Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Birth Of A King

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The King of Robotics Mountain that had been lying in its original place quietly opened its eyes. Its sharp gaze shot through Gao Peng’s heart. Although besides looking at Gao Peng, the King of Robotics Mountain hadn’t done anything, Gao Peng was still on guard.

“Fatty Big Sea, if we killed this mechanical god, could we use its godhood?” Gao Peng’s eyes changed as he spoke to Fatty Big Seas through their Blood Contract. One had to forgive Gao Peng for such a thought. After all, this was the first time he had seen such a weak god.

With his soul strength, Gao Peng couldn’t sign a Blood Contract with the King of Robotics.

The only result was a bursting head and an overloaded feeling that left him crackling and burnt to a pile of ash.

“It can be used, but it’s unnecessary, because there are no familiars of this type,” Fatty Big Sea replied lazily. “Even if you had it, you couldn’t digest it. You could only exchange it for other gods or change your pathway.”

Gao Peng nodded slowly in acknowledgment. Mechanical-type monsters were very rare. It was only now that Gao Peng had seen any, but it was the space attribute that tempted him the most. “Are there any specifics about this precept? For example, can a god have more than one precept?”

“It can have more than one.”

“If it has other precepts of other attributes… and we have a familiar that’s ready, it should be absorbable.”

Fatty Big Sea pondered for a moment. “It’s hard to say, but it depends on the proportion. Most of the precepts would be wasted since the godhood can only be absorbed once. No matter how much is absorbed, it’ll eventually disappear.”

“Let’s work together,” said the King of Robotics suddenly while lying on the ground. “We can sign a contract. You can help me, and I can help you.”

“How would we help each other?” Gao Peng said with a smile.

“I need a lot of energy, then I’ll help you kill your enemies.”

Having a God-level fighter sounded rather good, but Gao Peng still had some doubts.

“How can I help you? If you’re just cheating me into helping you treat your injury free of charge, I’ll lose.” Gao Peng shook his head repeatedly. “You’re a scheming robot. You just want to trick me into helping you heal for free.”

“I can help you kill your enemy,” the King of Robotics repeated.

“No, no, no, I’ll lose! You’re wounded. What combat effectiveness can a patient have? Rather than you killing an enemy for me, it’s going to be me protecting you.” Gao Peng gave it an astounded look at the proposition.

The King of Robotics stalled. “I…”

On the other side, Gao Peng thought from the bottom of his heart. Which one was more valuable—a god figure or a fighter that can wound a god?

As the saying went, it was safest to rely on one’s own strength, but this was a divine fighter…

Gao Peng checked with Fatty Big Sea. Even if he killed the King of Robotics, based on the over two percent precept, it would be unrealistic to expect Silly to break through to the god’s level.

Moreover, it was a monster with mechanical attributes, and most of its body was made of metal. Gao Peng suspected that it would be difficult to draw out the essence of its flesh. It was likely to decompose into a metal essence or something along those lines.

However, he could make good use of a God-level hitman. Gao Peng frowned and sighed. “I don’t know where my current enemy is. If I recklessly treat your wound, I would gain the ire of another god. You can’t help me all the time.”

The King of Robotics was silent.

Gao Peng watched this scene calmly. The game is on!

“Well, what about I help you heal your wounds, then you fight for me from the time I fully heal your wounds, protecting me and killing my enemies for 100 years?”

The King of Robotics became very angry. “That’s impossible, human. You are too greedy. One hundred years is impossible.”

In fact, 100 years wasn’t a very long time for a creature with the lifespan of the King of Robotics, which was immortal. One hundred years was a long time for ordinary people, but for the gods, it was just a small part of their life journey.

“Then how many years do you think is appropriate?” Since he was willing to bargain, Gao Peng was reassured. If one was willing to bargain, one had a desire to conclude a deal. Otherwise, wasting time negotiating would be useless.

“I think… Ten years is a good time,” the King of Robotics said slowly.

Gao Peng blinked. It was driving a hard bargain. “Ninety-nine years,” he replied.

“No way!” The King of Robotics was suffocating. Your counteroffer doesn’t conform to the basic rules.

The King of Robotics hesitated and said, “Twenty years.”

“Ninety-nine years.” Gao Peng was determined not to let this go.

After lengthy bargaining, the King of Robotics finally agreed to 70 years of protection with Gao Peng.

In fact, Gao Peng’s bottom line was 30 years, so to negotiate for 70 years had exceeded his expectations. Moreover, 70 years referred to the 70 years after the wound was healed. As for when he would let the King of Robotics heal completely, it depended on Gao Peng’s mood.

“By the way, I haven’t asked you this, but what materials do you need to heal the injury?”

“Rare ore, high-energy crystals, and monster’s meat can be used, although the effect of a monster’s meat would be the worst. It would take a lot of energy to convert it. It’s not very cost-effective,” said the King of Robotics, shaking its head.

“High energy metals…” Gao Peng thought of something. There were many rare ores in Jiutian Shidi, and most of them contained various rich and rare energies, but few could be used.

First, these ores were unstable and prone to explosions. Some of them had very high melting points and couldn’t be melted or forged into weapons by ordinary tools. Those able to melt weren’t hard enough to be ores, so these ones had little use and were largely used to build houses. In the Li Tribe’s inventory, there were many ores that were covered in dust.

The earth trembled. After the King of Robotics and Gao Peng reached an agreement, they slowly stood up from the ground. Because they were taller than the ceiling, they were both hunched over.

Leaving for the exit, the entrance passage also widened. Under the echo of strong tremors, the 330-foot-tall metal giant walked out of the deep earth. With each step, it was covered in flames. As it took the last step, there was a long roar, and the whole mountain shifted under its aura.

“Rein your aura in. You’re an injured patient. What are you doing making such a scene? Are you afraid that other gods won’t know you’re out?” Gao Peng reprimanded in a low voice.

The King of Robotics lowered its head and stared at Gao Peng for a while, then absorbed its aura so it only oppressed creatures within 330 feet.

“That makes sense…”

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