Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Scattered Pieces Of The Divine Artifact

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Just like that, the ugly-looking and muscular Dragon Elf King was tamed with the addition of a True Dragon Fruit tree and a tray of True Dragon Fruits. Gao Peng felt that even if he were to leave this secret border now, he could still consider this a respectable profit.

Based on Gao Peng’s estimations, even if the True Dragon Fruit was considered a treasure in the dragon’s ancestral lands, it wasn’t really that precious, since it had no effect on dragon monsters above the Mythical or Legendary grades. However, having a True Dragon Fruit tree meant an endless supply of True Dragon Fruits, meaning that it could continuously help produce excellent monsters for a force.

Moreover, familiars and monster trainers that had their grades evolved after being given such rewards were usually more loyal. Perhaps it was because they knew that strength and power didn’t come easily and were thus more appreciative of the opportunity for evolution.

Since they had already arrived at the treasure chamber, Gao Peng could only take a deep breath as he squatted down to pick up Moneymaker, who was playing dead. “Stop acting like you’re dead. Hurry up and find the treasure.”

“Master, you’re really too unreasonable. Every time we find treasure, you never share it with me and just continue exploiting me,” Moneymaker complained as it opened its eyes to look up resentfully at Gao Peng while escaping the grasp of his hands.

“Don’t worry. If there’s anything you can use from the treasure we find this time, I’ll give it to you for sure.” Gao Peng laughed.

“Really?!” Moneymaker looked at him with round eyes while shaking its tail like a dog without a trace of the pitiful look it had put on just before.

“Do you think I would lie to you?” Gao Peng laughingly scolded it.

After hearing Gao Peng’s promise, Moneymaker immediately stepped back onto four legs from two and disappeared on the spot. Moneymaker’s ears turned speedily, and its ability, Extreme Treasure Hunting, was activated.

In Moneymaker’s eyes, the world had changed. It could smell different scents with its nose, and in the blink of an eye, most of the scents disappeared, leaving only the thickest one. The scent was like small, crispy biscuits scattered with sesame seeds, a lingering fragrance that filled its nasal cavity.

Extreme Treasure Hunting was an ability that heightened a sense for treasure dramatically in a short period of time. This skill enabled the detection of the most valuable treasure even if there was only a faint smell in the air. And this treasure was located at…

Moneymaker raced forward at top speed, heading toward the deepest part of the hall. Finally, it stopped suddenly at the center of the hall to run toward the farthest left of the three rooms in the middle of the hall.

Gao Peng caught up with it while riding on Da Zi. As he looked at the middle door that was the biggest, before he even had time to wonder why Moneymaker hadn’t chosen it, Moneymaker had already kicked the left door.

Clang. The door was kicked open. The room shone with shiny but flawed altar fragments of different sizes. Well, it was an altar, yet it resembled a well.

On one side of the altar grew a laurel tree that emitted a strange luster. The laurel tree was extremely short with gleaming droplets of water on its leaves that fell into the well drop by drop. At the same time, the water within the well released white fog that wafted the air and lingered around the uppermost part of the tree, where it would eventually condense into water droplets again.

[Divine Artifact Name]: Divine Well of Darkness (Brutal) (1/2)

[Precept Content]: Water rule 8.8% Yin rule 3.2%

As if he had been gifted something huge, Gao Peng’s head went blank. He had been joking when he had mentioned finding a divine artifact… but who knew one had really existed! Damn!

“What the f*ck!” Fatty Big Sea appeared behind Gao Peng and couldn’t help but swear when it saw the well. “I didn’t expect to find an artifact here. This must be worth a lot.”

As if alarmed by Fatty Big Sea’s voice, a transparent water snake slowly slithered out of the calm well. The snake, which was seemingly made out of a water-like liquid, waved and shook its glimmering crystal clear body. As it appeared, the humidity of the air suddenly escalated. Water droplets began condensing on the cold black metallic wall.

Gao Peng could feel the cold breeze that blew toward him, and the cold that Gao Peng felt was completely transferred onto Fatty Big Sea. “Big Sea, this is a Water-type monster that’s also at Saint-tier,” Gao Peng told Fatty Big Sea.

Fatty Big Sea sneered as it straightened its short and thick neck. “That fatty’s playing with water. Playing with water in front of your granddaddy, Fatty? What a joke!”

Fatty Big Sea’s flesh shook vigorously as its body rumbled, showing the solid muscles underneath its thick gills. Its fierce eyes filled with unruliness. “Kneel before me!” A terrifying aura imploded around Fatty Big Sea.

The impact was as though the earth shook as oceans churned while all the rivers and mountains of the world were cracking. The water element in the air acted like a repelling force to suddenly change the direction of attack towards the water snake.

Hiss… The water snake let out a wretched hiss and tried to re-enter the well to escape with a wail. However, Fatty Big Sea was already prepared for that. As it opened its fish lips, the Sea King Devouring Teeth charged forward and transformed into a golden light that attacked the water snake.

Splash, splash. The noise of seawater rising and receding could be heard from the Divine Well of Darkness.

Although the Divine Well of Darkness currently didn’t have a master to control and manipulate it, divine artifacts had spirits, which meant that the presence of another divine artifact would automatically trigger their defenses and Divine Power.

“Quiet.” Fatty Big Sea gestured again, and likewise, the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth turned into a golden ray that flew toward the Divine Well of Darkness. A miniature Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth appeared above the Divine Well of Darkness, repressing it while continuously releasing a comforting aura.

The situation was like a peacemaker trying to talk two short-tempered men out of having a fight. “Calm down, calm down, please don’t fight for my sake…”

The Sea King Devouring Teeth bit the water snake’s body, and as the Saint-tier water snake was unable to resist, it was swallowed entirely in one bite.

Gao Peng was a bit grateful for the rule in the divine border that restricted the entry of beings above the Saint tier. The rule had initially been affixed by the owner of the divine border to prevent intruders from entering, but now, it seemed to benefit Gao Peng.

The water snake had been birthed from the Divine Well of Darkness, and its existence was reliant on the well. In fact, it had already reached Level 90, the peak of the Saint tier, which was only a step away from it turning into a Quasi God.

It was a pity that the divine border had such restrictions. If not for this rule, the water snake would have surpassed the Quasi God stage many years earlier. Gao Peng watched eagerly, but he understood that only Fatty Big Sea had the ability to conquer the divine artifact.

Fatty Big Sea walked around the Divine Well of Darkness, carefully observing it, and told Gao Peng thereafter, “This is a water element divine artifact and may have other elements within, it but it’s mainly the water element.”

Pausing for a bit, Fatty Big Sea continued speaking excitedly but this time, the excitement in its voice was undisguisable. “With this water element divine artifact in hand, my ability will be able to recover quickly.”

Gao Peng was ecstatic for Fatty Big Sea too. “Once you make a breakthrough to the Quasi God stage, I’ll finally own a Quasi God familiar as well.”

“Hmph, who says I’ll only be limited to the Quasi God stage?” Fatty Big Sea fulfilled its daily quota of boasting.

After that, Fatty Big Sea spent an entire day persuading the Divine Well of Darkness to reluctantly shrink and enter its mouth.

Meeting Gao Peng’s eyes, Fatty Big Sea patted its own chest, indicating that it would keep the divine artifact on his behalf temporarily and return it back to him once he had other Quasi God familiars.

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