Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Jiutian Shidi

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“Hehe, hello there,” Fatty Big Sea said, chuckling. “I suppose you’re here to take part in my advancement ceremony. I hope I didn’t scare you.” Immediately after saying that, Fatty Big Sea shouted, “Gao Peng, I’m hungry. Have the chef serve the food quickly.”

Gao Peng lowered his head as he checked Fatty Big Sea’s attributes. It had already advanced to Level 91, and its chosen deification part was its teeth.

“My dear father, you really are as lazy to work as ever,” the Windstorm Water Magic Spider slowly said.

After hearing all of Gao Peng’s advice, Fatty Big Sea’s heart had already become quite broad. As a god, its heart naturally had to be as broad as the wide sea.

A little teasing from its daughter was no big deal, but if it had been the old Fatty Big Sea, it would have had no mercy. But right now, Fatty Big Sea looked impassive. It elegantly turned over, its fins laid on the table, supporting its big head, which was two and a half feet in diameter. “I worked so hard for our family,” said Fatty Big Sea devotedly.

The Windstorm Water Magic Spider was speechless. Poof! It disappeared into the spider web space.

This old man was growing more and more stubborn. Bai Tongming, however, was a little surprised upon discovering such big news. He had never thought these two Quasi God familiars from the Huaxia Tribe were actually father and daughter. And this unsightly Fathead Fish was actually a Quasi God?! Never had he seen such an ugly Quasi God. It didn’t look much different from the Fathead Fish one could catch in any river, except its mouth was much bigger.

But of course, Bai Tongming wouldn’t make such a lowly mistake as to judge someone by their appearance. Instead, he nodded at Fatty Big Sea, smiling. “I came to watch the ceremony without any prior notice. I hope Your Excellency can forgive my presumptuousness.”

The kitchen help, having already prepared everything much earlier, served the food. They spread a tablecloth over the table and served up platters of vegetables and fruits, including bowls and chopsticks as well, turning the space into a dining room in the blink of an eye.

The food made for Fatty Big Sea naturally wasn’t roasted monsters that were a few yards long. To creatures at such a level, wanting to fully fill up their stomachs was a hard thing to do, so eating was only to savor the taste.

Dish upon dish of mouth-watering food and beautifully decorated pastries were served. Bai Tongming and his familiar tasted some of them. “Such a unique taste.” Bai Tongming nodded.

Bai Tongming’s familiar, the White Dragon, kept stuffing food into its mouth. Evidently, the food on the table was very appealing to its taste buds.

It had always been said that dining together was the quickest way to close the distance between people. After the meal, Bai Tongming, Gao Peng, and Ji Hanwu indeed had many more conversations with each other.

“After a period of preparation, we sent a number of monster trainers to Jiutian Shidi, and we’ll also guard the entrance of Jiutian Shidi strictly; we won’t easily allow anyone to come in and out,” said Bai Tongming.

“I agree that it would be troublesome if some monster trainers exposed our existence.” Gao Peng agreed with this point very much. It wasn’t scary to have a god-like opponent, but it was scary to have a teammate as useless as a pig.

Moreover, the desires of men were the hardest to explain. It would be a hassle if a traitor sold information about Earth Star to the people of the Mutated Tribe. Since they hadn’t truly exposed themselves to the people of the Mutated Tribe yet, they had to be very careful.

All the monster trainers that were dispatched had to be absolutely trustworthy with close relatives living on Earth Star. Although this might have been a little harsh, there was no other choice.

“If it’s possible, I hope I can be in of the next batch of people to go to Jiutian Shidi,” Gao Peng said when sending Bai Tongming off.

“You wish to go?”

At such a young age, Gao Peng had already become a Quasi God-tier monster trainer, and if nothing went wrong, becoming a God-tier trainer was only a matter of time. If he managed to have a strong weapon with him at such a young age, then having ambition and aspiration was normal.

As he gazed at the massive sea which was Jiutian Shidi, he was itching to jump from the puddle from Earth Star into the big sea. Bai Tongming nodded, expressing that he understood.

“Naturally, I approve of it, but some people might not be so willing. For this, you need to be mentally prepared,” Bai Tongming told Gao Peng.

“If anyone objects, I would like the elders of the White Tribe to give me a list—I’ll personally go and have a chat with them.” Gao Peng laughed.

Bai Tongming couldn’t help but laugh too. “How good it is to be young.” Passing through the spatial rift, the expression on Bai Tongming’s face became thought-provoking. Two Quasi Gods… Two Quasi Gods possessed the power to change the Top Three Tribes.

This strong power wouldn’t be overlooked by anyone, regardless of where it was kept. Now, even the elders of the other two tribes also wanted to pull the Huaxia Tribe onto the chariot and head into war together.

Bai Tongming returned to the Jade Emperor Peak of Tai Mountain. It had now become a long-term residence for many Quasi God-tier monster trainers.

After its elemental recovery, the richness of the elements in Tai Mountain and other places were beyond imagination. It was paradise everywhere. Many tribes had started to migrate here, and the only reason they hadn’t all migrated to Earth Star was because they were afraid of Jiutian Shidi.

“What did that yellow-haired child say?” You Huangning said indifferently.

“He hopes he can join the next batch of monster trainers entering Jiutian Shidi,” Bai Tongming said. “A Quasi God-tier monster trainer that’s willing to pave the way is considered a very good thing.”

“Hah, he calculated it so perfectly. I suspect he wants to make connections with the Mutated Tribe.” You Huangning sneered.

“I think you’re going too far.” Bai Tongming scowled. “He just wants to help.”

“Bai Tongming, watch your tone. Even if your father was standing here, he would still have to call me his senior,” You Huangning said furiously.

Staring at You Huangning, who looked healthy in his old age, Bai Tongming shook his head helplessly. You Huangning’s seniority was very high, for he was one of the two most senior members in the Top Three Tribes, and as usual, he took advantage of his seniority to criticize people and order them around.

He didn’t have much power himself, but You Huangning’s ability to breed familiars was quite good, and he was very lucky too, or else he wouldn’t have been able to train Quasi God-tier familiars, but his overall view on things and way of handling them… was nothing worth talking about.

“When I went over, I saw one of Gao Peng’s Familiars break through and become a Quasi God with my own eyes,” Bai Tongming said to the others. “Including the Windstorm Water Magic Spider from before, the Huaxia Tribe has two Quasi God familiars now.”

Upon hearing this, the many Quasi God monster trainers in the audience were extremely shocked. Two Quasi God familiars?

One Quasi God Familiar was still fine, because Quasi God familiars could still be surrounded, and once one really riled them up and attacked with a group, even though it was a Quasi God familiar, it still wouldn’t stand a chance! But when there were two of them, it would be different, regardless of the strategic significance and the difficulty to surround and kill them.

Even if a person could escape one, it wouldn’t be the end of his or her troubles.

“Having two Quasi God Familiars at such a young age, it looks like this Gao Peng’s luck is unusually extraordinary,” You Huangning piped up. He thought that many people would respond, but other than some Quasi God monster trainers from his own tribe uttering a word or two, the people of the White Dragon Tribe and the Green God Tribe said absolutely nothing.

Even the few Quasi God trainers of the Black Tortoise Tribe went along foolishly, nodding their heads. You Huangning looked at the scene before him with a shocked expression on his face.

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