Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Super Duper Mountain Crush

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“Fine, you have your ideas, and I have mine. Do what you think is right, but don’t impose your ideas on me,” Gao Peng said blandly. “I have my considerations, but this is your body. I can’t stop you from doing what you want to do.”

Fatty Big Sea snorted. “Hypocrite.”

Gao Peng shut his mouth and stopped talking. Fatty Big Sea flicked its tail and disappeared into the water.

From the bottom of the lake, a huge monster quietly rose with the aura of a Saint-level monster. After a short hesitation, the Saint-tier anaconda viciously attacked the giant clam. With a flick of its tail, the undercurrent surged. “Roar, roar, die!”

Gao Peng watched as the Saint-tier anaconda struck the ground with its tail. The earth trembled, lake water surged, the ground split, and water spilled into the cracks. The anaconda landed all its attacks on the clear ground.

Fatty Big Sea watched for a long time and smiled slyly. “It’s an illusion.”

This Saint-level anaconda had been driven here by Fatty Big Sea. Indeed, when Fatty Big Sea went into hunting mode, the fish’s personality changed dramatically. It became calculative, cold-blooded, brutal, and patient, with all the qualities that a good hunter should have.

“The old clam isn’t fully awake. The illusion is an ability that it automatically forms around its body.” Fatty Big Sea appeared to be talking to itself, but was, in fact, explaining to Gao Peng.

“People who don’t know would think that it’s awake and not dare to continue to attack it,” Fatty Big Sea said. “This guy is highly alert and will wake up quickly when there’s a real threat, but a good swimmer is more likely to drown. I’ll use its carelessness against it.

“Speaking of which, the Mingyu Celestial Beast left a deep impression on me. If it was here now, with its ability and the divine artifact, it would surely be able to take advantage of the old clam in its meditative state and kill it.”

Gao Peng nodded since the ability of the Mingyu Celestial Beast was indeed unfathomable. As long as a creature’s strength or defenses weren’t much greater than its own, using the attack of its divine spear, it won nine out ten battles.

“Although I don’t have gold divine artifacts, I have other artifacts with other attributes,” Fatty Big Sea quipped. “Deliberate or not, Gao Peng, let me show you the greatest instantaneous power I can create.”

With some reluctance, it took out the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth. There was a gap in the side, a conical-shaped hole due to it being pierced previously. “Thankfully, these two treasures saved my life last time, otherwise I would’ve died.” Fatty Big Sea’s expression darkened. It wasn’t only the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth; even the Sea King Devouring Teeth had two cracks after being hit.

But the Sea King Devouring Teeth was under the rule of devouring. During this period, devouring many “nutritious” foods had helped Fatty Big Sea heal the cracks thoroughly. Although this Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth could absorb the energy of heaven and earth to heal naturally, without external restoration efforts, it was a relatively long process.

The Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth was flowing with strong light, and all the powers inside were trapped in the maze, imprisoned and unable to be released. Even though the labyrinth had been damaged, fortunately, that didn’t seem to affect its use.

At the same time, Fatty Big Sea took out the Divine Well of Darkness from the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth. Like droplets of sticky silk thread, the Holy Water of Darkness floated from the jar into the air. Under Fatty Big Sea’s control, they coagulated into an arrow. The arrow shimmered with the frosty glow from the powers of a divine artifact. Rays of white light rose from the Divine Well of Darkness and fused with the arrow.

“What’s that?”

“Artifact blessing, otherwise it would just be ordinary Holy Water of Darkness,” Fatty Big Sea explained, doing two things at once. Fatty Big Sea opened its mouth to release a reverse version of the power of devouring!

Since it was able to release the power of devouring, Fatty Big Sea was naturally able to release the anti-power of devouring. However, this is no longer inclusion, but exclusion.

Of course, for certain reasons, the actual exclusion rule was better than the ability to release. But if this was likened to the exclusion rule, then it meant that Fatty Big Sea had control over the exclusion rule. Even so, Fatty Big Sea’s ability in this move had reached a high level.

A repulsive force was compressed in a small area of the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth, while regular force was constantly being applied. The power grew stronger and stronger, and at some point, the repulsive force finally reached its peak. Because of the Endless Reincarnation Labyrinth’s blockage, the old clam didn’t notice anything for the time being.

The power suppressed by Fatty Big Sea was beyond its control. Finally, it couldn’t help it. A tiny ice-blue cold light appeared in the air, and the next moment, it turned into a shadow and disappeared from its original position.

The sleeping clam suddenly noticed the danger and woke up. Bam! The frosty blue arrows shot into the old clam.

Time stood still. One… then two seconds passed. A dreadful chill was released all around.

The undercurrent was frozen, leaving clear marks on the bottom of the lake. Blue light expanded rapidly and everything it touched became frozen. The anaconda was also captured in motion, frozen in icicles. From the outside, it looked like a small cold light had appeared in the center of the lake and then rippled outward.

The lake was frozen, causing frost to form on its surroundings. Eventually, only a large area of frozen ice remained in the center of the lake.

Similar to a cone, the area at the top was the smallest and the area at the bottom was the largest. The old clam was also frozen in the ice-capped column.

The cold current covered the lake. An unknown number of fish and shrimp monsters had probably frozen to death.

Fatty Big Sea sprang up, its body swelled to several times its original size. Gao Peng finally saw the full size of Fatty Big Sea’s body, which was even bigger than the giant old clam at the bottom of the lake.

It was dark like a little hill. This wasn’t an exaggerated description, but an accurate one. The size of the Fatty Big Sea’s body was now comparable to a small mountain. Like an indescribable super-mammal born from the deep sea, its black-iron scales glistened with a faint cold light.

“Super-duper mountain crush!” Fatty Big Sea gave a low roar.

Eight eyes glowed with yellow light. The air exploded, and a terrifying oppressive power descended from above.

Bam! The body of the hill slammed into the center of the frozen lake. The ice was torn apart by the impact of this huge force; at the same time, everything frozen in the iceberg broke into icy shards.

Without any chance to make a sound, the Saint-level anaconda was shattered into a pile of powdery-white snow.

Even though the old clam didn’t break apart, it was cracked open by the sudden multitude of powerful shocks. Ka-cha. Ka-cha.

Under the impact of the lake water, the shell disintegrated to pieces, and its snow-white flesh was exposed among the debris.

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