Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 701

Chapter 701 Divine Essence

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[Item Name]: The Head of the Fire Phoenix and Hell Tigon

[Item Description]: The head of the Fire Phoenix and Hell Tigon in the God-tier was torn down by an extremely powerful force while alive. Its godhood was destroyed, the head decapitated and discarded in the Cloud Dream Swamp after its God’s Soul was annihilated.

When he saw the head, Gao Peng remembered the head of the Fat Golem Lord he had once met, both of which were gods. However, the head of the Fat Golem Lord had Spiritual Awareness grown out of it and had transformed into a monster, while the head of the Fire Phoenix and Hell Tigon was just an item.

Gao Peng pondered for a moment. His eyes squinted and something else came to his mind. Perhaps the fact that the head didn’t produce Spiritual Awareness was the biggest difference between a monster and an item.

The Mountain of Bones beneath it was only the corpses of other monsters that were attracted by the head in the God tier. Over time, a Mountain of Bones had formed, but that couldn’t explain why other monsters were killed by the head… Could it be that the god’s head could kill other monsters even when it was dead?

“You’re right.” The voice of Fatty Big Sea said in Gao Peng’s mind. “Even a drop of the blood from a god is poisonous to many monsters.”

Moneymaker took a glance at that head, not interested in it as it continued to swim deeper.

Gao Peng took out the Great Altar Cutter from Silly’s space. When the Great Altar Cutter saw the head, it couldn’t stop its excitement. It was humming excitedly when it saw the head, and its buzz echoed in the water. A cloud of black fog was gathering at the edge of the Great Altar Cutter, and Dark Child sat at it. It was clapping its hands in excitement, “A god’s head? I haven’t dissolved this thing in a long time. Give me more god’s corpses to decompose and you can unlock more of my functions!”

Following this, Dark Child flew to the head of the Fire Phoenix and Hell Tigon with the altar. Halfway through the journey, two red glows were radiating in the eyes of the head. An inexplicable force spread out from the head. It was seemingly aware of the imminent danger and wanted to stop it out of instinct.

The Great Altar Cutter paused slightly, and the invisible ripple was smashed. It landed straight on the head of the Fire Phoenix and Hell Tigon from the sky. Bam!

Flames shot down from the altar and engulfed the head in an instant. The head became smaller and smaller until it settled steadily in the middle of the altar. The flame melted the head, sparkling with a tiny bit of golden radiance.

“Divine Substance.” Fatty Big Sea licked its tongue, its eyes full of greed. Then it thought of something and spat the Sea King Devouring Teeth out of its mouth. A pair of Divine Retainers suspended above the Great Altar Cutter. The black hole swallowed up all the overflowing energy and presence. It was essentially concealing its presence.

Not only Fatty Big Sea, but all of the other familiars stopped what they were doing. Their breathing turned rapid, and their blood was boiling deep inside their bodies. Instinctively, they wanted to gobble up the Divine Substance.

Moneymaker was swimming in the front, and all of a sudden, it was as if it had been struck by something. Its tail swayed and made a 180 degrees body rotation. It swung its tail excitedly as it swam in the opposite direction.

The head was melting like wax, and useless impurities were transformed into thick black smoke that diffused away. All that was left behind was the essence. The essence, instead of fusing as one, was separated, incompatible like water and oil. There were three masses.

On the far left was a crystal as white as jade, quite similar to the oil of a merman and exuding a fragrance. In the middle was a mass of blood-red crystals, the Meat Essence that all of the familiars were aware of, but the quality was of the highest God-tier that they had ever seen.

On the right was a smaller mass of golden liquid that was emitting an intangible sweet smell. Every cell in the familiars’ bodies was roaring in a frenzy, and they were unbelievably thirsty for the golden liquid. If it hadn’t been for the good relationship between the familiars and Gao Peng being there, they would have impatiently rushed forward.

Da Zi’s eyeballs rolled here and there, as it quietly stretched out its right claw and touched Gao Peng’s shoulder, then fell straight onto the ground. Its claws moved up and down carelessly and randomly.

“Ouch, Gao Peng, I was knocked down by you. I fractured a bone!”

The corners of Gao Peng’s eyes twitched when he turned his head over to look at Da Zi without any expression. Da Zi moved its gaze away with a guilty conscience. It had wanted to scream vigorously to complete its act.

Gao Peng snorted coldly and summoned Stripey in the water. “I’ll show Stripey your ugly shape now.”

Boom! The water level rose sharply. Stripey appeared at the bottom of the water, its buttock crushing countless monsters. As soon as Stripey came out, it greeted all the familiars happily. “Long time no see. Ah, Da Zi, what’s wrong with you? Having a cramp?”

Da Zi stayed silent. After seeing through Da Zi’s unnatural acting, Gao Peng looked at the two new materials that had emerged. They were the God Spirit Essence and the Divine Essence. The former could enhance the strength of a familiar’s skeleton, hardening the bones of. It was a great nourishing item. The latter enabled the familiar to acquire divinity ahead of time. In short, it could speed up the deification of a familiar’s body!

The ascension to the Quasi God Realm depended on the deification of the body. The Divine Essence could speed up the monster tier and breakthrough to the Quasi God Realm.

Fatty Big Sea swallowed its saliva, finally suppressing the greed in its heart, and at the same time, it was angry. It questioned whether its personality had changed. Before, it would absolutely have snatched all of the good stuff first. It would never modestly give in to others.

Backing down? That’s impossible. Fatty Big Sea was increasingly angry the more it thought about it. At last, it flicked its tail, turned its head, and closed its eyes. Out of sight, out of mind!

Gao Peng comforted Fatty Big Sea, “It was an ancient battlefield. There must be more than one corpse. How could there only be one corpse on a battlefield? Rest assured that you’ll get your Divine Essence.”

Although Gao Peng wanted to improve Da Zi’s strength as soon as possible, he would never play favorites with any familiars in terms of resources. As long as the attributes were suitable for usage, they would be equally distributed to all familiars.

It was because Gao Peng had always believed that since they were willing to become his familiars, they had a form of trust for him. Since he was their monster trainer, he had to live up to their trust.

Fatty Big Sea shook its head. “No, I’m a Quasi God now. You should distribute it to them, so that they can be promoted to Quasi God. This Divine Essence can’t help me break through to the God tier. I have divine artifacts. The various advances within the Quasi God tier are of little significance to me.

“Besides… after they’ve achieved a breakthrough to Quasi God, they’ll be less of a hindrance for me.” Fatty Big Sea snorted proudly and raised its fat neck.

Gao Peng collected the Divine Essence, not giving it to the others, then he went to the next destination with the Divine Essence.

The Divine Essence was stored inside Silly’s space. While he was putting it into the space, that little fellow was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. It was extremely joyous, mistakenly thinking that Gao Peng was giving it everything.

Gao Peng rubbed Silly’s soft bald head. “Don’t steal it. If I find out that you dared to eat it, you won’t get a single bottle of juice in the future.”

“Uh?” Silly was terrified. There was nothing more terrible than that punishment.

Moneymaker felt it was a pity for the Divine Essence to be kept elsewhere. In fact, Master can store all his treasures with me. I’ll never eat them.

At most… at most, I’ll just lick it.

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