Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Three Headed Dog

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“If you can’t do it, then don’t call yourself my bird.” Flamy’s unique hopping steps came from behind. A crowd of familiars looked at Fatty Big Sea, who was lying in the creek, each with complicated feelings.

As their master’s familiars, in the past, they had always been the ones who went up against danger, but ever since Fatty Big Sea had joined… Every time Master was in a dangerous situation, he left it to Fatty Big Sea.

Of course, Fatty Big Sea was the only one who could handle those guys. This was an indisputable fact, but that was also why they felt so helpless. When the opponent was Saint-tier, they left it up to Fatty Big Sea. But after they had broken through Saint-tier, Master’s opponents became Quasi God, so it was still left to Fatty Big Sea. And now Fatty Big Sea had become a paralyzed fish to save Master, so they were feeling pretty sorry about it.

“Thank you for the hard work, but from now on, you won’t be fighting alone anymore.”

“Your daughter barely has any feathers, I guess I’ll take care of her for you… Aiyo, why are you pecking me, Bi Yuan?”

“I’ll definitely avenge you.”

“Now I believe you used to be a god.”

“Cheep, cheep, I’ll give you another bottle of juice.” A miserly jellyfish poured a bottle of juice on Fatty Big Sea with heartache. Then it hid up a tree, sobbing, and licked the bottle cap. As it licked, it became happy again like an idiot…

“Will they catch up to us?” Bai Hai Xuan asked with concern.

“Don’t worry, they won’t catch up.” Gao Peng gave him confidence. As for whether they would actually catch up… To be blunt, Gao Peng didn’t even know where he was at that moment. Besides, the Dragon Ant had hidden its tracks the entire time. Unless the opponent had a Divine Artifact or God-tier familiar that excelled at tracking, they wouldn’t be found.

“Okay then.”

“You guys go rest. Don’t burn an open fire outside, just light something small in the cave,” Gao Peng said softly.

“Gao Peng, I’ll catch something to eat,” Goldie said excitedly.

“…You stay right where you are. Bi Yuan, ah no… Flamy, you watch Goldie.” Gao Peng said to Flamy.

Flamy’s feathers exploded in anger. Its fluffy feathers stood up straight, turning it into a feather ball. “Gao Peng, I thought you weren’t like them. I can’t believe you’re as wretched as they are.” Flamy was so mad it was spurting fire all over.

“Honey, calm down, calm down.” Goldie went up to console Flamy, petting the feathers on its back. It’s fine if you get mad at anyone else, but Gao Peng’s the big boss. We can’t afford to offend him.

Flamy’s expression was tight, its whole body trembling. Its fluffy feathers poofed into a ball. Although it was trying its best to calm itself, its taut muscles still made its feathers stand on end.

Flowing Light had been hanging out with Moneymaker recently. Ever since the seven little ants merged, their consciousnesses hadn’t disappeared—they were just sharing one body. They could go to the Dragon Ant if they wanted to communicate with each other, but Flowing Light hadn’t been hanging out with Moneymaker as frequently.

You said we’d always be together, but you got taller on your own. Flowing Light felt the world’s malice. It had found Moneymaker to be pretty down-to-earth.

Moneymaker and Flowing Light walked deep into the forest, shoulder to shoulder. “We’ll go find something to eat.” They gave Gao Peng a notice, then went off. They were active, so Gao Peng didn’t stop them.

Dumby, Flamy, and Da Zi were all squatting somewhere to meditate, soaking up the free elements in the air. Because of this incident, they didn’t have the heart to waste time. They wanted to put every minute and second into training.

Ever since swallowing the God’s Mummy, all the familiars had made great progress; almost all of them broke through a major tier. Flamy, Goldie, Desolion, Stripey, Da Zi, the Dragon Ant, Flowing Light, and Xiao Cao all broke through to the Saint tier.

The rest, including White Paper, Moneymaker, and Silly, also reached the peak of the Overlord tier and weren’t far off from the Saint tier.

Dumby was at Level 90, only one step away from Quasi God.

Deep in the forest, an eerie black fog oozed out of a dark cave. Six crimson lights glowed in the cave. Accompanied by shuffling footsteps, the six crimson lights were particularly bright in the night.

“Is this Empyrean? Oooh.”

“This must be the Empyrean that Mother talked about. Even the air smells different.”

“Let’s eat, let’s eat! Woof, woof, woof.”

Flowing Light stopped its steps, looking into the distance. It sensed an odd aura.

“There’s a treasure,” Moneymaker whispered after sniffing the air.

Passing through the dense forest, a spacious clearing appeared in front of them. The plants in the middle of the clearing were infected and withered. A six-foot-tall, three-headed dog with luscious fur was chewing its food. The three heads fought with each other for the food, sometimes even swindling each other.

The left-most head glared at the two heads on its right. The three-headed dog’s heads each had their own thoughts. They could be considered separate minds.

Although there wasn’t ever a situation in which one mind tried to overtake the other two, they often schemed against each other to fight for control over the body and to make the other two its subordinates. The three scheming dog heads often bit one another’s ears while the others weren’t looking. Although this didn’t accomplish much, they seemed to enjoy it.

The left head was pure black, like a black shepherd. Its long, narrow eyes looked violent and sinister. Its two ears were tall and pointy. Sharp fangs peeked out of the corners of its mouth.

The right dog head was pure white, kind of like a chow chow. It was prideful and fierce. It was the head that was raised the tallest out of the three.

The middle dog head was black and white. It was also the one with the most expressions. Its brow bone was raised, and its blue and red eyeballs looked rather extraordinary.

“What is this?” Flowing Light had never seen this monster before. A three-headed dog—it looked kind of tasty.

“This is a three-headed dog.” Unlike Flowing Light, Moneymaker believed in the merit of rich academic knowledge as a qualified treasure-hunting familiar. It had consulted with the well-read Master Dumby about many subjects and had learned Chinese characters, plus read many books.

“How do you know?” Flowing Light was doubtful.

“You should read more. I saw it in a book,” Moneymaker advised Flowing Light. It thought Flowing Light looked at it in a different way than other familiars, so it had an indescribable attitude towards it.

It was only a defenseless treasure-hunting mouse. It had to get on good terms with these combat masters.

“It took so much effort for us to come to Empyrean. Should we wander around a little more?” asked the pure black dog head.

“I don’t know… Mother will be very mad if she finds out,” the pure white dog head said with hesitation.

“Mother loves us so much. The worst she’ll do is shut us in a dark cabin for a couple of days. Don’t you smell the aroma of food in the air?” The black dog head grinned.

“Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof—” Without waiting for the white dog head to speak, the middle black-and-white dog head’s eyes lit up when it heard the word “food.”

The creature howled excitedly and dashed forwards in ecstasy.

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