Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 724

Chapter 724 So What If I Gave You A Three Move Advantage

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“Rebel, rebel…” The slow reflexes of this brave demon made him raise his right hand and continued to roar two times.

Only his voice echoed in the air.

The Deep Abyss Dragon looked up, lowered his head again, and continued digging the ground.

Oh ~Thank you, Lord Devil Dragon of the Great Abyss for giving me a strong body, which allows me to dig three times faster than the other demons, at least it frees me from many torments. If I can survive and return to the abyss, I would offer the best sacrifices to Devil Dragon of the Abyss.

A shadow loomed over the demon. The demon raised his head and looked at Goldie for two seconds.

“I’ll let you punch me three times. If you can knock me down, I’ll let you out of here.” Goldie said calmly.

“Really?” The demon was mildly surprised.

“It’s a spit handshake,” Goldie said, “I won’t lie.”

The demon was so happy that he felt like he had hit the jackpot.

But he had some concerns, he confirms again, “If I hurt you, you really won’t retaliate?”

“Cut the crap. If you don’t hit me, I’ll take it as though you’ve given up,” Goldie stared.

The demon’s eyes flashed with viciousness.

Any demon who could reach this point was definitely resilient. When it came to deciding their fate, there was no lack of desperate courage.

The devil growled, his flesh wings spread behind him, black and purple flames grew around him, and the power in his body continued to rise.

Speedily his fist shot out, it was an accurate single punch onto Goldie’s abdomen.

The demon’s face changed sharply when he landed his punch. It was like hitting a tough star iron. The strong rebound force almost made it fly.

“Two more,” Goldie said faintly.

The devil shook his arm and looked at Goldie as though he saw a psycho.

The part where I hit just now did not even have a red print. It was too psychotic, isn’t it?

Looking up at Goldie, his eyes showed a ferocious glint.

I don’t believe that every part of you is so defensive.

Taking half a step backwards, his wings sank down, a cold glint appeared in his eyes.

You forced me…

Without counting on the last move, the blood flow in the demon ‘s body sped up, he pumped his fist, the power in his body kept increasing and the air of terror emanated inside outward.

“The demon has guts.”

“He is going to do his best.”

“I don’t know if he can hurt that duck.”

The other demons working on the other side stopped their work and turned to look this way, with expectations in their eyes.

“What are you looking at! Keep digging!” Goldie turned his head and scolded the demons viciously.

Damn it, he dares disregard me!

The demon standing in front of Goldie was furious.

With a loud roar, “Die!”

The demon’s body was filled with a demonic vibe, raising his arms, its sharp nails emitted a purple glow.


Flames rose.

A powerful claw as quick as lightning pierced Goldie’s eyes.

This claw goes beyond the saint level, and faintly reaches the power of quasi-god level.

“It’s doing its best,” another demon said in a controlled whisper.

In the demon world, the strong is most revered, the survival of the fittest is embodied explicitly.

This was true of Goldie and this fellow demon.

As soon as Goldie turned, he saw the claw reaching over. Goldie’s eye never blinked.

Although there were some doubts in the demon’s heart, it was still a joy to see an unblinking Goldie.

It hit Xiao Huang’s pupil in an instant.

In his head, it anticipated that the eye would be punctured, that the claw pierced through the head and mashed up the foolish brain into goo.

So what if you were a quasi god?

Eyes are the most vulnerable part of most monsters. Even though I’m a tier lower than you, you will die when my strongest launch lands on your most vulnerable part.

He would be the strongest demon – A saint tier demon stuck in the abyss for 3000 years killing a god-level monster.

I would be crowned with endless honors, and extended a reward by the Devil.

So infamous, that I may be rewarded by the abyss, becoming a quasi god or even a devil is possible.


A clear voice and a hard texture woke the devil from his illusion.

The nails seem to have stabbed something hard and painful.

“You…” The Deep Abyss Demon opened his mouth wide and looked at the calm duck in horror.

“You still have one last chance,” Goldie said lazily.

“This duck is bullying the little demons again,” Da Zi was bored, and lying on the ground watching the show.

They all knew that Goldie had the same defensive power all over his body.

Be it fist or eye, Goldie’s defensive power on every inch of his body was exactly the same.

The way to defeat this duck was to kill it directly with an attack that exceeds its defence.

Otherwise, this guy’s bodily ability will only get stronger and stronger. At the end of it, it would be as though he took steroids, all-powerful.

Familiars who had fought with Goldie several times were all unwilling to continue a second time.

The duck’s ability was simply grotesque.

Presently, the only thing that restrained it was a soul attribute monster. Only when Dumby fully switches to the Yin Soul Dominator state, then can Goldie be defeated.

“How can your eyes be okay?” Said the demon trembling.

“Unless… your weakness is not your eyes?” the demon had a revelation, as though he discovered some secret.

“Well, there is still a final blow, I don’t believe that your body has no weakness!” The demon gnashed his teeth.

His two fists were clenched, the wings behind him were raised high, strong purple light gushed out from its body explosively.

Mountain tips trembled, there were landslides, dust filled the air, and energy waves emitted from the devil’s body.


With a loud roar,

The demon shapeshifted into a light and escaped into the distance.

In the blink of an eye, the demon disappeared in the horizon.

“Hum,” Goldie snorted coldly and turned away with no intention of looking at the demon.

Meanwhile, the Flowing Light who was lazing at the top of the hill stood up, stretched out, and disappeared in place with a click.

A moment later, Flowing Light reappeared in the same place, hanging on its sickle-like arm was a demon’s head with a pleased expression on its face.

Seeing two opposite attributes of joy and death in one body creeped out the surrounding demon laborers.

“Keep digging.” Goldie rubbed his bald head, continued to his role as a foreman.

“Gao Peng, have you noticed that since Flamy’s absence, this duck has had an excess amount of energy, endless energy.” Da Zi said in Gao Peng’s ear furtively.

“I know, just like you, enjoy snitching.” Gao Peng answered matter-of-factly.

Da Zi: ???

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore, Gao Peng, you are so annoying!”

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