Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 697

Chapter 697 The Desolation Of Grudge

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Gao Peng knew that Fatty Big Sea wouldn’t harm itself. He slowed down and secretly communicated with Fatty Big Sea. “What’s the problem?”

Da Zi also tilted its head and said, “Gao Peng, I felt it too. These people seem to have no emotions.”

No emotions? How was it possible that a living human didn’t have any emotions? Even plants had four basic emotions—happiness, anger, sadness, and joy.

Gao Peng’s expression remained unchanged. He summoned the Hundred Faces Dragon Ant, switched out the Diurnal Pupil, then borrowed the Sixth Sense Vision from the Hundred Faces Dragon Ant.

In Gao Peng’s eyes, the appearance of the enormous tribe in front of him drastically changed. The clear blue sky became bleak and gloomy, as if an invisible dark cloud was blocking the sunshine.

Above the dark clouds and at heaven’s door, a massive and extraordinary body that was partly hidden revealed a small fraction of itself. There was a howling gale, blowing the dark clouds aside. A small corner of what was behind the dark clouds was revealed. Behind the dark clouds was a dark green face and a slender finger seemingly made from dead wood that was pinching a long, thin white silk thread.

There was a low, deep roar resonating in the wind, and there was an indistinctive sobbing sound coming from nowhere.

Numerous silk threads fell from the dark clouds and extended into the villages. Numerous silk threads, dense and crammed, fell on top of everyone’s heads. They went through their spines, connected to their joints, elbows, and knees. They were like puppets, like toys. The expressions on their faces were stiff and rigid. Every step they took was measured, just like a robot.

Gao Peng finally found out what was peculiar about this place. Those people walked the same distance every step, without any variation. Their faces were lifeless and desolated. Their ashy cheeks were cold and stiff, and even their smiles were eerie and spooky.

“This… this is.” Gao Peng raised his head, his stare fixed on the dark clouds.

Dark clouds were tumbling. Something was sticking close behind the dark clouds, but suddenly, a face emerged. It was staring at Gao Peng, hostile.

Cobweb-like lines intersected and spread across that face in all its confusion. Its eyes were simply two hollow voids, and thick black mist was spilling over the corners of its eyes.

“Unexpectedly, you’ve discovered me.” The face opened and closed silently, and a shrieking voice resonated from the depths of Gao Peng’s heart.

[Monster Name]: Puppeteer & Suture Devil Spirit—The Desolation of Grudge

[Monster Level]: Level 100 (Quasi God of the Great Perfection)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary/Legendary

[Monster Attributes]: Psychic Puppet Level 10, Soul Power Level 9, The Body of Grudge Level 9, Vitality Absorption Level 9

[Monster Territory]: Devil Spirit’s Puppet Territory

[Monster’s Deification Part]: No exact location, but there is a Deification Percentile of 99 percent.

[Monster’s Special Characteristic]: Soul Silk Threads (Special ability that is able to weave souls into threads.

Passive Effect 1: The target can be controlled by the Soul Silk Threads, and the vitality of the target’s body can be extracted at the same time.

Passive Effect 2: Soul Silk Threads can touch the soul, and they are extremely tough, so much so that they could truss up and harm the soul.)

The Desolation of Hell (The final destination of desolation is a frigid hell.

Active Effect 1: After activation, The Desolation of Grudge can immeasurably rob all the vitality within the area and absorb the vitality according to a certain proportion to strengthen itself. After the activation of the ability, there is a period of impotence before the next use.

Passive Effect 2: The area where The Desolation of Grudge absorbed the vitality with The Desolation of Hell can be transformed into another Desolation of Hell. In that new area, souls can’t reincarnate, and all kinds of abnormalities arise. After a substantial period of time, The Desolation of Hell will be completely absorbed by The Desolation of Grudge, thus it will grow stronger.

Active Effect 3: After activation, The Desolation of Grudge can release all of The Desolation of Hell, and all its abilities are greatly enhanced in The Desolation of Hell.)

[Monster Weakness]: Soul’s Abyss Jade can effectively absorb the Soul Silk Threads from The Desolation of Grudge.

[Monster Description]: The Devil Spirit Monster was formed from extreme resentment. Over a long period of time, the Devil Spirit Monster gradually absorbed all kinds of extreme resentment in the world to become stronger. Eventually, after enough opportunities, it grew into a very powerful Devil Spirit Monster of resentment, close to having the power of a god.

“Then… you shall be my puppet.” Several Soul Silk Threads manoeuvred out from the dark clouds. Like snakes, they moved out with fierce and vicious momentum to attack Gao Peng from all angles. Each Soul Silk Thread targeted Gao Peng’s vital parts directly—his eyes, between his brows, and his heart.

Da Zi opened its mouth angrily, and its thunder turned into a purple dragon that bolted out. When the Soul Silk Threads crashed into the lightning, it was as if wood met fire. If the wood was big, the lightning might not have ignited it, but if the wood was small, it would be engulfed up by the fierce flames in an instant.

The Soul Silk Threads were annihilated by the lightning. When Da Zi saw the sight, it became arrogant. Da Zi’s fierce and malicious appearance was unlike its usual lazy look.

Da Zi’s tail pointed up, unleashing infinite lightning all over its body, and an inexhaustible thunder transformed into a sky of thunder, imprisoning its opponent, then shooting towards The Desolation of Grudge.

Dark clouds were pierced by the thunder, and the Soul Silk Threads were sliced. As the Soul Silk Threads was broken, the puppets connected below the Soul Silk Threads fell to the ground with a snap. The last bit of their vitality quickly vanished, their skin turned black, rigor mortis set in on their faces, and a stench filled the air.

Zhou Hui, who had just walked towards his parents, watched them fall to the ground and turn into two cold dead bodies. He was momentarily stunned, as if a basin of cold water had been poured over his head.

He looked at the rigor mortis and wondered if they had died a long time ago. He had been talking to their dead bodies earlier. He dropped to his knees and laid beside the corpses, weeping bitterly. So what if they’re just corpses.

He wasn’t a fool. He had noticed the anomalies just before, but he had purposely ignored all of the anomalies after not returning to his tribe for so long. In truth, he had just wanted to go home. He just wanted to lie in his bed and have a chat with his parents, just like it was in his distant memory.

He had just wanted to relive one day of the life he’d had in the past. Why… why couldn’t such a simple request be fulfilled? “Why!” Zhou Hui raged and roared at the sky. Dense streaks of blood filled his eyes, and his angry face was hideous and warped because he was so ferocious.

Psssh. A Soul Silk Thread was hanging down from the dark clouds. A hole was pierced through Zhou Hui’s head. The Soul Silk Thread penetrated his spine, his skeleton, and his soul. From his knees, heart, shoulders, and elbows, several threads of silk emerged that were neatly weaved and sent back into the dark clouds over his head.

His entire body appeared to lack strength and was floating lightly as he stood up. His foot touched the ground as if he was tiptoeing, his shoulders drooped down, and his head hung over his shoulders; he was like a puppet being lifted up.

The patterns on the face behind the dark clouds shook violently. It hid behind the dark clouds and stared at Gao Peng bitterly and viciously. “The Desolation of Hell!”

The earth dried up and quickly turned dreadfully pale and desolated. The roof on a thatched hut was sucked of its vitality and became as light as dry wood. A mere gust of wind scattered it away.

The desolated ground was turned into sand, which might have been the reason why that tactic was called “The Desolation of Hell.” The vitality of any living things would be drained, including the vitality of the soil which became the desolated sand.

Gao Peng’s pupils were contracting. Why is it so ferocious, using its supreme skill right from the start?

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