Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 720

Chapter 720 World Vortex Battlefield

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Flamy’s eyes looked at its feet when it said this. It folded its wings and tried its best to suck in its stomach. A line appeared in the middle of its belly, round on the sides, indented in the center.

“Stop sucking in your stomach. You look like a big peanut,” said Goldie.

Gao Peng restrained his expressions, then turned and looked at the old Bi Fang. “Then we’ll have to trouble you.” Gao Peng turned and looked at the Bi Yuan. “Go meet your new godfather.”

“Gao Peng, you’re abandoning me?” Flamy was suddenly anxious.

“I’m not abandoning you, just leaving you here temporarily to advance your grade. Everyone in this valley is part of your clan. I might even need your help in the future,” said Gao Peng as he smiled and patted Flamy’s belly.

Flamy grew silent. It took a few glances at Gao Peng, then some at the old Bi Fang, before nodding in agreement. “Okay.”

Goldie was nervous, too. “Gao Peng, maybe I should stay and keep Flamy company.”

“Sir, we came here to access the portal. We want to go to the World Vortex Battlefield,” Gao Peng said modestly.

“It’s your familiar, so your conditions are linked. If something happens to you, it’ll be bad for it, too.” The old Bi Fang’s eyes glimmered. “Are you willing to end the Blood Contract?”

“No way! I only want to bond with Gao Peng!” Flamy burst out. “Gao Peng is my master. I don’t want to be your godchild anymore.” Flamy flew to Gao Peng stubbornly.

A ball of flame grabbed Flamy’s neck and dragged it back. “Fine.”

The old Bi Fang was defeated. “It was just a suggestion. If you don’t want to, it’s fine.” The old Bi Fang turned around and plucked a tail feather from its behind and tossed it at Gao Peng’s feet.

This feather was wide as a palm, a foot in length. It was a light blue color, and its shaft was navy. Its fine hairs were like carved glass, cold and rigid to the touch, with a smooth and spotless surface. The name shown in Gao Peng’s eyes was a “Bi Fang’s feather.”

Is this a token? Legend has it when you suffer a critical attack, a token can summon a powerful replica and suppress the opponent. Gao Peng’s eyes glowed. “Thank you, sir.”

“Not a problem,” the old Bi Fang waved his hand and said coolly.

Gao Peng was thrilled. He hesitated but asked, “Sir, does this token’s usage have a time lag?”

“Nope, it’s activated instantly.” The old Bi Fang chuckled.

Gao Peng played with the feather with interest, then carefully put it in his pocket. He didn’t put it in Silly’s space. Gao Peng was afraid it would be useless if, by any chance, it lost effect.

Gao Peng raised his head and asked, “Sir, what class enemy can your replica deal with?”

“What replica?” the old Bi Fang asked strangely.

Gao Peng’s eyes narrowed while asking stealthily, “Could it be a conscience projection? Or it summons the original?”

The old Bi Fang blinked at Gao Peng, and said assuredly, “Oh, you mean this feather. It can memorize the scent of the enemy who kills you and send it to me. I’ll definitely avenge you afterwards.”

Gao Peng was stunned into silence. His fists clenched and opened, opened and clenched. His chest rose and fell, taking in deep breaths. “Flamy, you stay here and train. Hopefully, you’ll become a god soon,” Gao Peng said at last to Flamy.

“Honey, don’t you forget me! If anyone starves you, write it down in a little journal, and I’ll avenge you!” Goldie said with determination.

Vast, boundless chaos gave birth to one magnificent world after another in this endless sea of disorder. Each world differed from the next. They were hidden by the boundless chaos, concealed. In the chaos, one couldn’t tell another’s position. Sometimes, they were divided by a mere “wall.” As long as that wall was whole, everything was in harmony. But when that thin wall was pierced—

The cruel Dark Forest Rule sent the two different worlds into violent slaughter, using all their might to engulf the other’s civilization and hence… strengthen them.

This was the World Vortex Battlefield. Fifty thousand years earlier, the vanity space had shattered. A path to another world had appeared in Jiutian Shidi’s sky.

On the opposite end of that portal was a wondrous world called the Abyss World that had a stairlike arrangement. Endless dungeons existed there, each one housing a plethora of abyss monsters. No one knew how many dungeons were in the Abyss World. It wasn’t the entire Abyss World that waged war against Jiutian Shidi, only a number of its dungeon masters.

According to what was known, the Abyss World was at war with Jiutian Shidi and Surface Sea… at the same time. War had erupted for as long as the spatial portals had existed.

Gao Peng suddenly remembered, from a book, that the Era of Bloodlines had begun 50,000 years ago. This thought only flashed in Gao Peng’s mind for a moment before he regained his composure.

Gao Peng passed through the spatial portal, stepping on solid tiles. When he turned his head, he saw an oval nebula portal spinning slowly. The brilliant stars in the portal sprawled out like tassels.

There was a square. Every now and then, one could see a monster trainer. These were all Mutant Tribe monster trainers, but they didn’t make up the majority of the square. Rather, it was individual monsters that populated the space. High-tier monsters were no less intelligent than humans. Normally, when these monsters met in Jiutian Shidi, war would break out. But in this moment, they had gathered peacefully.

Bleak. That was Gao Peng’s first impression of this place. The monsters in the square were sparsely distributed throughout the square, most of them looking serious.

“Hey bro, what country are you from?” A monster trainer near Gao Peng approached him, grinning.

Gao Peng had taken a pill before he entered the portal. Right then, he was disguised as a Mutant Tribe member. “Mingyu Country,” Gao Peng said cooly.

“Mingyu Country…” That person went blank for a bit and took a moment to recall what country that was. In reality, most of the people who came there were from big nations. Very few of them come from small nations like Mingyu Country.

It was like when someone asked another person where they were from at a provincial entrepreneurial conference out of boredom, and the other person replied with a remote name like Big King Town or Small King Village.

It always required a search through one’s memory.

That person didn’t underestimate Gao Peng simply because Mingyu Country was small. In fact, anyone who could go there was very capable. The same achievement, given different starting points, relied even more on talent.

“That’s awesome bro, did you just get here? You probably don’t know your way around yet, Let me show you—”

“No, thank you.” Gao Peng headed straight out with Dumby following closely.

In Dumby’s eyes, the sky outside the square was dark. The murky air of death clouded the sky and blocked out the sun. The air of death and bloodlust was even stronger there than in hell.

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