Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Eating Dirt

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Eternal Grade, Level 99.

Gao Peng quietly assessed, his Familiars probably couldn’t stand a chance against it without using divine artifacts.

Their grades were way too low.

Goldie and Dumby might be able to give it a shot if they reached that level.

But it’ll be difficult to kill it, and they can’t go after it if it uses Nightfall.

The four monsters following it on the Carnage Chart are all mythical grade. Their tiers are all at the peak of quasi god.

Each one has an impressive record. The lowest has killed at least a dozen Quasi God Tier monsters.

The World Vortex Battlefield was called a battlefield, but in reality it was a small world on a flat terrain. It wasn’t small in area.

A long period of battle has dyed the soil of this region red. Every inch of dirt looks drenched in blood.

Every three days, the abyss demons attack; every 30 days, a bloody battle takes place.

The most recent bloody battle ended just two days ago.

Ever since opening up the Purgatory Battlefield, Jiutian Shidi has taken this place as a parade ground. Abyss World also uses this battlefield to select its strongest demons.

The two have formed a strange agreement.

Not just Jiutian Shidi, but Abyss World, too, had some abyss demons on the rise.

Since too many demons participated in the bloody battle, some stray demons continued to wander the battlefield.

These demons didn’t have high grades. Goldie could finish most of them in one strike.

“Hm? These are abyss demons too?” Gao Peng stopped walking.

“These demons are possessed. There’s a strong mental power controlling them.” Fatty Big Sea said gravely.

In the distance was a light pink floating eyeball. A mass of tentacles extended from beneath the eyeball. This was a monster called the Eye Imprisonment Hag. It has the ability of bewitchment.

It was surrounded by a troop of abyss demons.

These demons’ appearances didn’t differ much from Gao Peng’s impression.

Red skin, pointed horns, wings on their backs, humanoid form.

These were the most common demons. In the stats Gao Peng saw, they were called [Big Demons].

Big Demons’ main abilities were strength amplification and physique amplification. They also had the fundamental skill of Abyss Demon Aura.

Abyss Demon Aura is the aura emitted by each abyss demon. It pollutes the surrounding environment.

As if noticing Gao Peng’s Gaze, the Eye Imprisonment Hag rolled its pupil to look at Gao Peng. A wave of mental power came at Gao Peng like tentacles.


A white fingerbone stabbed at the incoming mental power, shattering it instantly.

Opening and clenching its fingers, the Eye Imprisonment Hag’s body shuddered, then with a yelp, it dissolved into the air in a cloud of smoke.

Following the Eye Imprisonment Hag’s death, these Big Demons regained their autonomy.

The moment they became free again, a huge open mouth infiltrated their sight.

“Burrrp.” Fatty Big Sea let out a burp.

“These demons all taste like the abyss, it’s getting to my head.” Fatty Big Sea wagged his head.

“Didn’t I ask you to save a corpse?” Gao Peng said disapprovingly.

“Oh oh, wait.” Fatty Big Sea knitted his brows, his cheeks puffing up, as if brewing something,

A few seconds later, “Retch~”

Gao Peng held his nose and took a step back, the smell was a bit strong.

“Dark Child, see what you can decompose from this demon.”

Gao Peng took out Dark Child. Dark Child’s Great Altar Cutter had restored to 40%, its most apparent change was that it can decompose corpses more efficiently. If it could only extract 10 units of meat essence in the past, it could now extract 12 units of meat essence from the same corpse.

Dark Child didn’t mind the unknown slime on the corpse. It set it on the Great Altar Cutter for decomposition.

Ten seconds later.

Three objects floated on the altar.

[Abyss Crystal], [Meat Crystal], [Salty Saliva Crystal]

“Hey, what’s that last one?”

“D*mn it Fatty Big Sea, that’s disgusting!” Gao Peng couldn’t help but swear.

Goldie picked up the [Salty Saliva Crystal] and sniffed it, “It does smell salty.”

He sneaked a peek at Gao Peng, It’s fine if I taste it right?

Gao Peng closed his eyes, “It’s time to teach this darn duck a lesson.”

“Hey master, let me try to decompose some of this soil.” Dark Child was crouched on the ground, with its head buried in the soil. It pushed the ground to pull out its head like a carrot.

Gao Peng landed a kick on Goldie’s behind, “Stop eating, go dig some soil.”

Goldie was indignant. He rubbed his big butt. It was just a bite, you don’t have to be so mean about it.

“Gao Peng, listen up!”

“To what?”

“Even if you hadn’t kicked me, I’d still dig it!” Goldie said righteously.

A ton of dirt was placed on the altar. The altar activated.

The pile of dark red soil grew smaller and smaller, finally condensing into a light red crystal the size of a pea.

Gao Peng picked up the crystal, a line of stats flashed across his vision–[Diluted Meat Crystal].

“If I had ten times this soil, I can make a whole meat crystal.” Dark Child sat at the edge of the altar, swinging its feet back and forth.

One cubic meter of soil was about three tons. That means a little more than three cubic meters of soil could make a complete meat crystal.

Gao Peng gazed at the expanse of land beneath his feet and fell into thought.



The next day, another attack from the abyss that happened every three days took place.

A dark purple rift split on the gray dome.

As if opening a hollow eye in the sky.

Countless ant-sized dots flew out of the eye, covering the sky and blotting out the sun. The sound of fluttering wings resounded in the sky.

Di Meng was a strong Demon Tyrant. In fact for as long as it could remember, it was the strongest demon maggot in the river of blood it came from.

As the strongest demon maggot in its river, Di Meng didn’t disappoint. It developed all this way from a Small Demon, to a Fire Demon, to a Big Demon, a Demon Ripper, to finally, a Demon Tyrant.

“I am the strongest!” Di Meng said to itself, “The strongest demon should reap the battlefield at the end.”

Di Meng rode into the distance on rolling clouds of black smoke.

Hm? Suddenly something beneath its feet caught its attention.

“Gao Peng you crook! You said we were here to fight, but you’re just making me dig dirt.” At the foot of the hill, a ripped duck was holding a huge golden shovel shaped like a clip. He dug it into the ground, pushed, lifted, and removed a dozen tons of soil, which he piled on top the black altar to the side.

A bunch of other monsters sat around this duck, there was a human too.

A human?

Di Meng recalled he had the fortune of eating a human seven years ago. He missed its delicious taste.

Rubbing his belly, Di Meng changed his direction and charged downwards.

“Sigh, who would’ve known that Goldie would fall to the state of digging dirt.” Goldie shook his head with pity, feeling as if his talents were unrecognized.

“Man….” His right arm held a Sea Emperor’s Devouring Teeth, magnified tens of times, and his left hand formed a fist that swung upwards without hesitation.


Di Meng’s head exploded.

Goldie grabbed and tossed the body with practice, and with a slap it fell onto the altar. He covered it with a layer of soil, the tomb just got taller.

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