Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 705

Chapter 705 The Blade Ghost

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“The Curse of Grudge,” the Desolation of Grudge viciously muttered, and the air was sucked out in an instant. A huge storm of souls struck and swept through Goldie. In the midst of the storm of souls, there was a large number of tentacles.

The countless tentacles were pricking in the directions of Goldie’s eyes, ears, nostrils, heart, and underarms. Goldie didn’t blink. Its eyes, which were supposed to be the most vulnerable part, weren’t damaged. Instead, under the high frequency of the attack, Goldie was constantly flashing with a purple radiance. At that specific moment when the flashing of that purple radiance was so rich and dense, Goldie looked very much like a purple light since its bald head reflected the purple light.

The Desolation of Grudge was blinded by the reflection of light from Goldie’s head, giving Goldie a chance to give another punch. The next punch was many more times powerful than its previous punches.

The moment the attack was launched, the Desolation of Grudge was suddenly human-like widened its eyes. It roared, and its body was blurred, but in the next moment, it turned into smoke and disappeared from its spot.

At almost the same time, the fierce fist tore through the sky and condensed into a crazy tornado that bolted up into the sky. Wind was twisted along with the fist while the clouds dissipated; the entire sky of dark clouds was twisted by that fist. The ferocious punch stimulated a scorching storm, and its enormous energy hastened the wind.

Choo! Choo!

The fist had been punched out for a long time, but the sky was still resonating with the long-standing sound, which sounded like a train’s whistling as it gradually drove far away.

“Its body is basically immune to physical attacks,” Gao Peng said. Flamy was worried and nervous, concerned that Goldie would be hurt as a result. Gao Peng reassured, “Don’t worry, Goldie won’t get hurt. This damn duck will have a long life.”

“Strong flesh, become my puppet!” The Desolation of Grudge appeared out of nowhere and came out from Goldie’s back. Its eyes were radiating with a peculiar brilliance, its six arms raising high up in the air and crushing down. It seemed to think that the yellow hairless monster would become its puppet!

“Gotcha!” Goldie turned its head. Its beak was slightly raised as if it was mocking the other monster.

Whoosh! A numbing sensation hit the Desolation of Grudge’s lower left arm, and the next moment, intense pain was transmitted to its sensory organs. It was horrified to find that its lower left arm had been brutally torn away from its body! When it turned its head again, the figure of the duck in front of it was gradually blurred, just a shadow.

How fast can this guy be? The Desolation of Grudge moved at the thought. Its body had to turn into an element and transform into a gray fog to escape.

“You’re still a little slower.” A gentle, mellow, and slightly husky duck voice was echoing in its ears. The Desolation of Grudge’s heart sank.


The crowd below saw a white flower bloom in the sky from the left side of the Desolation of Grudge’s head. A stout arm ran through its head and broke out from the back of it.

“Ouch…” The Desolation of Grudge covered its broken head and turned into a gray mist that gradually vanished in its spot.

“It’s not dead!” The Dragon Ant’s eyes were sparkling with white light and looked at somewhere in space. It calmly spoke as it looked at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng nodded, acquiescing to the Dragon Ant’s decision decision to join the battle.

When it received its master’s order, the Dragon Ant turned its head, its pupils flashing into two white auroras. The auroras rotated nine times, and in the next moment, they suddenly bloomed!

A white brilliance flashed, and there was a cry from afar. The shadow of the Desolation of Grudge was seen from afar, burnt by the Diurnal Pupil.

Goldie lowered its head and looked at its fist. It was somewhat surprised that its punch hadn’t actually killed it. Damn it, my prowess isn’t fully being displayed in front of Flamy.

“Where are you going?” The Desolation of Grudge looked up and heard another voice, but when it turned its head, it didn’t see the creature who had been talking at first glance.

“…I’m here.” It wasn’t until the second time Flowing Light spoke that the Desolation of Grudge noticed the tiny little dot in front of it. Upon seeing this, Flowing Light’s dark face became darker. “You’re dead.”

In Flowing Light’s eyes, the Desolation of Grudge was merely a floating gray mist, but in the gray mist, there was a translucent red line.

That red line was translucent and constantly changing, plus the position and shape changed from time to time. It also meant that the weaknesses of the Desolation of Grudge were constantly changing.

The Desolation of Grudge noticed that the strange hairless duck behind it was catching up, so it knew it had to leave. That duck was extremely strange, and its soul tentacles had no effect on the duck; the duck’s vitality was top-notch. In addition, its speed was very fast, so much so that the Desolation of Grudge couldn’t even capture its figure.

“Get lost.” The Desolation of Grudge flicked Flowing Light away roughly.

Flowing Light was fixated on the underarm of its right hand, where a red line had just moved. Whoosh! The wings behind Flowing Light stretched 45 degrees open, as light as willow branches, and floated over the Desolation of Grudge’s shoulder.

Although the Desolation of Grudge was injured, its vigilance didn’t dissipate. In fact, it became increasingly alert. “Ah!” Do you really think I’m such an easy opponent?!

The gray mist within the Desolation of Grudge’s dark pupils was spinning as if they were two whirlpools.

A strong suction came from the Desolation of Grudge—Vitality Absorption!

Flowing Light couldn’t avoid it in time and was sucked in by it. That attack didn’t need to target anything, nor was it a direct attack, but all enemies that were enveloped in the scope would be hurt by its attack.

Flowing Light’s body swayed, the energy from its body sapped. Flowing Light lost its balance and nearly dropped to the ground, but with its attack, it had also made time for the others. There was a group of familiars behind them that had gathered around and unceremoniously released their presence. They had formed an octagon around the Desolation of Grudge.

Psssh! The Desolation of Grudge’s chest and shoulder suddenly burst out with a crack. Although it was in fog form, its chest was cut and there was a huge opening. The impressive attack from a knife constantly tore the wound, which was unable to heal.

“This wound…” The Desolation of Grudge looked down at the wound and remembered an event of the past. “Hasn’t this healed?”

“Roar!” The Desolation of Grudge growled, and a long white mark of light on its chest looked increasingly brighter, penetrating its left and right ribs. A knife made of white light cut a hole through its body, the brilliance increasingly intense. It was forlorn and bitter, the knife in white crazily rotating and tearing up the body of the Desolation of Grudge.

In a daze, they saw someone holding onto a long knife. He seemed to be a short and strong man wearing pure black armor. He was fearlessly brandishing a long knife while he leaped and gave his all in his attack.

“Is this a new awakening of an ability from Flowing Light?” Gao Peng wondered. I didn’t see the introduction for this ability.

Flowing Light was confused, too. I slashed at random onto that red line. How could it caused such a big commotion? Did my ability advance? Flowing Light was in self-doubt.

“The Blade Ghost.” Fatty Big Sea squinted.

Gao Peng suspected that he had heard wrong and laughed. “Blade Ghost? Why don’t you just say it’s the spirit of the knife?”

“I’ll explain to you later, but this Blade Ghost should be inside another monster that had fought with the Desolation of Grudge previously and was left in its body. That monster must have died.” Fatty Big Sea’s eyes sparkled. “Let Flowing Light subdue that Blade Ghost, and it’ll be of good use.”

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