Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 698

Chapter 698 The Land Of Desolation

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There was a saying that everything in the world, when all its energy and existence was devoured, would either be transformed into pure white or pure black. After the world turned into a pale and desolate one, even the walls became snow-white.

The puppets straightened their backs, their eyes fixated on the sky over their heads. Their mouths were open and their arms stretched out to embrace the sky.

Behind the mountain, there was an increasingly loud growl. It was like ten thousand horses galloping, and the earth was shaking. Accompanied by a shriek, hundreds of familiars ran out from behind the mountain, each of them in the King tier. The vast energy colored the pale sky a red flush.

At the same time, a screech as sharp as fingernails against glass suddenly echoed in everyone’s ears. Gao Peng instantly opened his eyes, while the expression on his face became odd. That sound went straight through his ears and pierced his eardrums. A stabbing pain made Gao Peng shut his eyes out of reflex. With a muffled hum, Gao Peng merged with Fatty Big Sea.

Bam! Bam! The crowd behind Gao Peng instantly turned into a bloody mess as they had zero chance of resisting; they exploded. The bloody mist was sucked into the dark clouds over their heads. Instantly, there was a crimson radiance radiated within the dark clouds.

“It’s Vitality Absorption. This fellow is spooky,” Fatty Big Sea said solemnly. It could feel that the fellow was merely a Quasi God that hadn’t achieved a breakthrough to become a God. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived until then.

They had no time to feel any sorrow for the death of the six people, as thousands of familiars were charging towards them, and these familiars were out to kill. Every familiar had a hollow gaze. The more powerful the familiar was, the more Soul Silk Threads it had on its body. The Desolation of Grudge in the sky was like a delicate puppeteer. Under its control, numerous puppets charged towards Gao Peng without a moment of rest.

“I’ll handle this.” A snow-white figure came out from behind Gao Peng. The little snow-white lion was wearing a serious expression and it gave out a majestic roar from its throat. “Ten Thousand Miles of Frost!”

Its right claw slammed down, and cold air was discharged. Ten thousand icebergs rose from the ground and froze everything on earth. The ice condensed into numerous Circular Shock Waves and flew in all directions.

The first familiar among the many was hit and froze in an instant, and the dancing hair on its body was also frozen in place. It still looked as natural as if it was living.

Glaciers tore the ground apart, and the infinite cold was devouring the Land of Desolation, but this infuriated the Land of Desolation, which rebounded instantly. A strong suction came from the depths of the Land of Desolation.

The Desolate Frost Lion was almost sucked in, and the next moment, it saw all the glaciers that crossed the Land of Desolation torn apart and ground into fine powder by an inexplicable force, while another huge force pounded on them from above their heads. The pupils of the Desolate Frost Lion contracted, and the deadly threat made it retreat hastily.

The Fatty Big Sea squinted, its fins waving, and a surge of waves protected the Desolate Frost Lion. Only a few wisps of the attacks brushed against the Desolate Frost Lion. These wisps brushed across both sides of the Desolate Frost Lion’s neck. The white hair on its neck quickly grew gray, and the lion wore a serious expression. It raised its paws and rubbed its neck—huge chunks of hair fell to the ground.

“This fellow…” For the first time, the Desolate Frost Lion had met such an enemy, one that devoured others’ vitality senselessly.

“It’s a bit like the Spirit Reaping Beast, but it’s a lot stronger than that. The number of opponents against it is meaningless,” Fatty Big Sea said. “This area has been condensed into its territory. It won’t be easy to deal with it here. We have to leave this place.”

They made a strategic withdrawal. Gao Peng ordered all of the other unnecessary familiars to be kept in the familiar space, but Sahara wasn’t Gao Peng’s familiar, so there was no way for it to be kept in the familiar space. It could only spit out its tongues and run behind Fatty Big Sea.

Sahara had previously been poisoned and gone into a coma. After a few hours, when Sahara regained consciousness, it was alive and kicking. It jumped around, full of vitality.

A massive amount of Soul Silk Threads entangled as it darted over to them, but when Sahara looked back and saw the Soul Silk Threads inched closer to it, a tinge of fear flashed in its eyes. The dog gritted its teeth and roared, “Woof, woof, woof!!”

Fatty Big Sea’s tail swept away some of the Soul Silk Threads. It was afraid to make direct contact with the Soul Silk Threads, thus it slammed them from far away by activating its water element. Sahara took advantage of that opportunity and quickly increased its pace to escape the attack range.

The massive dark clouds at their backs made Gao Peng and the rest hide in the Cloud Dream Swamp again. The swamp wasn’t a territory of The Desolation of Grudge, plus it seemed that there was something that The Desolation of Grudge was afraid of. The Soul Silk Threads were far away and hovering. At last, it condensed into a giant palm with an empty interior.

There was another evil force encompassed within the huge palm. That same evil force had combined with the Soul Silk Threads. Eventually, even Da Zi’s thunder attack could no longer cause effective damage to the Soul Silk Threads. The giant hand lingered in the sky for a while before it finally retreated.

The pale and desolated soil was marked by ugly scars, like a rotten sore that had grown on the earth.

Goldie was puzzled, thus it asked, “Fatty Big Sea, why didn’t you kill that fellow? You could certainly kill it with your divine artifact.”

Fatty Big Sea shook its head, scrutinized its surroundings, and then spat out a small bubble that enveloped everyone. “There’s more than one of them lurking in the dark. I suspect that the Li Tribe has been annihilated, and this place has become a den for monsters,” Fatty Big Sea said solemnly. “I’m quite sure I can kill it, but I don’t know if it has any other trump cards. Moreover, there must be other fellows secretly casting greedy eyes on us, so we shouldn’t fight this battle.”

Goldie was a bit restless, since it hated matters that forced it to use its brain. Goldie rubbed its bald head and said in a low and muffled voice, “We can just boorishly run over.”

Gao Peng shook his head and said, “Goldie, you should stop being so reckless. We should learn to use our intelligence.”

Fatty Big Sea pondered for a moment and looked at Goldie, Da Zi, Dumby, and the rest. If they could achieve a breakthrough into the Quasi God tier, they wouldn’t need to be so cautious. There was some truth in Goldie’s words; if they were Quasi Gods, they could have boorishly run over just then.

“As long as there’s a large supply of Quasi God Meat Essence, it won’t be difficult to achieve a breakthrough into Quasi God,” Fatty Big Sea said.

“But where can we find the Quasi God Meat Essence?” Gao Peng looked at Fatty Big Sea. During that period, Fatty Big Sea was ferocious. With three divine artifacts in hand, it had swallowed more than one Quasi God.

“I have some leftovers here. Do you want it…?” Fatty Big Sea spoke as it opened its mouth and pulled out a small piece of meat from it. It looked like a spider’s broken leg. When the meat appeared in the air, it returned to its original size.

They looked at the smelly saliva and the foreign turbid mucus on the broken leg. Goldie, Da Zi, and the rest fell into silence.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. You can eat it yourself,” Goldie simply and honestly replied.

“I’ll get my own food. Da Zi is diligent. I should work it out myself!” Da Zi was full of positive energy. “And Stripey is a spider. This is its kin, so I can’t sink my teeth into this.”

“I’m about to achieve my breakthrough, so let’s not waste it.” Dumby shook its head slowly.

“I’ve been on a diet recently!” Flamy looked at the sky.

The Desolate Frost Lion just stared blankly. You’ve all snatched my lines. What should I say now?

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