Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 699

Chapter 699 God

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Desolion’s delicate little face was full of seriousness as it fixed its gaze at the small bottle in front of it. “Come here… All of you, come over here…”

There was a series of intermittent voices coming from deep inside the swamp. Desolion felt a sense of relief. As a proud little lion, it was really hard for it to eat things that had been spat out from another’s mouth.

“Gao Peng, someone seems to be calling us. Let’s go and take a look,” Desolion said quickly.

Gao Peng didn’t expose the proud little lion. He smiled, and the group of familiars explored the depths as they followed the direction to the source of the voice. After walking for about 20 miles, the voice grew increasingly distinctive and clear.

Finally, Gao Peng saw a white tree. A lonely tree grew in the middle of the swamp, its branches as white as jade, neat and symmetrical. A purple furry thing stood at the top of the tree.

It seemed to have heard the footsteps coming from behind it, as the head of the little monster standing atop the branch rotated 180 degrees around its neck. It fixed its gaze on Gao Peng and the rest. Its face, which looked like a human’s, was smiling spookily. “Everyone is here at last.”

At the side, Da Zi was in doubt. Then it suddenly came to a realization. “I remember! You’re the big eyeball!”

It was a purple owl that was standing on the tree. Its entire body was purple, including its eyes. When it heard the lovely little centipede making a fuss, the owl chuckled. “Don’t be nervous. In fact, I’ve been displaying my good intentions all this time. I’ve been warning all of you to be careful of that fellow for a while.”

Gao Peng wasn’t deceived by the appearance of the owl. He glued his eyes onto the fellow, which was no less dangerous than The Desolation of Grudge. This only heightened Gao Peng’s vigilance.

When Gao Peng was checking out its attributes, he opened his eyes widely, but all he could see was an obscured mass of numbers and characters.

[Monster Name]: Purple Star—The Eye of Fear

[Monster Level]: ???

#%@¥%¥… It was a mess!

Gao Peng’s expression changed drastically. This only happened when he met a monster far beyond the present level of ability of any other monsters. He hadn’t encountered such a situation in a long time.

He had immediately seen through the attributes of The Desolation of Grudge at Level 100 earlier. The only explanation for not being able to see through the attributes of the current creature was that its monster level was higher than The Desolation of Grudge. This is a living god!

“I don’t have any evil intentions. Don’t worry. In fact, I’m not threatening at all.” After that, the monster before their eyes took a step towards Gao Peng and the rest along with the tree under it. Swoosh! The trunk in the middle of the tree moved forward entirely, and hideous cracks successively spread all over it.

Gao Peng realized something—there was a trace of shock in his eyes. What was below the monster wasn’t a tree, but a supersized skeleton without flesh or internal organs.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Purple Star, but I prefer to be called the Eye of Fear.” The dreadful white skeleton moved two steps forward to stand closer to Gao Peng and the rest.

“I’m the god of the Li Tribe.” The Purple Star bent down, and the hairy owl was just a body part above its neck and head. “You’re not from the Li Tribe, but the dude with you just now had the presence of our tribe.”

Gao Peng suddenly thought of Zhou Hui, who had already been made into a puppet by The Desolation of Grudge. The expression on Gao Peng’s face was a little strange.

“This is its fate.” Purple Star looked up at the dark clouds and murmured, “The Li Tribe began 39,546 years ago and finally ended ten years ago.”

After a short pause, it continued, “It’s also the fate of our tribe. You don’t have to worry that I’ll vent my anger on someone who’s not to blame.” Purple Star spoke slowly. “There’s no eternal tribe and no eternal god; reincarnation is the fate of all in existence.

“You’re the descendants of the same tribe who were relocated from Jiutian Shidi.” Purple Star looked at Gao Peng. “I can feel the presence of your fellow people from your blood.”

“What happened ten years ago?” Gao Peng questioned.

“Ten years ago, there was a catastrophe. After we were defeated in the war against the Mutated Tribe, some members of the tribe withdrew from Jiutian Shidi. However, the Mutated Tribe was eager to exterminate us, so we had to leave some of us behind.” Purple Star revealed the mystery hidden in the history.

“That year, elites were selected from various tribes to function as the last force, but in the battle, we were continuously defeated. The casualties were heavy for monster trainers above the God tier, and some even surrendered to the Mutated Tribe in order to survive…” Purple Star explained tirelessly.

“In fact, after the defeat of the war that year, the Mutated Tribe, which was fighting over the spoils of war, had already expended most of their energy, and it was only the minority from the Hawk Sect who were hunting us down.

“At last, under the intervention of The Four Divinities, the Mutated Tribe finally retreated, and we lived in seclusion in the Southern Desert from generation to generation. It’s just that the war had heavily wounded three old fellows, including me, and we could only linger on with our last breath for so many years,” Purple Star explained with a mixed expression.

“The Four Divinities, I’m aware of them,” Fatty Big Sea communicated through the Blood Contract in Gao Peng’s consciousness. “The Four Divinities were four gods which that were very famous in Jiutian Shidi. They were at least above the level of Top-Tier Divine Power.”

“The remaining people of the tribe then settled down in this Southern Desert and established the present Li Tribe,” Purple Star explained slowly.

“Were you sent over from there? Is the tribe returning?” Purple Star sighed. “How many monster trainers at God-tier do you have there? If there are no more than one hundred God-tier monster trainers, it’s advisable not to break out in war with the Mutated Tribe. Otherwise, the odds of winning won’t be significant.”

A hundred… Gao Peng wasn’t even aware of whether the Top Three Tribes had any hidden monster trainers at the God tier or not. Even if they did, it might still have been too far away from a hundred.

“The Desolation of Grudge is only a Quasi God, so how did it manage to expel a god like you?” Gao Peng revealed his doubts.

Purple Star was silent for a long time. Following this, it turned around; the tall and rugged trunk looked like a shaky and unsteady mountain of bones. The purple pupils stared at Gao Peng for a long time, then it replied, “I’ve been waiting for the tribe to return.

“Over the years, I’ve been extremely discreet and wary; I can’t even have a moment of proper rest. I’m afraid that I won’t wake up if I fall asleep one day. I have to survive. I have to save the last drop of blood for the heroes of the past. I’m not living for myself. I live for the whole tribe. Do you understand the amount of torment I’m going through? The Desolation of Grudge is very powerful, close to being a god. If I kill it, I won’t live for long.”

Gao Peng thought for a long time and finally picked out three words from Purple Star’s speech—”I fear death.”

Purple Star fixed its gaze at Gao Peng’s face and scrutinized his expression. “Do you think I did the right thing?”

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