Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 693

Chapter 693 The Big Dream World

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When Gao Peng turned his head, he saw a pile of bits and pieces of black mussel shells at the bottom of the lake. Fatty Big Sea’s tongue rolled out and spat out a white pearl as big as a coconut. Compared to the size of the old clam, the size of the pearl was very small, but the pearl was stunning in color.

The sparkling and crystal-clear white pearl had a small mirage of a clam within it. There was a thin colorful glow on the surface.

“This is…” Gao Peng took it. When the White Pearl was shaking, the space in front of him was glowing with gorgeous colors, and various mirages came into view around it.

[Item Name]: Clam Mirage Pearl

[Item Description]: A precious pearl that contains a great amount of Mirage Essence from the clam. The pearl, wherever it is, can naturally generate different mirages to affect its surrounding environment. If someone who isn’t resilient enough sees through it, he or she will be dragged into the mirage and reincarnated…

Upon seeing that, Gao Peng calmly dropped the Clam Mirage Pearl on the ground and stepped on it with his foot. Not resilient enough, haha. It seems that there are times when this ability goes wrong. Gao Peng was cool and calm.

Xiao Cao let down several of its tendrils, picked up the Clam Mirage Pearl, and shook it gently. The surroundings of the Clam Mirage Pearl blossomed into grand brilliance in an instant, and Gao Peng saw a beautiful mirage.

Within the mirage were traffic and buildings, a primitive behemoth roaring at the sky, and hell’s evil spirits walking in the dwelling place of the dead. However, it was all just an image.

Xiao Cao’s tendrils wanted to break into the Clam Mirage Pearl, but each time they touched the surface, its tendrils would be repelled. After a while, Xiao Cao was bored with it and simply put it casually on top of its head, like a headdress.

“This old clam was gifted in the Illusion and Water-types. I’ve already consumed the essence of the Water-type, leaving only the skill of illusion.” Fatty Big Sea took a look at the Clam Mirage Pearl.

“For any Illusion-type monsters, this Clam Mirage Pearl is a treasure enough to make them insane, but for monsters of other attributes, the effects of the Clam Mirage Pearl aren’t clear. But this Clam Mirage Pearl is very good for training a person’s mentality. I remember that some gods used Illusion-type treasures to train the mentality of their juniors.”

Gao Peng continued to look at the attributes, which he hadn’t finished reading, behind the Clam Mirage Pearl.

[Item Description]: …sunk into reincarnation. The Clam Mirage Pearl was a pearl that was gathered and condensed from all of the Mirage Power essence in its body when the clam was in a desperate situation. It not only contained more than 90 percent of the Mirage Power essence of the Clam Mirage Pearl, but it also contained the essence from the clam. A completely new clam can be hatched from the Clam Mirage Pearl.

Gao Peng was stunned for a second. It’s not just an elixir, it’s like a Tamagochi. I wonder if anyone else knows about this effect.

“Fatty Big Sea, make a guess; does this pearl look like an egg?”

Fatty Big Sea frowned, sized up Gao Peng with its two eyes, then took a couple of glimpses at the Clam Mirage Pearl. Over the years, Fatty Big Sea had come to understand a portion of Gao Peng’s personality. It nodded slowly. “Of course, I know that it not only looks like an egg, but it can also hatch a new clam. I know.”

At the end of its reply, Fatty Big Sea walked slowly ahead, raising his head up proudly.

Gao Peng opened his mouth, what he wanted to say stuck in his throat. Then, Gao Peng summoned Goldie and released Three-Headed Dog from Silly’s space. “I have a good job for you. Come over here,” he said to the dog.

Goldie ran over to him without a care in the world. The Three-Headed Dog knew that its master’s owner held a lofty status, thus they followed suit. Goldie walked ahead, its duck legs sneakily kicking towards its rear. The Three-Headed Dog was accidentally kicked and knocked to the ground.

Goldie picked up a stone and threw it into the distance. It had caught the attention of the Three-Headed Dog, which immediately chased after the rock.

Goldie took the opportunity to jump over to Gao Peng’s feet. “Gao Peng, what’s the deal?”

Gao Peng took the pearl down from Xiao Cao’s head and threw it to Goldie. “Hatch it.”

Xiao Cao was dissatisfied as it swayed its vines. It was clearly my toy, yet you threw it away after I picked it up.

Gao Peng pacified Xiao Cao. All right, isn’t it just a piece of stone? He picked up a pebble from the ground and put it on Xiao Cao’s head.

Xiao Cao raised its vine, gently poked it, and the pebble instantly broke into bits and pieces. Ordinary objects really couldn’t stand the Xiao Cao’s tormenting.

It seemed that Gao Peng’s action had attracted Xiao Cao’s attention. Xiao Cao started to stretch out its vines and picked up many pebbles on the ground, one by one, to put them on the top of its head just for fun.

Goldie didn’t even blink its eyes, only raised its right hand to grab the Clam Mirage Pearl in an instant. Its actions were nimble and agile. “It must be the right choice to give it to me.” Just as it stopped speaking, a drop of thick, milky white liquid flowed out through the gaps of Goldie’s fist…

Gao Peng was stunned into silence.

Goldie panicked and was silent for two seconds. It scratched its buttocks and commented, “It looks like it’s broken.”

“I know it’s broken. I’m not blind. I can see it crystal clear.”

“You know what’s going on, don’t you…” Goldie felt a little guilty.

“You exerted too much strength,” Gao Peng calmly replied.

Goldie felt even guiltier when it saw Gao Peng’s expression. “I didn’t know it’d be that fragile.”

“Have you heard of Peking roast duck, beer duck, salted duck, and braised duck?”

Goldie stared back with its round eyes. “Gao Peng, which ducks are you talking about? Who are they? Are they my relatives? Gao Peng, when can I see my distant relatives?”

Gao Peng couldn’t help laughing when he saw Goldie pretend not to know what he had implied.

“Uh.” Goldie suddenly raised its right hand; in the palm of its hand was a mass of sticky paste. It was a mixture of viscous milky white and yellow liquid. In the center of its palm was a delicate milky white shell. A gust of wind blew and the shell opened and closed slightly.

[Monster Name]: White Clam

[Monster Level]: Level 1

[Monster Grade]: Legendary Grade

[Monster Attribute]: Illusion-Type

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Unable to move on its own 2. Without an ability to attack

[Monster Characteristic]: Big Dream World (Carries a dream world with it. After it has chosen a target, it can drag the target to the Dream World for Dream Purification. The target will be in a state of chaos when perceiving the outside world during the process of purification.

Active Effect 1: Currently only one target can be forcefully dragged into the Dream World.

Passive Effect 2: There is reincarnation in the Dream World. Each reincarnation will cause the target to lose part of its memory for a short time. When all of the target’s memories vanish, the target will be entirely absorbed into the Dream World and become a nutrient for the Dream World in an effort to strengthen it.)

Psychic Sanctuary (The strength of the Psychic World is equivalent to the strength of the White Clam’s physical body.

Passive Effect 1: The hardness of the shell is affected by Psychic Strength. The hardness of the shell will increase along with psychic power.

Tip: Though the trauma on the physical body can be reflected onto the psyche, this is a double-edged sword.)

[Monster Description]: This is a monster that is extremely weak and fragile, a newborn white clam. Its perception of the outside world is hazy. Perhaps it will regard the first existence it sees as its… father?

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