Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Mountain Of Bones

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Gao Peng couldn’t simply approve and accept its decision and behavior. After all, its identity was the patron saint of the Li Tribe. Everyone respected it, but its betrayal and selling them out behind their backs made Gao Peng disrespect it. A man had to be credible; that was Gao Peng’s bottom line.

Purple Star was aware of Gao Peng’s attitude, but it merely laughed and wasn’t angry with him. Anyway, it just needed the help of that man to return to its tribe. It wasn’t hoping to regain a sense of existence from other people’s approval. It had a self-centered personality. It only believed in itself, never others.

“I know of a place where a battle between gods took place. Although the divine artifacts and valuable things inside have been taken away, there are still some parts of the god’s corpse and other debris left on the battlefield. Let me take you there.” Purple Star turned and went deep into the swamp.

That direction it went wasn’t the direction that Gao Peng had come from. Gao Peng hadn’t responded, yet Fatty Big Sea was already very excited. “Gao Peng, let’s go there quickly.”


“Handsome man.”

“Tall and charming!”

The eyes of the group of familiars lit up when they heard of the god’s corpse.

Da Zi was about to drool. Its claws patted its small belly, which was harder than steel and ringing. “Gao Peng, I want to eat. After that, I’ll teach you how to part your hair in the middle.”

“If the Meat Essence of the god’s corpse is decomposed by Dark Child, it’ll definitely be very nourishing.” Desolion’s eyes were sparkling. So long as it could eat a bit of Meat Essence from the god’s corpse, its ability would certainly make rapid progress. Although it hadn’t ever tasted a god’s corpse, it thought it had to be delicious.

All of the familiars were thrilled. Their excitement was captured by Purple Star, all within its expectations.

A god’s things… it must be very attractive for these little familiars, just like how fresh flesh and blood can drive hungry wolves crazy.

The reason why Purple Star hadn’t eaten the god’s corpse was simple; it was suffering from a fatal injury. The flesh and blood of the god’s corpse had no effect on its body. Moreover, all of the flesh and blood of the god’s corpse had been corroded, so all that was left was the god’s head.

In addition, there was a poisonous and deep-rooted force that had invaded its inner body. That force prevented it from healing and was the cause of Purple Star’s inability to recover even after consuming a god’s flesh and blood. Only a handful of natural treasures or treatment from Healing-type monsters of God-tier and above could heal it.

Even gods needed to abide by the Energy Conservation Law. Healing wouldn’t occur out of thin air. Even monsters with amazing self-healing abilities needed a lot of energy to heal their wounds. It was economical to exchange unnecessary things for the familiars’ favorable impression.

It didn’t know that Gao Peng had a Great Altar Cutter, otherwise, it would never have readily revealed that place. Although the flesh and blood of the god’s corpse was useless in its healing, it could still absorb the Meat Essence of the god’s corpse after special treatment.

After walking for five hours northward along the swamp, the sky darkened. Gao Peng estimated that with their leg strength, they should have walked a very long distance. Purple Star in front of them stopped, and Gao Peng, who stood in the back, saw a group of lakes that were pretty vast when combined.

The large lakes were tens of thousands of yards in diameter, while the small ones were only a couple hundred feet in diameter. Various lakes were scattered in the open space ahead, which was full of bumps and hollows.

Even the gray smog above their heads was thinner. The crooked moon was in sight.

“You can fly over here. This is the only place in the Cloud Dream Swamp that isn’t covered by gray fog,” Purple Star explained.

“Are the ruins of the battlefield in these lakes?” Gao Peng asked while he pointed at the lakes in front of him.

“They’re inside,” Purple Star replied. “But don’t dream about divine artifacts and godhood. They were taken away long ago. There are only dead bodies left inside.”

Gao Peng nodded and thanked Purple Star. He promised to bring it along to meet the other tribal people after they had explored the lakes. Purple Star left satisfied. “You can call my name in the swamp when you need to find me.”

Gao Peng summoned Moneymaker, and in the instant Moneymaker emerged, he grabbed its chest swiftly. After two seconds, Moneymaker was rather baffled as it turned around. What is Master doing?

Gao Peng and Moneymaker looked at each other for three seconds. Then he loosened his right hand and brushed Moneymaker’s head. “Take a look at the lake ahead and bring me the most valuable treasures.”

Moneymaker nodded smartly and turned to look at the lake. It activated its abilities, and its eyes lit up like a portable charger. It looked up to scrutinize its surroundings, then it fixed its gaze at a part of the lake. Its tail swayed excitedly. Its silvery body, which looked like mercury, was transforming—it began to convert from a mouse to a swordfish.

Gao Peng had just discovered this ability in Moneymaker, since it wasn’t included on the ability list. It was just a natural endowment. Just like a person that had two legs and two hands, it was something that didn’t require special attention or remarks.

A group of familiars ran along the gap between lakes of different sizes. Suddenly, the seventh foot on Da Zi’s right side crashed the ground underneath it. While it was staggering, Da Zi fluttered its wings continuously and swept several other familiars around it into the water.

Swoosh! Da Zi had really made a clean sweep. Its wings were like a broom that swept all the other unprepared familiars into the water. There was only Da Zi, who had soared up into the sky, left. While it was in the sky, Da Zi stared at the surroundings and said, “Uh? Where are the others?”

“There’s a monster!” Goldie hollered. Several violent crashes resonated from the bottom of the water. Soon, tranquility resumed.

“Are you all right, Goldie?” Gao Peng probed.

“Just killed a big fish, Gao Peng. You have to give me 5,000 dollars.” Goldie said triumphantly. It felt that it had mastered the essence of demanding an exorbitant price, so it doubled the price ten times in a flash. I’m really an evil duck.

Gao Peng was relieved to hear Goldie’s familiar voice. “Of course not. You’re asking for too much. I can only give you 4,900 dollars,” Gao Peng said casually.

Goldie didn’t know how to bargain and 4,900 dollars had already exceeded its expectations, thus it was already laughing in a silly manner.

After entering the water, Gao Peng found that the different lakes were connected. There were caves, and the space was pretty massive. It was large enough for them to move at ease between the different lakes.

Goldie swam up with the body of the monster. It was similar to a python, but its neck was as swollen as if it had thyroid issues. It threw the corpse of the monster into Silly’s space. The other familiars followed Moneymaker and swam to the other side.

The light under the water was very dim. It was very deep, at least a few miles. Fatty Big Sea loved this kind of environment very much, for it was a terrain that it was skillful in.

“I thought there were no monsters here. Since there are monsters, don’t tell me the god’s corpse has been eaten up,” Gao Peng said anxiously.

Fatty Big Sea comforted Gao Peng, “You can rest assured that it’s impossible for an existence under Quasi God to swallow a god’s corpse directly. They can’t bite or digest them.”

Within the dark and deep underwater, a dark shadow floated in front of Gao Peng. When he finally had a good look, he saw it was a Mountain of Bones; countless ribs and spines were piled up in a heap like garbage. At the top of the Mountain of Bones was a head. Perhaps it was because it had been in the water for a long time, but the head was well-preserved.

The moment he saw the head, Gao Peng’s heart was in his mouth. There was an intense fear growing in his heart, but it soon dissipated like the tide.

A fish swam towards the head as if it had been possessed. As the fish approached, the blood and flesh on its body disintegrated. At last, only a set of bones was swimming along with the force of inertia. After struggling for more than a dozen yards, it eventually became an insignificant skeleton and integrated into the Mountain of Bones below.

The head on the top of the Mountain of Bones was radiating a bizarre and crimson brilliance from its eyes.

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