Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 710

Chapter 710 The Meet Up

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As the author of the book mentioned, maybe the owner of the giant city needed a little help? After all, there aren’t many people like us who love to do philanthropic work. Gao Peng felt that he had always been a caring person… If not, how else could he explain his many familiars?

Just like a famous quote on the internet on Earth Star before its disaster—”My only wish is to make a big fortune. Other than that, I have no other wishes.” Gao Peng only had one idea in his head, which was to exhaust all means to enhance his own strength.

Jiutian Shidi was really too dangerous. From the various records, there were many wild gods in the Empyrean, which was also the Jiutian in Jiutian Shidi. It was only the Empyrean, excluding other areas in Jiutian Shidi and other outside domains.

Maybe one day when they were on the road, they would suddenly break into the territory of a wild god. According to various records, Mechanic Wild City was at least a building built above the God tier, and the huge city couldn’t have belonged to any weak gods. Weak gods wouldn’t be bothered to build a grand city. Most weak gods wouldn’t waste time building buildings that weren’t very useful, although they were a spectacle and good for showing off.

Weak gods who liked fancy things were the quickest to die.

“Isn’t that right, Fatty Big Sea? I heard that you have two undersea palaces.”

Fatty Big Sea had a blank face when it looked up, its small eyes filled with confusion. “What?”

Gao Peng copied the map and left the white tower with it. “Two months and all of you have had a good rest. Each of you is fat and strong. It’s a good time to do a little bit of activity to train your bodies,” said Gao Peng.

“Gao Peng, I think I’ve heard of Mechanic Wild City.” Fatty Big Sea frowned. The number of gods in Jiutian Shidi was quite substantial, but those whose names were known to the Surface Sea weren’t easy targets.

Of course, there were occasional and extremely rare cases, such as when some gods did something peculiar and it was made known to many worlds… That was a rare exception, but Fatty Big Sea was sure that the Mechanic Wild City was definitely not an exception.

“So do you remember anything?”

“No.” Fatty Big Sea shook its fish head.

The place that the Quasi God recorded was south of the Li Tribe, half a year away. It was because it was so far away that the Quasi God hadn’t made up his mind to continue the journey.

In fact, many of the countries belonging to the mutated occupied only a small part of the Empyrean. In the remaining areas, there were many dangerous monsters, including the wild gods.

Gao Peng dealt with the affairs that he had to account for, then he set off at dawn with his dragon and headed south. At the same time, the six little ones and Zhou Tieshan finally passed through the canyon and went back to Earth Star.

Eleven people went out and only seven came back, one of whom was a stranger.

“Madam, Madam, the expedition team is back.” There were several lofts on the other side of the snowy mountain. The attic room was open, and a fat little boy broke into the study room.

“Bei Xiaoji, how many times have I said not to be so restless?” said Bei Qingyan’s calm and composed voice.

“Oh.” The boy named Bei Xiaoji retracted his neck. “But Madam, I heard them say that Senior Gao Peng didn’t return.”

The brush snapped and broke into two. “Bei Xiaoji, if it wasn’t for your grandpa who had sent you over, I would never have let you, such a restless and mischievous kid, stay with me.”

Ah? Why is she mentioning this again? Bei Xiaoji’s fat face wrinkled into a sneer. He didn’t want to be there either. There was nothing there, so it wasn’t fun at all, but his grandfather had wanted him to come over and told him to take care of Madam. She was clearly just like an older sister to him.

“I’m not a bear cub, I’m a human child.” Bei Xiaoji quietly retreated.

Suddenly, his back hit a hard object, and he looked up and saw an expressionless Frozen Asura Knight that he locked gazes with for two seconds.”Wah, wah, wah—” The mischievous boy escaped.

Before he could make it far, he was caught by a big hand on his collar and held up like a small bear.

“Is your sister, Bei Xiaomi, back?” Bei Qingyan asked.

“She’s back, but she was asked out by the others when she got back.” The mischievous boy was aggrieved.

“Master.” The Frozen Asura Knight had a pure blue body; there wasn’t a hint of cold leakage, which showed a very high degree of power control.

There was two seconds of silence before Bei Qingyan sighed. “You shall accompany me back to the tribe.”

An unexpected person had come to the Huaxia Tribe. Their body was shrouded in a black hooded cloak, and everyone along the way seemed to have not seen them. After entering the Huaxia Tribe, the person went directly to the Southern Sky Group; it was as if it was a place where no one put up any resistance.

After entering the Southern Sky Group, the person went straight to the new Southern Sky Tower walking step by step from the stairs to the top floor.

Then, at the top of the 87th floor, the person looked at the thick wall in front of them and sunk into thought. The highest level, the 88th floor, was only accessible through an exclusive elevator. On the 88th floor of the new Southern Sky Tower, the panoramic full height glass windows on the left and right allowed the sun to shine on the floor.

The desk made from expensive wood was placed in the center against the wall, and grandfather Ji Hanwu leaned against the soft leather chair as he closed his eyes and rested. There were some documents on the table.

Suddenly, Ji Hanwu opened his eyes and looked down at his feet. The person in a hooded cloak who was separated by a wall was aware of Ji Hanwu and thus looked up. They saw each other across the wall.

There was a moment of silence before Ji Hanwu called his secretary and asked him to pick up the person downstairs.

The elevator door opened, but the secretary stayed in the elevator and returned to the 87th floor, accompanying the person in the cloak out of the elevator.

“Now that you’re here, why are you wearing a cloak?” Ji Hanwu calmly asked.

“Indeed, it’s you.” He sighed. The person in cloak lifted the cloak and exposed a head that was old and gray-haired. “I haven’t seen you in a long time, teacher.”

“I’m not your teacher. He was already dead then. I’m Ji Hanwu,” Ji Hanwu said calmly.

“But you remember me,” the elder said slowly.

“It’s just one of the memories from my past life that has awakened.” Ji Hanwu smiled. “But you can rest assured that it was only my last life, and it has nothing to do with this one.”

“Teacher, do you hate me—” The old woman raised her right hand, and a Black Dragon swarmed out of her cuff. With the emergence of the Black Dragon, the whole room was enveloped in a terrible atmosphere.

Bam! A thunderbolt exploded in the sky, ripples were seen in space, a transparent giant cobweb covered the entire City of Hope, and the new Southern Sky Tower was also shrouded in the new cobwebs. A large and dark figure was sitting on the topmost layer of the giant cobweb.

Its eight legs were like eight Compliant Golden-Hooped Rods that blocked various corners of the room. “Don’t be nervous; I’m just reminiscing about the past with my teacher,” mumbled the high priest of the White Dragon Tribe. “And besides…Teacher, you have such a good grandson that I would never anger you.”

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