Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 704

Chapter 704 The True Form Of The Desolation Of Grudge

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Dumby took in a deep breath and applied the God Spirit Essence onto the surface of its body; it looked as if it was smudging some kind of crystal-clear ointment on itself. The dark golden bones continued to absorb the God Spirit Essence, but there was no exaggerated change in its body. It was a subtle ascent.

The God Spirit Essence was constantly absorbed by Dumby while it sat cross-legged on the ground. Two of Desolion’s paws were smeared with God Spirit Essence, and it constantly smeared it onto Dumby’s body. At that moment, Desolion looked like a skilled technician.

The God Spirit Essence was perfectly absorbed by Dumby’s body, and the glow of its bones grew increasingly brighter. The bright moonlight shined on them, looking as holy as the Buddha, or as evil as the devil.

Dumby was without joy or sadness, its head hung low. The shadow was blocking its face so that nobody could see its expression.

A wisp of moonlight transformed into a silver thread and covered its shoulders, but only Dumby could perceive its own changes. Countless cells in its bones collided and surged, and the God Spirit Essence penetrated from the outer layer of the bone into the inner layer. It allowed Dumby’s bone texture to become increasingly crystal clear, and it continuously strengthened its bone marrow.

The mesh-like white silky thread was connected to the bones like the steel frame of a tall building. Perhaps compared to the whole building, the steel bar didn’t account for much of the total volume, but its importance was indisputable.

“I’m about to break through.” Fatty Big Sea had been paying close attention to Dumby, whom it had always regarded as its competitor. Although Dumby’s grade had been behind Fatty Big Sea’s, both Dumby’s personality and talent were top-notch, while Fatty Big Sea had a set of its own talent and skills.

There was a golden glow radiating from its dark golden bones that was growing increasingly intense. The golden halo consciously spread to its head under Dumby’s command. Dumby had chosen its head as its deification part. The only weakness of its whole body was its skull, but as long as its head wasn’t destroyed, even if its body was destroyed, it wouldn’t be a big problem either.

Dumby, who was already at its peak, didn’t borrow the power of the Divine Essence, but let the power in its body build up to the extreme and then achieved a breakthrough naturally. Of course, that method of breaking through was no different from a breakthrough from consuming Divine Essence.

Just as an affluent son who had made five million dollars using ten million dollars given to him by his father, one couldn’t say that the five million dollars was fake money, but it was a lot less impressive than five million dollars earned through struggling grassroots movements.

Of course, Dumby, who could produce Divine Substance through its own effort, would need its power to be more established in order to achieve Quasi God. It didn’t need to waste time learning how to take control of its own power. There was no leakage of forces to the external throughout the process of breaking through; it was the embodiment of perfect control on Dumby’s part.

After Dumby achieved its breakthrough, Da Zi, Desolion, Stripey, Dragon Ant, and Flowing Light followed closely and achieved their breakthroughs to Quasi God. In the end, the essence of the decomposition of the incomplete god remains had created eight Quasi Gods.

Fatty Big Sea also broke through to Level 2, and its deification part had extended from its teeth to its entire mouth and throat. The most obvious effect was that Fatty Big Sea’s bite had become much bigger.

Gao Peng nodded with satisfaction as he looked at a group of his familiars that had achieved breakthroughs and couldn’t help rubbing his hands together. He was ready to give it a try.

Including Fatty Big Sea, Gao Peng had nine familiars at the Quasi God level, since suddenly, the strength of his familiars had skyrocketed. Gao Peng was a little proud; he felt that even a god could be beaten up by his familiars.

“It’s not too late for a gentleman to get revenge.” Goldie sneered and rubbed its palms together.

“I want to see if it can continue to block my frost.” Desolion licked its paws as it squinted, like an emotionless killer licking the dagger in its hand.

“Just now, Gao Peng was scared stiffed and nearly peed his pants. I must get revenge for Gao Peng!” Da Zi cried with delight.

“Uh?” A pretty loud nasal voice could be heard.

The smile on Da Zi’s face froze as it shook its tentacles. I’ve said something wrong…

“I think we can fight this battle,” Flamy commented.

“In the battle later, do we fight altogether or one by one?” Goldie asked impatiently. Of course, it hoped it could fight one on one, since it wanted to show off in front of Flamy. It wanted to let Flamy see how strong it was.

“All of us should be involved in the battle. Why are we talking about rules with that demon?” Desolion said lightly.

Gao Peng saw Goldie, who was standing by his side, making a weird expression. He knew what Goldie was up to, but he pondered for a moment. “Desolion is right, but since Goldie wanted to show its prowess, then Goldie will be the first to go up. If you can’t defeat it, then the rest will join the battle.”

“I’ll definitely be able to defeat it.” Goldie was incomparably confident, but Gao Peng wasn’t optimistic. If the Desolation of Grudge was a monster with physical or element attributes, that would be good, but the Desolation of Grudge was a Level-100 monster that focused mostly on the soul.

The arrogant Goldie would suffer a bit. That’s all right; it’s better to let Goldie taste failure now than deal with greater defeats in the future.

A group of familiars went straight from the swamp in the direction of the Li Tribe. They rested for a night, and the next day, they had finally arrived outside of the Li Tribe. Inside, there were dark clouds everywhere, and the people of the tribe seemed to be living as usual.

Gao Peng even saw someone who looked familiar. Zhou Hui was wearing a beast’s robe, he looked tired and pale, and he was expressionless. He was hunch-backed as he took one step at a time, mixed in the middle of the crowd. Zhou Hui was merely following blindly along with the crowd, like a tiny, insignificant worker ant in a colony. He didn’t look at Gao Peng, but Gao Peng saw him.

The Desolation of Grudge sensed Gao Peng’s presence, too. It was the presence of a pitiful worm that it hated.

“You’re back?” The Desolation of Grudge was a little surprised, and it wondered if there were any traps. It had examined countless times, back and forth, the many potential hiding places, and finally concluded that there were no traps. The Desolation of Grudge locked its gaze onto Gao Peng.

“Let me see who gave you the courage to come back.” The Desolation of Grudge stared at Gao Peng, and transparent Soul Silk Threads fell from the sky like blooming poppies that surrounded Gao Peng from top to bottom.

“You’re so longwinded!” Gao Peng yelled. Bam! Before his words were finished, a big fist bolted to the sky from Gao Peng’s side. A line of sparks was produced from the friction against the air.

The exuberant energy and blood transformed and created an air shield that blocked all the Soul Silk Threads.

“Ugly thing, show Grandpa Goldie your true appearance,” Goldie said in a tyrannical manner. Its two fists waved back and forth and transformed into a golden radiance that zoomed into the dark clouds.

The dark clouds were torn, and if one looked up at the sky from the ground, it looked as if it were the Grand Canyon. Behind the dark clouds, a shadow that was half and illusion, a hundred yards long, bent its spine and stared at Goldie with a vicious stare.

Its six arms were thin and ghostly white. Its face was covered with a mask like it was wearing a large white robe over its face, and there was gray mist in a cone shape behind its tailbone. On each of its fingers, there were countless Soul Silk Threads that floated into the sky as if they had lives of their own.

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