Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 675

Chapter 675 Treasure

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Half an hour after Gao Peng left, a white line pierced the horizon, hovering over the mess of a battlefield. “Two Quasi Gods just battled here,” said a Blue White Divine Bird in a low voice.

“These guys…” Mingyu Country’s Southeast governor, who was riding the Blue White Divine Bird, murmured to himself as he caressed a white jade ring on his thumb. “They’re getting too arrogant! They don’t have any respect for the law!” Before Mingyu Country and Murong Country’s war had broken out, powerful individuals such as Quasi Gods hadn’t dared to be so openly lawless.

“Messenger,” the Southeast governor said solemnly. “Send Wood and Earth-type monster trainers here to revive the ecosystem of this region.”

“It’s this thing,” said Fatty Big Sea as it took out the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth and pointed at a murky dark red block inside. It rolled its eyes constantly, and one couldn’t tell what it was thinking.

[Monster Name]: God of Plague’s Tattered Body

[Monster Description]: Contains the remaining conscience of the God of Plague, as well as some of its Divine Power. Capable of infecting monsters below God-tier.

Gao Peng showed concern for Fatty Big Sea again but relaxed after confirming it wasn’t infected. He didn’t feel comfortable letting his other familiars come into contact with it anymore.

“Please, Your Grace, spare me! I’m a god!” the God of Plague’s tattered body exclaimed the moment it saw Gao Peng.

Gao Peng went quiet for a moment, inspecting this God of Plague’s battered body with interest.

The God of Plague knew exactly what these humans wanted. They liked to kiss up to the gods and were even willing to give up their lives. Even if they acted like they didn’t care, once they found out its identity, they try to gain its favor the moment no one else was around. Ha, humans.

Gao Peng held his nose. This thing looked hideous. “Fatty Big Sea, eat it.”

The God of Plague’s Tattered Body didn’t understand what was happening at all. “Wait! I have treasure. If you form a Blood Contract with me, I’ll tell you the location of that treasure. It’s my savings from back when I was still a god,” the God of Plague said hurriedly to Gao Peng. This human’s tone and expression didn’t look fake at all. It was suddenly interested in this human.

“Gao Peng, don’t be fooled. This guy was a God of Plague, and it’s the tattered body of a god. It still has some Divine Power remaining in its body. Divine Power is a gross and troublesome thing. If you’re not careful, you’ll be infected by it, and that would be a lot of trouble,” Fatty Big Sea told Gao Peng quickly through the Blood Contract.

“If it were up to me, we would just kill it and avoid the trouble!” Fatty Big Sea said coldly. At this moment, it felt like an emotionless, cruel god.

Naturally, Gao Peng knew what Fatty Big Sea was thinking and wasn’t angry, so he secretly said to Fatty Big Sea, “Do you have a way of extracting its memory regarding the treasure? If you can get that, I’ll leave it to you.”

The dense forest blocked out the sunlight, its shadows covering Fatty Big Sea. A murderous expression came over its pea-sized eyes. “I have a way. Let Dumby out to help me.”

A crystal clear fingerbone floated in the air. All of the muscle around it had been eaten off clean. Fatty Big Sea’s stomach was swollen like a balloon. Now and then, it muttered, “I’m too full, I’m too full. I need to rest. Gao Peng, call me when you need me again.” Then with a sway, it disappeared into a droplet of water that vanished into Gao Peng’s clothes.

“Master, its memory isn’t very complete, as much of it was destroyed. Luckily, its memory about the treasure still remains. Maybe that was its last resort to start over,” Dumby said to Gao Peng.

“That’s good.” Gao Peng nodded.

“This God of Plague is a Lower God-tier monster. It doesn’t have a monster trainer.”

“It doesn’t have a trainer?” Gao Peng was surprised now. He hadn’t expected that.

“Yes, the God of Plague is a monster that became a god through practice. While it doesn’t have a trainer, it does have many human devotees. It also had a religious sect that used to be of a grand scale.”

“What about now?”

“It was destroyed by God-tier monster trainers from Mingyu and Murong. That’s also when this God of Plague fell. Back then, two God-tier trainers were fighting each other. This God of Plague approached from behind and was killed by the two of them together.”

Gao Peng was amused by Dumby’s narration and even laughed. The two monster trainers had just been putting out a show to lure out the God of Plague. And it had really taken the bait and was fooled to its death.

Still, it was such a pitiful experience… Gao Peng was feeling a little sorry for this guy. Before its destruction, this God of Plague had collected many treasures that it intended to tempt Gao Peng with. But no one knew what was left of it…

When the tree fell, the monkeys scattered. If a god died, how much longer could these people struggle for? Its treasures had probably been looted by Mingyu and Murong already; these two were rotten.

“How long would it take us to get there?”

Dumby gave it a thought. “At the God of Plague’s peak condition, probably only six hours.” Dumby braced itself. “At the Dragon Ant’s peak speed, probably a week or more.”

That’s too long, Gao Peng thought regretfully. If it had been closer, Gao Peng would have wanted to make a quick trip there in the next few days.

Five days later, at the Fallen Star City inn, only seven people showed up in the courtyard.

“Something must have delayed them,” Bei Xiaomi said with hesitation.

“We’ll wait for another night.” Gao Peng didn’t say anything else. He simply went back to his room and closed the door. “If they don’t return by sunrise, there’s no need to keep waiting,” Gao Peng’s voice said from behind the closed door.

The six looked at each other, speechless. The next morning, there was still the same seven people. Bai Hai Xuan shook his head and sighed. He could understand what some of them were thinking; staying by Gao Peng’s side was a safe option, but at the same time, it meant less freedom. Some people were prideful and wanted to explore on their own.

“Let’s go. We’re heading to Rock City.” Gao Peng named a place that none of them had heard of before. Of course, it was expected that they didn’t know.

Rock City was west of Mingyu Country. They were currently on Mingyu Country’s southeast border, so they were quite a distance away.

The God of Plague’s religious sect was near Rock City. Naturally, Gao Peng wasn’t going to explain the reason they were going there. Wisely, they didn’t ask him either.

In Mingyu Country Palace, within one of the palaces, a graceful woman hugged a young girl. Her voice was full of love and heartache as she said, “Thank god you’ve returned, thank god. You’ve lost weight. Your heartless father forced you to marry abroad, but that crown prince of Murong is a short-lived guy. Thank god you didn’t marry him.”

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