as its whiskers on both sides on its nose stood upright like sharp swords that cut through the skies.

Moneymaker stood up as it arched its back into the shape of a bow with its tail upright and stretched out one paw while its other paw curled into its chest. “Southern Sky’s Moneymaker, be my guest…”

A spark of lightning struck above Moneymaker’s head, turning its whiskers into charred black instantly due to the electric current, causing its face to turn gray with ash.

“…Do enlighten me.” Moneymaker opened its mouth, and as it spat out a cloud of black smoke, it rolled its eyes before falling backward onto the ground with a loud thud.

“You talk too much.” Da Zi grunted coldly and unfurled the seventh wing on its left to block the exit.

Bang. The muscular elf smashed its head against Da Zi’s hard scales and ended up with bruises on its face. Just like a painting falling off the wall and landing on the ground slowly, its fat buttocks slowly fell to the ground with a squeak. The muscular elf had been smacked silly and was still unable to regain focus.

Gao Peng bent down to pick up the muscular elf that wasn’t very large in size and carried it single handedly.

Huff, huff, huff. The Dragon Elf King was slightly stunned when Gao Peng grabbed it, but after looking around and realizing the unexpected position it had been put in, it began huffing.

Gao Peng observed the muscular elf earnestly for a while and couldn’t help but sigh, “How ugly.” It wasn’t as cute as the little elves that were mentioned in the legends. In fact, this muscular elf was merely a few feet tall, no bigger than a barbie doll.

It was clothed in green attire weaved from leaves and sported a yellowish-white flower crown on its head. Such attire was normal for an elf, but as for the elf itself… it wasn’t a normal one. Its exposed arm was thicker than its waist, with muscles that no one would dare to doubt.

It had a muscular build, thick brows, and big eyes, with two large nostrils as terrifying as black holes, as well as a huge mouth and two pointy dragon horns on its head.

Even a devil isn’t that hideous. Gao Peng sighed deeply.

[Monster Name]: Dragon Elf King

[Monster Tier]: Level 70 (Emperor-tier)

Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Wood

[Monster Abilities]: Strength Enhancement Level 6, Natural Superhuman Powers Level 6, Explosive Muscle Level 6, Endurance Growth Level 5, Plant Affinity Level 3

[Monster Specialty]: Guardian of True Dragon Fruit Tree (When the Dragon Elf King is around the True Dragon Fruit tree, it brings a series of beneficial effects to the True Dragon Fruit tree. In return, the True Dragon Fruit tree supplies the True Dragon Fruit for consumption.

Passive Effect 1: The Dragon Elf King enables the increased growth speed of the True Dragon Fruit tree.

Passive Effect 2: The Dragon Elf King enables the True Dragon Fruit tree to bear more fruit each season.

Passive Effect 3: The Dragon Elf King keeps the True Dragon Fruit tree immune against various diseases and disasters.)

Dragon Power King Kong (Excessive consumption of the True Dragon Fruit will allow the Dragon Elf King’s body to become extremely strong. The Dragon Elf King is able to obtain power from other dragon plants and can also transmit its power to them.

Passive Effect 1: Each new dragon plant will give a part of its power to the Dragon Elf King.

Passive Effect 2: The plants that have given power to the Dragon Elf King will be protected by it in return and allowed an increase in production, as well as protection from diseases and disasters, thus allowing the dragon plants to grow healthily.)

[Monster Description]: It was originally a purebred Wood Elf King, but after consuming large amounts of True Dragon Fruits over the years, it eventually underwent mutation to become a rare breed of Dragon Elf King.

The Dragon Elf King was able to obtain power from various dragon plants in exchange for protecting these species from harm.

[Advancement Route to Mythical Grade]: Requires collection of ten thousand different kinds of dragon plants in order to evolve to the Mythical grade.

Gao Peng said, “What’s wrong with the strength of that series? Is this really the Dragon Elf King? Oh please, this muscle ability is way off! And that last Plant Affinity Level 3, are you sure you didn’t just remember that this is a wood elf and simply grant it the Plant Affinity ability as a sign of courtesy?!” Gao Peng had a mouthful of thoughts that he felt like spitting out…

Unfortunately, the advancement route for the Dragon Elf King was very difficult, since it required ten thousand different kinds of dragon plants. Gao Peng highly doubted that there were even that many species to be discovered in the ancestral lands of the dragon family species.

It wasn’t ten or a hundred kinds, but ten thousand! Dragon plants were already rare in the first place, hence it was extremely difficult to collect such species. However, Gao Peng showed great admiration for the special characteristics that the Dragon Elf King had. It was a natural gardener! Although the species was restricted to Dragon-type plants, it possessed the ability to prevent diseases and disasters as well as increase the plants’ production. That in itself was an excellent ability.

Gao Peng looked toward the True Dragon Fruit tree that stood in the middle of the room. With this True Dragon Fruit tree, the dragon monsters back in Southern Sky would be able to benefit.

He ordered Silly to absorb the True Dragon Fruit Tree entirely into its space. Upon sensing the disappearance of the True Dragon Fruit tree, the Dragon Elf King, which had its eyes tightly shut, suddenly opened them to the point that it seemed as if its eyeballs would pop out.

“If we work together in the future, I shall continue placing that tree under your care and grant you even more dragon plants so you can build a botanical garden.” Gao Peng began promoting and marketing his big idea to the Dragon Elf King that seemed inexperienced.

As predicted, the inexperienced Dragon Elf King was either deeply attracted by Gao Peng’s alluring offer or fearful of Da Zi, who was staring intently at it, so it nodded its head hurriedly. Beating against its rock hard chest with its fists roughly, it said, “The great Dragon Elf King, Lord Sai Mo, gives you his promise reluctantly.”

“Huh?” Da Zi narrowed its eyes and brought its head a couple of centimeters closer, breathing heavily against the Dragon Elf King’s face.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’ll promise you anything. Just please don’t eat me! Please leave me alone! I don’t want your head anywhere near me!” The Dragon Elf King couldn’t stop its tears from falling and began crying hysterically.

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