Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Radiance Mountains Mythical Familiar Clan

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Dumby reached out its right hand and pressed down, then the fence of white bones vanished. The fissures that had opened in the ground closed up as well.

“Thank you, king, thank you, king.” Zhou Tieshan was thrilled. He felt deeper respect for Gao Peng too, almost seeing him as a deity. Once he returned, Zhou Tie Shang shared the day’s events with his friends. Word of Gao Peng’s ability spread quickly, as if carried by the wind.

Advancing a familiar’s grade was a very difficult task. If it weren’t for this, priests wouldn’t have had such high standings in each tribe. It was because they held the key to a familiar’s grade promotion.

Nowadays, people in the tribe could see a white light that looked like a street lamp illuminating the peak of the mountain beside their tribe nearly every night. It became a beautiful addition to the nightscape. The peak was well-lit, whether by the sun during the day or by the moon at night.

It was possible to advance the Holy Aurora Fir’s grade through engulfing soil and trees, as well, but this took way too long. The energy provided by soil, rocks, and trees was miniscule to a Saint-tier creature. It wasn’t nearly as efficient as soaking up sunlight and moonlight.

With the Holy Aurora Fir as a living example, endless streams of people paid visits to Gao Peng to help them promote their familiars’ grades. At first, Gao Peng agreed, but after helping a dozen of them promote their grades, Gao Peng felt this wasn’t sustainable. How could he help every one of the hundreds of people in the tribe? That would be impossible even if he had three heads and six arms. So Gao Peng simply put up a sign; only monster trainers who had made extraordinary contributions to the tribe were worthy of the king’s reward.

The tribal priests didn’t have Gao Peng’s ability. They couldn’t directly promote a familiar’s grade, so they relied on techniques passed down from generation to generation, like an occupational legacy, and they promoted these familiars’ grades through trial and error with the knowledge they learned.

If they succeeded, they recorded these cases and passed them to future priests. These records included stats about monster species, attributes, body-size, the amount of materials used, and so on. Due to individual differences between each monster and the amounts of materials used, the results were often distinct.

The next day, Gao Peng greeted people from the Huaxia Tribe and the White Dragon Tribe and spotted some familiar faces among the crowd. Gao Peng talked to them at length, then stayed a couple more days in the tribe, and finally set off again on his journey.

“You mentioned previously that there was a Radiance Mountain in Jiutian; at its summit is a portal to the World Vortex Battlefield. The portal on Radiance Mountain is open to any race, not only humans. Some mythical familiars and gods also send their offspring to the World Vortex Battlefield,” Gao Peng was told.

In Jiutian Shidi, there was another unique population besides gods—mythical familiars. Since many gods evolved from mythical familiars, they made up a large percentage of God-tier familiars. For example, the Bi Fang Clan, the Zhu Yan Clan, the Di Ting Clan, the Bashe Clan, the Phoenix Clan, and more were all considered mythical familiars.

Mythical familiars weren’t great in number, but they weren’t few either. They became Overlord-tier or even Saint-tier upon entering adulthood. Some especially talented premium mythical familiars clans could even reach Quasi God-tier when they came of age.

Their naturally high tiers allowed them to reach God-tier more easily than normal monsters. In fact, these mythical familiars were all born with very high grades, most of them Epic-grade at birth. That was also the fundamental difference between mythical familiars and normal monsters.

So far, there had been no Mutated Tribes able to tame a mythical familiar clan. Generally, it was the few top monster trainers who have managed to master individual mythical familiars.

“These mythical familiars stick together, especially those from the same clan,” the King of Robotics said on the way. “There’s a mythical familiar clan that lives on Radiance Mountain. While we’re there, I’ll pretend to be your familiar and stay behind you.”

“What mythical familiar clan is on Radiance Mountain?” Gao Peng asked curiously.

“Holy Unicorns. Each Holy Unicorn only reaches Overlord-tier upon maturity, so they rank very low among the mythical familiar clans. But they’re not to be underestimated; some of the older Holy Unicorns are very strong.” The King of Robotics’s expression showed signs of concern.

“Why would you go if those antiques exist? Maybe we should go somewhere else.”

“No, every portal to the World Vortex Battlefield has a strong guarding entity. These kinds of portals that only have one tribe in guard are actually the easiest to enter,” the King of Robotics said solemnly. “The scariest ones are those guarded by individual monsters. Sometimes they’re antique beings who have nothing better to do, so they find an idle position to pass the time…

“For example, 30,000 years ago, when the Abyss World infiltrated Jiutian, the master of the 777th dungeon, the Thistle Glutton Demon God, descended upon World Vortex Battlefield and raised a bloody war, forcing the Aurogon Ancestor to strike. Before that happened, I had no idea such a powerful entity even existed in the Aurogon Clan.”

“Aren’t you worried the Holy Unicorn Clan might also have an ancient creature like that?” Gao Peng jested.

After a moment of silence, the King of Robotics shook his head decidedly. “That’s impossible. The Holy Unicorn Clan has never had an impressive reputation, and I’ve never of any strong creatures among them.”

After a long and arduous journey, Gao Peng finally reached the foot of Radiance Mountain. The entire Radiance Mountain was an ashy white with very few plants growing on its peak.

The steep mountainsides were like heavy swords diagonally stacked on top of each other. A stately, holy aura diffused from the summit. One couldn’t tell the exact height of the mountain since half of it was enshrouded in an ocean of clouds. The clouds there were particularly white, and the azure sky was especially clear.

“Let’s go. We should head up.” The King of Robotics saw Gao Peng was in a daze, so he waved his hand in front of Gao Peng’s face.

Gao Peng blinked, lowering his stiff neck to gaze at the solid ground beneath his feet. “You sure we have to go up there?”

The King of Robotics heard something off in Gao Peng’s tone, so he paused and asked, “Is there a problem…?”

“Well…I suppose?” Gao Peng replied dubiously.

The King of Robotics was dumbfounded by this.

Gao Peng rubbed his eyes. In his vision, the mountain before him wasn’t a mountain. On its surface was a line of stats.

[Divine Artifact Name]: Cleansing Colossal Radiance Conch

[Precept Content]: Purifying Rule 45%, Light Rule 30%

A 45 percent rule! This was the first divine artifact Gao Peng had seen with such a high precept content percentage.

“Fatty Big Sea, what class is a being that’s mastered 45 percent of a rule?”

Fatty Big Sea gave it some thought and answered honestly, “It could kill us with one slap.”

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