Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Treasure Spirit Stone

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A speaker could not have intentions in his or her speech, but the listener could gather his or her own meaning from it.

As Gao Peng thought of how he had evacuated the Treasure Chamber, he felt a little sorry at first. But now, the feelings of regret had all disappeared because these treasures would have been wasted if he hadn’t taken them.

I’m making an outstanding contribution to preserve and sustain treasures. It’s the truth. Without me, a god’s territory would mean a hellish place alongside the destruction of the world. It would also mean being bitten by the damaged beast in the void that will “wipe its mouth and release a fart after eating.”

The more Gao Peng thought of this, the less guilty he felt. His back straightened, and the volume of his voice was louder than before. On the other side, Qing Yunnan considered him in secret. Based on the speed of the space collapse, perhaps it would only take several years to spread to the region of the secret border.

When the secret border and vanity turbulence came in contact, it’ll be our best chance. Last time, we could only send Saint-tier monster trainers to enter the secret border, so perhaps this time, everyone can give a hand to accomplish something bigger.

Should I inform Gao Peng, seeing as they have a Quasi God in the Huaxia region?… Forget it, since he’s not from our tribe. Moreover, one extra Quasi God won’t make much of a difference. Moreover, adding one more person means that one extra person will share the treasures.

Within a brief moment, many thoughts flashed through Qing Yunnan’s mind, but his face looked serious as he gazed steadily forward. “Let’s go around from the left. Hopefully, the spatial tunnel isn’t destroyed, or else we can only wait for rescue or be left in this world,” Qing Yunnan teased.

After walking for approximately ten days, a piece of land with low buildings appeared in front of them. These must have been the residential areas of the owners living in this region.

Gao Peng widened his eyes as he looked at these buildings. All these low houses were seriously broken, but these buildings were similar to those on Earth Star. Although some details and designs were different, they were the same in general.

It was similar to the designs of the Huaxia region in the 18th to 19th centuries. Other than the broken relics, there were no other remainings, not even a single monster.

Gao Peng walked into a room he found. In the corner of the room laid two skeletons. Both skeletons curled up and held each other tightly, their bodies filled with wild grass. The wild grass grew out from between the gaps in the bones, wrapping the bones together.

A table seemed to have a scroll used to record writing. On top of it were thick layers of dust. Gao Peng wiped off the dust on top, realizing that the written words were unfamiliar to him, and it wasn’t the same as any writing developed on Earth Star.

Gao Peng heaved a sigh in his heart. At one corner of the world, there could be the existence of similar human beings who were undergoing reproduction without limits. However, some emerging ones were snuffed out, like the civilizations of this world. If it wasn’t for the special geographical location of Earth Star… Well, it’s hard to say.

As they accelerated their pace, they finally saw the Spatial Rift that they first came through two weeks earlier.

“We should bid goodbye to each other, then.” Qing Yunnan nodded to Gao Peng with a good attitude.

“Goodbye.” Tong Ling smiled faintly.

After they walked their separate ways, Gao Peng mounted Fourth Baby to return to the city of Hope. As Gao Peng was approaching the outer city, he looked toward the inner city, hesitated for a moment, and he eventually decided not to enter the city, choosing to rest for a bit outside.

After locating a remote and a silent place, he summoned Stripey. The emergence of Stripey caused the land to tremble. Boiling hot vapor emitted from Stripey’s body continuously, and the black and red gloomy clouds on top of its head shielded it from the sunshine.

“You digest the crystal first, Stripey.” Gao Peng patted Stripey’s claws. The claws were so big that Gao Peng doubted Stripey could feel it.

“Okay!” Stripey obediently sprawled on the ground.

Gao Peng found a clean and open space, cleaning up the wild grass and gravel on the ground. He then took out a lab table to place it in the open space.

The Dragon Elf King was set aside to sit down. With the presence of the True Dragon Fruit Tree, he wasn’t afraid it would run away. This creature sat on one of the tree branches. It was extremely nervous at first, staring at Gao Peng and the others with vigilance, but after a while, it wasn’t frightened of Gao Peng like before.

Its left hand involuntarily grabbed the fruits to its side and picked one to eat. Snap!

Fourth Baby fixed its gaze at it, the wings on its back acting like whips, hitting the rocks to the side and causing them to break into pieces.

“Please don’t simply touch.” Fourth Baby and the other six of them treated this True Dragon Fruit Tree as their personal belonging.

The Dragon Elf King paused, retracted its left hand, and gradually raised to its feet, revealing a menacing aura. “Are you asking me not to simply touch my tree?”

“It’s just under your supervision,” Fourth Baby said in a firm manner.

“Hehe.” Dragon Elf King sneered.

Do you think I’m still the ‘me’ from the past few days? Within a short period, I successfully broke through to the Overlord tier.

“Shut up.” Da Zi’s eyeballs rotated in their direction with their dark gold vertical pupils showing off their majestic aura, revealing its rage.

The Dragon Elf King, which had been acting impressive earlier, seemed to have recalled a terrible experience and sat back discreetly.

Fourth Baby withdrew its gaze, the violent and flurry wings stuck to its back. It told itself that it was merely good for riding.

Gao Peng fetched a True Dragon Fruit, first crushing it, then mixing it with other supplementary materials. When he was half-done mixing, the sky darkened and was engulfed by gloomy clouds.

Fatty Big Sea snuck a peak above its head, plucking off a piece of its scales and tossing it to the sky. With a whooshing sound, the scale reached the gloomy clouds above its head. The gloomy clouds suddenly became calm. In an instant, the sky cleared.

“I’m done mixing.” Gao Peng looked at the bottle of crimson red potion on the table with satisfaction. The potion he could use to upgrade Elder Baby’s grade was done mixing. Next would be Second Baby.

After working for 25 hours relentlessly, Gao Peng finally stretched his body. All seven potions were mixed. He distributed the potions, and as he lowered his head, he saw Moneymaker sitting by the side of the laboratory table alone, looking off into the distance in loneliness. Its hand was holding a cigarette, though he didn’t know where it was from.

It was muttering some weird words to itself. “Once the rabbit is killed, the dog can be stewed, as it’s no longer useful. Once the fat bird is killed, and the bow is of no use, then it’s better to put it away.”

Gao Peng rolled his eyes. “Enough, enough! I’ll prepare to upgrade you this time.”

At first, he had wanted to take a rest first before continuing with his work. Forget about it. I’d better get it done in one go.

Calling out for Silly who had fallen asleep three times and woken up three times, he asked it to take out a strange multi-faceted crystal. This crystal had been moving for the entire 24 hours. With every second, its cross-sectional area would make changes.

[Material Name]: Treasure Spirit Stone

He took out other materials to mix a bottle of liquid, and later, he inserted the Treasure Spirit Stone into the liquid.

Moneymaker’s nerves tensed as it stared intensely at this bottle of liquid. Five minutes later, the Treasure Spirit Stone melted completely into the bottle of liquid, and the liquid turned into a viscous dim gold liquid.

“It’s done! You can drink it all up,” Gao Peng said to Moneymaker.

Moneymaker seemed to release its burdens as its tense nerves relaxed. It revealed tears of joy. “Finally, I know you’re not going to stew me.”

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