Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 707

Chapter 707 The New King

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“Tsk—” Goldie pouted. What’s this? That answer isn’t masculine at all, no fun.

“Goldie, what are you doing?” Flamy’s sharp beak bit into Goldie’s neck, which showed its fate of being captured by Flamy.

“The Heavenly Kingdom of the Dead and the Nine-Headed Hades.” Gao Peng repeated the names. When he remembered the names in his heart, then he could inquire about them.

“Of course, it’d be best if you could defeat it.” The old man smiled kindly. His gaze shifted to Dumby, who was standing behind Gao Peng, as he said, “This familiar with Ghoul attributes may be restrained by the Nine-Headed Hades. Since it can control ghouls of a lower ranking, in wartime, don’t use familiars with Ghoul attributes, otherwise your familiar is likely to turn against you.”

Gao Peng didn’t quite believe him, as Dumby also had the ability to control the undead. If Dumby also ascended to the God tier, be it the Skeleton Dominator or the Nine-Headed Hades, who would have better control over the undead…? Gao Peng was looking forward to the outcome.

“The Desolation of Grudge merely transformed these people and familiars into puppets. It didn’t deprive them of their souls, only sealed their souls in their bodies,” Fatty Big Sea said to Gao Peng in his mind.

“I didn’t expect that the Desolation of Grudge hadn’t devoured their souls.” The old man was very emotional.

“Then why didn’t you say that earlier?” Gao Peng replied to Fatty Big Sea in his mind. It was belated advice.

“I didn’t know before.” Fatty Big Sea gave a very honest reply. “I figured out the process after seeing the results.”

Gao Peng nodded, glad that he hadn’t annihilated all puppets in the Li Tribe, otherwise he would have felt extremely guilty and upset after learning the truth.

“What are you going to do next?” the old man asked Gao Peng.

Gao Peng scratched his head. What does this have to do with me? “These are the clansmen of your old tribe. It’s certainly a good thing for them to be safe.”

“No, this has nothing to do with me. I left the tribe and didn’t fight to my death to defend them at the most crucial moment. Even if they forgive me, I wouldn’t forgive myself.” The old man looked back at Cloud Dream Swamp behind him. It was enveloped in clouds, and Purple Star, who was standing behind the old man, squatted, its stout bones and arms like two walls that gently hugged the old man.

Its actions were extremely careful and delicate. The scene was similar to his first meeting with the old man. “But there are some things that I need to face after all. It’s not right to avoid it. I’ll continue to protect them, but I’ll never appear in front of them,” declared the old man with no regrets and no bitterness.

“You can be the king of the Li Tribe.” The old man turned his head and looked directly into Gao Peng’s eyes.

“Me?” Gao Peng was a little surprised. That responsibility was too great, and he was afraid that he would be exhausted by the responsibility. “Forget it. I’m not suitable to be a king, I’m only suitable to be a—”

“Salted fish,” Da Zi finished his sentence.

Goldie broke free from the capture over his neck, jumped out and shouted aloud, “A real man!”

“Lone traveler,” Gao Peng said with a smile.

“I can feel that you’re different from other young people. You’re courageous and full of wisdom, which is your unique advantage, but also your potential to become a new king… You can lead the tribe… and bring them towards glory.”

“Are you a professional liar who says this to all new kings of the tribe?” Gao Peng was amused.

The old man’s expression remained the same. “Well, it’s because you’re the strongest. In previous battles, the only surviving Quasi God familiars in the tribe were killed, leaving only the old, the sick, and the disabled.”

The old, the sick, and the disabled? Gao Peng had sensed the presence of more than ten Saint-tier familiars in the tribe. Perhaps all the Saint-tier familiars that belonged to White Dragon weren’t as many as the Saint-tier familiars over there. If those were the old, the sick, and the disabled then what was the White Dragon tribe, an about-to-die team?

The old man thought Gao Peng was looking down on them, as they were weaker. “But they’re all good men with enthusiasm. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have been killed and there wouldn’t be so few of them left,” the old man mocked himself. “Just give them time and they’ll surprise you.”

“Let me think about it.” Gao Peng didn’t immediately agree.

Four hours passed, and someone finally regained consciousness. The first batch who had regained consciousness had the best physique, they were also the monster trainers with the highest level familiars.

“I’ll go first.” The old man waved his hand, turned, and hid in Cloud Dream Swamp.

Behind them came the sound of footsteps.

“Brother, thank you for saving us.”

“Thank you for saving us.”

Those who had just woken up were extremely pale, so Gao Peng hurried and urged them to rest. They shook their heads, gathered around Gao Peng, and continuously thanked him, their tones sincere. Gao Peng looked at the data frame and realized that 70 percent of the people were sincerely thankful for him, while the remaining 30 percent had no bad feelings.

Deep in the swamp, the old man had merged with Purple Star, and the two strolled through the swamp. Along the way, some monsters smelled them, were frightened, and hid in the mud.

“Master, why did you tell him the location of the ruins battlefield and give him a piece of the divine artifact you treasured?” Purple Star was a little puzzled.

The old man shook his head and smiled. “You, if you could figure this out, then you wouldn’t be my familiar.”

“Hehe.” Purple Star giggled.

“How could he defeat the Desolation of Grudge without telling him about the ruins of the battlefield? But this young man’s luck is very good. He took such a short time to break through to where he is now. He really exceeded my expectations, but that’s good. If such a person becomes the king of our Li Tribe, our men will have an opportunity to fulfill themselves.” The old man was relieved. “It’s been ten years since we’ve been here; let’s continue on our own path.”


“Sir, please become the king of our tribe.”

“Please be the king of our tribe!”

In the white stone house stood all the Saint-tier monster trainers of the Li Tribe, and everyone was looking at Gao Peng eagerly.

“We swore before our downfall that if anyone could save us, as long as he was our fellow, our tribe would regard him as our king!”

“Sir, please don’t reject us. This is the opinion of our entire tribe,” someone said passionately.

Gao Peng sat in his chair and observed the expressions of these people. All he needed to do was nod his head, and he could receive a super tribe that wasn’t any weaker than the top three tribes.

Although it wasn’t comparable to the Mutated Tribe, the tribe’s potential was very strong. According to what had just been reported, they had more than five Quasi Gods at their peak, as well as more than a hundred Saint-tier monster trainers.

Coupled with Purple Star as a support, their complete outbreak could even threaten a smaller country. Because of their geographical isolation and fighting with the Mutated, they were able to survive and continue in the Southern Desert.

“Five Quasi Gods were defeated by the Desolation of Grudge alone?” Gao Peng felt disbelief.

“No, it was a premeditated siege. Ten years ago, eight Quasi Gods suddenly attacked us, and our five lords fought to the death to kill seven Quasi Gods. At last, only the Desolation of Grudge was left. However, the Saint-tier monster trainers weren’t able to defeat…” A Saint-tier monster trainer was ashamed as he lowered his head.

“Lord Purple Star escaped, and if it had launched its attack, it would never have happened like this,” another Saint-tier monster trainer said promptly.

“The lord isn’t that kind of person. Perhaps he had a reason,” one person spoke up for him.

“What’s there to say about that traitor!”

“Shut up!” someone hollered.

Standing at the front was the one who was mainly responsible for communicating with Gao Peng, a man who had the highest position among the crowd. He turned his head and yelled, “No matter what the lord does, you can’t deny that he was protecting the Li Tribe for thousands of years! We don’t have the right to judge him!” The room was dead silent at the end of his sentence.

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